Regular Meeting on December 13, 2007

Meeting began at 7:33 pm.  Mayor Steve Brayman, Councilmembers, Bob Catlin, Patrick Wojahn, and Jonathon Molinatto were present; Mary Cook arrived later.  Arthur Eaton, NCPCA President, was absent with a chest cold; Vice President Peter Lakeland presided in his absence.

Moved by Larry Bleau / Joan Carol Poor: Approve the minutes of NCPCA November 8 meeting with the following change:  in the 5th paragraph, 2nd line, change “the committee” to “he”, to reflect the fact that Bill Robertson was not speaking on behalf of the Variance Committee in his statement.  Motion passed.

Vice President Peter Lakeland reported that Arthur Eaton wrote a letter to the Gazette about a story that mentioned NCPCA; announced the County Police would be holding a Safe Shopper Holiday Awareness seminar; reported on the American Deputy Sheriff Association scam (there is such an organization, but they are not licensed to raise funds in MD, and most of the funds raised pay for the fundraisers); gave members the new date for the MTA Purple Line Open House; and announced that Bill Robertson had a bypass operation.

Treasurer Anna Ubeda reported a current balance of $1,648, not including the recent purchase of stamps.  She said she has not yet written the donation check to Fisher House in memory of Fred Shafer.  Moved by Larry Bleau / Mark Shroder: Approve the Treasurer report; motion passed.

There was no presentation by College Park Auto Service on their improvement plan; their team could not make the meeting.  This was deferred until January 10 meeting.  It was noted, however, that their plan does not account for proposed improvements in the Rhode Island Ave./Edgewood Rd. intersection.  Mayor Brayman suggested there are new retail opportunities and that we should have Tom Dernoga come up with a plan for the four corners.

Peter Lakeland announced the results of the pedestrian bridge survey, as obtained from the Gazette story two weeks prior: 186 are in support, 160 are opposed, 53 somewhat support but had questions or concerns, 62 residents somewhat oppose, and 31 have no opinion.  Mayor Steve Brayman stated that security and visual aspects of the bridge would be adamantly investigated, and that Council would discuss the matter at a January worksession.

There was no update on Greenbelt Metro development.

Joan Carol Poor reported that the JPI West project was approved by the District Council on Monday, Nov. 19, with all NCPCA and City conditions, and with the following additional conditions: the number of units was decreased to 200 (down from 227), with 403 parking spaces; and a wrought iron fence will be installed completely around the project’s perimeter, including along Autoville Drive, to discourage overflow parking on the street.  Joan further reported that Tom indicated that the agreement would allow no trucks on the “dogleg” road, but he wasn’t certain whether the road would be “dedicated” as a City street, or whether there would be an easement for neighborhood use (to access the new Cherokee Street traffic signal on US-1).  A green screen concept has remained in the plan, which JPI says would cover all exposed sides of the parking garage (south, west, & north sides).  There is some concern about financing.  Groundbreaking could be one year from now.  Councilmember Bob Catlin noted that District Council recommendations included the requirement that JPI underground the utilities, but they said they are not willing to do that unless they receive Revitalization Tax Credits.

Larry Bleau gave members an update on the pending transition of NCPCA’s email list from one that is based on a home computer to one that is web based (using googlegroups).  This would avoid accidental disclosure of members’ email addresses and allow easier transition to the next Secretary, who would not have to reenter everyone’s email addresses.  Phil Aronson asked how the list would be used and what is association business.  Larry said the officers would discuss this and bring a proposal for appropriate content to the members.  Peter Lakeland invited Phil to offer his own recommendation; Phil said he would.

In other reports/announcements: Buffalo Wild Wings is no longer a tenant at the retail area north of IKEA; the East Campus Development Transportation Subcommittee meeting scheduled for Dec. 10 was cancelled (the next one will be in January); there will be Neighborhood Watch Training at Davis Hall next Tuesday, 12/18, at 7pm; a member asked the NCPCA officers not to pack as many items into the agenda to allow time to discuss them properly; and Mary Cook announced that she has started a web site,

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m. and was followed by holiday refreshments and socializing among the members.

                                                                                                                                                                               Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.

Regular Meeting on November 8, 2007

Meeting began at 7:32 pm.  Councilmembers David Milligan and John Krouse were present.

Moved by Peter Lakeland / Mark Shroder: Approve the minutes of NCPCA October 11 meeting without change; motion passed.  Later in the meeting, the minutes were amended (by John Krouse/?) as follows: in paragraph 7, third sentence (line 4), after “ramps,” insert “and that”; and at the end of the sentence add “are being considered”.  Motion passed.

Treasurer Anna Ubeda was not able to attend the meeting and did not submit a report.  The October 11 balance was $1,752.

President Arthur Eaton made several announcements: on 11/26 is a meeting with the Boys and Girls Club on the plan to improve Duvall Field; on 12/5, 4-8pm, at City Hall, is an Open House sponsored by MTA for the Purple Line; on 11/20 and on 12/18 at 6pm at the Beltsville Library is a Safe Shopper Holiday Awareness talk given by the District 6 police; a UM Urban Planning graduate student, Amy Hofstra, is doing a study on older suburban communities and wants to talk to NCPCA members, contact her at

Bill Robertson, member of the Variance Committee, reported that he attended the APC meeting, at which he, on behalf of NCPCA, did not oppose any of the driveways variances requested.  Bill stated that he the committee would not oppose any driveway modifications as long as they didn’t cover the front yard.

Arthur Eaton reminded members to return their survey cards for the Pedestrian Bridge concept.  He also reminded members of the meeting about potential Rhode Island Ave. improvements, to be held at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, building 003 auditorium, on 11/19 at 7pm.

Joan Carol-Poor reported that the District Council held a hearing on JPI West project on 11/5, and that there were comments about road capacity, parking capacity, and dedication of the service road.  These were taken under advisement; there was no final decision.

Fred Shafer, longtime neighbor, NCPCA member, and former NCPCA President, passed away in October.  Moved by Bill Robertson / Joan-Carol Poor: Donate $50 to Fisher House and $50 to the American Legion in Fred’s memory.  Moved to amend by Phil Aronson / Betty Rodenhausen: Change the recipient to Fisher House only and change the amount to $100; motion passed.  The amended motion passed.

The members expressed thanks to John Krouse and David Milligan, the outgoing District 1 City Council members, as well as congratulations to Patrick Wojahn and Jonathan Molinatto, the newly elected City Council members.  Arthur also expressed his thanks and appreciation, and the members concurred, to Mark Shroder for his efforts during his two terms as NCPCA’s president.

Bill Robertson announced that there would be a wreath laying at the College Park Veterans Memorial on 11/11 at 11am, which would be followed by lunch at the American Legion.

Ruth Herbert reported there a man with his daughter was robbed at gunpoint on the Berwyn pedestrian bridge, and there was no police coverage.  Many other members then reported crime problems: Mrs. Green had her car stolen twice this summer, one time police came to her door at 5am to say they found her car in another part of the neighborhood, which demonstrates the crimes were committed within the community; David Milligan reported there were 14 car thefts over the summer, and reminded drivers to use the club to secure their cars; Joan Carol-Poor reported a break-in on Cherokee St., and a van theft on Autoville Dr.; Peter Lakeland spoke against “pro forma” police patrols at 11am that he believes to be wasteful as there is no crime at that time; John Krouse said the reason there is not much crime at that time is because of the “pro forma” patrols, so one shouldn’t complain; and Marie Marean reported her neighbor’s car was stolen Tuesday evening.  John Krouse suggested that the NCPCA officers get the police to come at a future meeting, and that we should give them two months lead time.

Moved by Mark Shroder / Larry Bleau: Hold a seasonal pot-luck dinner at the December 13 NCPCA meeting, that the organization will supply beverages and cutlery.  Motion passed.  Officers will decide the schedule for the evening if there are any agenda items.

Lisa Ealley raised the question of privacy and possible misuse of NCPCA’s member list by a person who sends out emails about various subjects.  Mark Shroder identified himself as the person sending emails, and stated that he did not use NCPCA’s list, that his messages were his personal opinions only, and he would readily drop anyone from his list who did not want to receive the messages.  Larry Bleau stated that, as a project in his course on IT Ethics, he devised a privacy policy for a civic association.  He suggested that he present this to the officers, and then the members, as an initial version of a NCPCA privacy policy.  Members agreed.

It was announced that Eric Olson will be holding a stakeholders meeting about US 1 on 11/15 at City Hall at 7pm.

The meeting adjourned at about 8:45 pm.                                                                                                   Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.

Regular Meeting on October 11, 2007

Meeting began at 7:32 pm.  Mayor Steve Brayman, Councilmembers Mary Cook, Bob Catlin, David Milligan, and John Krouse were present; Jack Perry, MD Del. Joseline Peña-Melnyk, and MD Sen. Jim Rosapepe arrived later.  Faith Calhoun (on behalf of P.G. County Councilman Tom Dernoga) also attended.

A candidates forum was held for those running for City office.  The candidates present were Larry Bleau, Bill Flanigen, Jonathan Molinatto, Patrick Wojahn, Mary Cook, Bob Catlin, Jack Perry, and Steve Brayman.  As Stacey Baca could not be present, President Arthur Eaton read her statement.  The audience asked questions of all the candidates.  The forum concluded shortly after 9pm.

Moved by Peter Lakeland / John Krouse: Approve the minutes of NCPCA September 13 meeting without change; motion passed.

Treasurer Anna Ubeda reported a current balance of $1,752; no expenditures have been paid since the last meeting.  We need to obtain new checks since the bank just changed.  Moved by Bill Robertson / Mary Cook: Approve the Treasurer report; motion passed.

Maureen Malone, chair of the Variance Committee, reported that they received three variance notices, two of which were by email.  One was to add a second story to a house; the variances needed were to validate existing conditions.  They have not had a chance to drive by the other properties.  The other committee members are Bill Robertson and Seth Weene.

Anna Ubeda reported that PDC Campfire has a plan for 300 residential condos and 15,770 square feet of commercial on only 1.34 acres on US 1 in Branchville.  NCPCA did not take a position on the project but asked the developer to come back with additional details; the City opposed the plan.  In February the M-NCPPC approved the preliminary plan of subdivision with conditions, including a reduction in the number of units to 180.  The next opportunity for NCPCA to take a position will be at the time the detailed site plan is presented.  The City has received calls from others interested in buying the PDC site, but they have gone away once planning staff explained the situation.  We need to be highly vigilant with the project.

John Krouse reported that the wording of the survey and its accompanying letter for the proposed pedestrian bridge to the proposed development south of Greenbelt Metro had been completed.  He read both to the members, and said the survey would go out soon after a Spanish translation was completed.  The letter stated the bridge would be similar in design to the one in Berwyn, be made of steel and concrete, would have ramps, and that lights, security cameras, and an evening gate are being considered.  The survey, whose area is bounded by Greenbelt Rd., US 1, Edgewood Rd., and the tracks, will include a postage paid return postcard.

Larry Bleau reported to members the essence of a County proposal, still in concept phase, to improve Rhode Island Ave. and make it more neighborhood friendly.  The study area is from Greenbelt Rd. to US 1.  The project will have 3 phases.  Phase 1 is a signalized intersection at Edgewood Rd.  Both Rhode Island Ave and Edgewood would be widened to 3 lanes at the intersection to permit stacking and more efficient traffic movement.  When asked, County staff said that a roundabout is an interim solution, rather than a permanent one, but did not support that statement when asked.  Phase 2 is north of Edgewood.  There would be some safety improvements at Sunnyside Rd., sidewalks would be extended to the Sunnyside area, and a center turn lane would be added.  Phase 3 is south of Edgewood.  At Indian/Fox and at Hollywood there would be roundabouts, the service roads at each roundabout would be closed off, and where necessary additional access points would be opened to Rhode Island Ave.  Bike lanes would extend the entire length of the project.  Sidewalks would not be continuous, however, due to money limitations.  City Council, in general, liked the concept.  The next step is community outreach meeting, scheduled for November 19, 7pm, at Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, building 003 auditorium.

Larry Bleau read highlights of the executive summary of the report by Matrix Consulting Group on City law enforcement options.  The report recommended the City work with the University and County police forces, contract with PGCPD for six patrol officers, hire additional off duty officers as needed, fund a position to manage the program, engage in discussion with other police departments, possibly contract for additional services, create and fund a Community Service Officer position, and buy and use security cameras; it did not recommend a city police department.  A police department would cost $4.6 million annually, and a patrol force would cost $2.9 million annually.  Current law enforcement spending is $135 per capita; nearby cities spend an average of $309 per capita.  There is not a high level of beat integrity as officers are routinely dispatched to other areas.  A citizen focus group reported six issues: lack of police visibility, low response time, not enough County police in the City, different police departments do not communicate with each other, student parties get out of hand, and crimes involving guns.  The five options outlined were: 1) continue to use off duty officers ($35-$50/hr); 2) contract for supplemental patrol forces ($87/hr); 3) combine options #1 and #2; 4) a patrol force ($2.5 million/yr, startup cost $1.6 million); and 5) a full police department ($4.7 million/yr, startup cost $4.1 million).

Moved by Mark Shroder: extend the meeting until 10 pm.  Motion passed.

Bill Robertson reported that Fred Shaffer, a former NCPCA president, suffered a massive stroke and may not survive.  His wife does not want flowers.  Don Byrd suggested a $200 donation to the American Legion Post 217 in Fred’s name; we’ll take this up next month.

Jack Perry reported that the City would be cleaning out the brush on the hillside of Rhode Island Ave. next to Hollywood Elementary School.  He asked that, if we like how it looks, we telephone Public Works and let them know.

Joan Carol Poor reported that there would be a hearing of the JPI-West project before the District Council on November 5.  This is a large new multi-family project on the west side of Route 1, north of Cherokee Street, which NCPCA voted in May to support with conditions.

Betty Rodenhausen asked the number of code enforcement officers the city has; Jack Perry responded that we have 4 or 5.  Jack urged those who notice a code violation to call it in at 301-864-8877.

The meeting adjourned at 9:58 pm.                                                                                                               Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.

Regular Meeting on September 13, 2007

Meeting began at 7:36 pm.  Councilmembers Mary Cook, David Milligan, and John Krouse were present; Jack Perry arrived later.  Faith Calhoun (on behalf of P.G. County Councilman Tom Dernoga) also attended.

Elisa Vitale and consultants Rhodeside & Harwell gave a presentation of a concept of a revised Lackawanna Streetscape, which covers the area between Narragansett Pkwy. and the Greenbelt Metro.  The suggestions by the consultants, who met with residents of the street in focus groups, included: upgrade the sidewalks to a brick-like finish to match the homes, plant new trees, gradually change the fences to match the homes, build new crosswalks at intersections, use traffic control measure such as neckdowns (narrowing of roadway) to slow speeders, improve street signage, construct a more attractive gateway to the Metro station, add an alternate footpath to the Metro, and underground the utilities if financially feasible.  There was no discussion or vote.

John Krouse reported on the planned skatespot at Sunnyside Park.  On May 24 City staff met with M-NCPPC.  The City will put out a design build bid for the project.

Moved by Peter Lakeland/ Bill Robertson: Approve the minutes of NCPCA June 14 meeting without change; motion passed.

Treasurer Anna Ubeda reported a current balance of $1,752; no expenditures have been paid since the last meeting.  Moved by Peter Lakeland/ Bill Robertson: Approve the Treasurer report; motion passed.

Joan Carol Poor, chair of NCPCA’s JPI-West Committee, provided an update of actions taken on the large new multi-family project on the west side of Route 1, north of Cherokee Street, which NCPCA voted in May to support with conditions: College Park City Council approved the plan but added conditions of their own, which included an irrigation system; Mary Cook arranged a meeting with State Highway Administration to discuss the split signal at Cherokee St. that NCPCA requested (SHA not in favor); the Planning Commission met on Sept. 6 and recommended approved of the plan (they also discussed specific building materials, a “green” design, landscaping, and the issue of a dedicated road vs. an easement from JPI to use a local service road); the plan now goes to the District Council in either late Sept. or early Oct.

With respect to the Al-Huda traffic issue, the City has done a traffic study, which finds there is considerable speeding along Edgewood Rd., as well as 3522 trips per day, which is more than 3000 over the typical number for a residential street.  City Council has approved two speed humps: one near 51st Ave., the other near Narragansett Pkwy.

Larry Bleau gave the background on and led a discussion of variances.  In the past three years there have been 62 cases requesting variances, 39 of which have been from Hollywood or Daniels Park.  Larry posed the question if NCPCA should respond to and take a position on all, some or none of the variance requests.  During the past two years NCPCA become a party of record to or took a position on only one case.  Terry Shum, the City’s Planning Director, said the city could increase the notice period, giving NCPCA additional time to comment.  Moved by John Krouse/Lourene Miovski: Appoint a committee of three members to review variance requests and decide if NCPCA should take a position on them; motion passed.  The committee members will be Maureen Malone, Bill Robertson, and Seth Weene.  Moved by Mark  Shroder: Ask the City send variance notices to the committee’s chair.  Motion passed.

Mark Shroder asked about the status of the neighborhood planning effort started by the City last year.  Terry Shum responded that they are ready to release the draft plan for 5-6 neighborhoods in the northern College Park area.

Arthur Eaton reported that the College Park Police Study has been released in draft form, and it advises against the City establishing its own police department, but suggests increased use of County officers.  Since this was a draft report, NCPCA will wait until the final report is out to take a position, if any.

There is no new information on the Endelman property.

Barbara Aldrich reported that the District Council has approved the conceptual and detail site plan for 9904 Edgewood Road (“spooky house”).  They agreed there was a need to decrease the sign size.

Mary Cook reported that the City discussed a survey of residents opinions about the proposed pedestrian bridge to the proposed development south of Greenbelt Metro.  They will do a survey in late September, separate from its annual survey, of residents in the area near the proposed bridge site.  The survey area, whose is bounded by Greenbelt Rd., US 1, Edgewood Rd., and the tracks, will include a postage paid return postcard.

Arthur Eaton announced that the City will have four fall cleanup days – Sept. 22, 29, Oct. 6, and 13 – at Davis Hall.  There will be a seminar on how to care for your lawn on Tuesday, September 18, at 6:30.  Bill Robertson announced there will be an envelope stuffing session at Davis Hall, and that he would pay for copying an NCPCA flyer so it could be included.  Bill Robertson also announced there will be a College Park Funfest on September 29 from 1-3pm at Duvall Field.

Anna Ubeda read to members an email she received from Kiersten Johnson that PDC Campfire has a plan for 300 residential condos on only 1.34 acres on US 1 in Branchville, and that the preliminary plan of subdivision had been approved in February.  Jack Perry stated that the property owner had never intended to develop the property, but just wanted to get approval and “flip” the property.  Moved by Larry Bleau/Bill Robertson: form a committee, consisting of Mary Cook, Kiersten Johnson, and Anna Ubeda, to evaluate the proposal and report back at the next meeting.

Jack Perry made several announcements, including that the City had purchased two new garbage trucks, and the City was moving towards “single stream” recycling, in which all recyclables would be packaged and picked up together.

Larry Bleau and Jonathan Molinatto announced that they are seeking office of Councilmember for District 1 for the City of College Park.

Meeting was extended by vote of the membership at 9:30 pm and adjourned at 9:35 pm.                Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.

Regular Meeting on June 14, 2007

Meeting began at 7:34 pm.  Councilmembers Mary Cook and John Krouse were present; Mayor Brayman, Jack Perry, and Bob Catlin arrived later.  Bob Ryan, City Director of Public Services, Daniel Friedsen, U.M. Student Government President, and Faith Calhoun (on behalf of P.G. County Councilman Tom Dernoga) also attended.

Major Kevin Davis, Capt. Bill Lynn (Violent Crime, Gang Activity), Capt. Daniel Lipsey (Asst. Commander 301-699-2604), Lt. John Hipps (Investigative Commander, 301-699-2601), Sgt. Brian Reilly (Robbery Suppression, 301-699-2642), Sgt. Matthew Stauffer (Investigative Section, 301-699-2601) and Cpl. Andrea Dube (Community Response and new City Contract Officer, 301-699-2601) and other P.G. Police officers were present. 

Major Davis gave a comprehensive report of County crime statistics and recent criminal activity in North College Park (Baker-7 beat).  Major Davis grew up in Hollywood.  There are 30 new officers in Police District 1 and increased efforts to suppress criminal activity through the use of traffic stops.  Many categories of major crime are down (auto theft, burglary, robbery) but gang activity may be increasing.  There is much focus on local gangs, particularly Vatos Locos and MS-13, and points of gang congregation such as neighborhood parks.  Discussion and Q/A regarding neighborhood issues were followed by opportunity for residents to meet with officers to report problems during recess.

John Krouse presented an update of Greenbelt Metro development, followed by Q/A and resident discussion of project and concerns about a proposed new pedestrian bridge.

NCPCA’s JPI-West Committee provided an update of recent discussions and a letter of general approval of the large new multi-family project on the west side of Route 1, north of Cherokee Street; the letter was approved by NCPCA.

John Krouse presented an update of the NCPCA Committee formed to discuss development of Endelman property with developer Nick Francis.  Current proposals feature a co-housing concept that would allow additional density with agreements for woodland preservation.  Other meetings may be scheduled.

Election of Officers:  A letter from Kiersten Johnson (unable to attend) presenting her candidacy for President and withdrawal as Secretary was delivered by Anna Ubeda.  Election was by ballot; Don Byrd, Barbara Aldrich, and Habiba Talibdin served as judges.  Arthur Eaton was elected President of NCPCA with 34 votes vs. Kiersten Johnson with 19 votes.  Peter Lakeland was elected Vice President, Larry Bleau was elected Secretary, and Anna Ubeda was elected Treasurer.  Congratulation to everyone, with special thanks expressed to Mark Shroder for nearly four years of service as President.

Barbara Aldrich and other members of NCPCA’s 9904 Edgewood Road Committee provided an update of recent discussions regarding size of signage, setback to Edgewood Road and street-side plantings.  NCPCA wanted a greater set-back, and County staff wanted new building to be closer to street.  Neither County nor NCPCA favored allowance of larger signs.

Jack Perry initiated discussion of safety of Trolley Trail crossing at Paint Branch Parkway.  Prince Georges County Councilman Eric Olson is spearheading efforts for improvement and is starting a committee.  A discussion is scheduled on July 10 at City Hall.

A discussion of City Police Study was initiated by Mark Riley.  The Study, funded by the City Council in response to the 2005 referendum, will soon be delivered and made public, and then will be discussed by City Council.

Mark Shroder requested volunteer NCPCA members to review notices that are sent to NCPCA regarding variance requests (usually new construction) in NCPCA area, and to recommend positions of NCPCA for the Advisory Planning Commission and City Council.  Maureen Malone and other residents volunteered.  Arthur Eaton will resume this issue at the next NCPCA meeting.

Joyce Kunz and Donna Ween will coordinate ‘Gorgeous Prince Georges’ tree and other plantings in North College Park (a county-wide beautification program).

The minutes of NCPCA meeting on May 10 were moved for approval by Bill Robertson, second by Larry Bleau; approved without change.

Treasurer Anna Ubeda reported a current balance of $1,505 after expenditures of $100.70 for stamps and related supplies, and a $565 deposit of new membership dues.

Meeting was extended by vote of the membership at 9:30 pm and adjourned at 10:12 pm.

Respectfully submitted by John Krouse, acting Secretary

Regular Meeting on May 10, 2007

Meeting called to order at 7:30pm. The Treasurer reports an account balance of $1056.39. Bill Robertson moved to approve the April minutes and Peter Lakeland seconded; the vote in favor was unanimous. County Councilman Tom Dernoga and his assistant Faith Calhoun were present, as were Joseline Peña-Melnyk, Ben Barnes and Barbara Frush (21st District Delegates), State Senator Jim Rosapepe, and Mayor Brayman and City Councilmembers Mary Cook and John Krouse. There were XX members and XX guests were in attendance.


The Rosapepe Report: Successes: County and State are working together much more closely than previous administration; state bond money for CP Boys & Girls Club; $50mill more this year for PG schools; school fee exemption ONLY for student housing on/next to campus; passed bill to stop CP landlords from taking Homestead Tax Credit. Disappointments: McMansion bill; failure to resolve Prince George’s County Hospital situation. Transportation issues to be raised in future.


21st District Delegation:

Ben Barnes. Successes: bad faith bill – recourse if insurance company is acting in bad faith; Jessica’s Law – child predators bill; homeowners exemption for law enforcement officers; children in need of assistance program. Disappointments: Failure to pass the Green Fund Legislation (surcharge on developers who don’t use green materials); failure to pass health access legislation that would have provided health coverage to 200,000.

Joseline Peña-Melnyk. Successes: voted for the budget which included $400mil for school construction; created committee to examine cervical cancer vax, practicality for implementation; co-sponsored Baby Boomer Act – would look at the econ impact of this generation; bill that would allow parents to keep kids dependent on their health insurance until age 25; bond bill for the CP Airport Museum for $75,000 plus that for CP B&G Club. Continuing to push for green transportation alternatives. Disappointments: County hospital; health access bill (see Barnes).

Barbara Frush. Successes: Smoking ban in public places was passed; proud to have worked on the hospital negotiations process; clean cars bill that will put MD on the same emissions control footing as CA; continuing work on gang problem. Disappointments: Hospital; Green Fund; group opposition against ICC, for Purple Line, but didn’t get far.


Dernoga on Transportation: Tom is really pushing for the development of green transportation alternatives – won’t support development projects if projects don’t support US1, Purple Line, buses, etc. Unified bus services. Free student passes on bus lines.


Endelman Property: Green co-housing proposal near Metro; see Steve Jascourt moved to create a Committee to work on this project, Bob Seward seconded, all in favor save one. Committee: Cliff Harkleroad, Maureen Malone, Anna Ubeda, Lakeland, Richard Schafer, Priscilla Offenhauer, John Krouse (interim chair), Steve Jascourt (maybe).


JPI West: Joan Carol Poor described the project and conveyed the NCPCA Committee’s recommendation to approve and so moved; Chris Behnke seconded; all in favor.


Nomination Committee: Seward and Malone reported on the nominations: Arthur Eaton and Kiersten Johnson for President (Mark Shroder declined his nomination), Anna Ubeda for Treasurer, Larry Bleau and Kiersten Johnson for Secretary, Lakeland (vice-president). Robertson moved to approve the list of nominees; Malone seconded; all in favor.


Intercounty Connector: Discussion was tabled last month. Bleau moved to take motion to join local opposition to the ICC from the table, Malone seconded; all in favor. 12 in favor of previous month’s motion, 9 against, 2 abstain – motion carries.


Robberies: Increasing violent crime in North College Park; Ubeda asked for an update on gang activity. Association should do Neighborhood Watch. Lakeland moved to authorize officers to research implementation/funding of an NCPCA website (Seward); Malone seconded; all in favor.


Time extension: Robertson moved to extend past our 9:30 limit; Lakeland seconded. All in favor.


At 10:00, Jamie Lark moved to adjourn, Poor seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted by Kiersten Johnson, NCPCA Secretary

Regular Meeting on April 12, 2007

Meeting called to order at 7:30pm. The Treasurer reports that our account balance is $1012.39.  Peter Lakeland moved to approve the March minutes and Joan Carol Poor seconded; the vote in favor was unanimous.  City Councilmembers Jack Perry and John Krouse were in attendance.  There were XX members and XX guests were in attendance.


Greenbelt Station Pedestrian Bridge (Norman Rivera): The South Core developers came to ask where we wanted an overpass bridge to be located within the specified range.  Many residents were opposed to the overpass.  Some suggestions for improving safety if a bridge were to be built included making the overpass maximally transparent and include call stations along the bridge. Chris Behnke moved to try to locate the bridge on or near the Public Works site; Bill Robertson seconded.  The vote in favor was unanimous.  It should be noted that many residents local to the project were opposed to the bridge, but did not join NCPCA, and therefore had no vote.


Joseph Smith: College Park Observer: He runs a website called the College Park Observer (  He reports on what happens at NCPCA, City, and County meetings, as well as interviews local politicians.  He is also branching out into reporting on other local items of interest, and has kindly agreed to host NCPCA documents on his site.


Inter-County Connector (Suchitra Balachandran): President of West College Park Citizens Association visited us to discuss opposing the ICC.  She highlighted the economic and environmental costs of the ICC.  If opposed to the ICC, citizens should write a letter to Governor O’Malley.  Kiersten Johnson moved to oppose the ICC for the reasons presented by Ms. Balachandran; Lourene Miovski seconded; Maureen Malone moved to table until we can bring both sides in (within the next 3 months); Poor seconded; motion to table passed.


Al Huda Update: Sulayman Majid presented himself as the community liaison from Al Huda.


JPI West: Poor presented a comprehensive update on the progress of the JPI West project.


9909 Baltimore Ave ((Non-) Spooky House): Barbara Aldrich reported on the Planning Board’s approval of this project, as well as additional details that have been worked out.


Mazza Development: On the District Council Agenda on April 23rd.  There was no objection for Mark to go to the District Council meeting on behalf of NCPCA.


Nominating Committee: Bob Seward and Maureen Malone were appointed to the nominating committee.


City Herbicide Program: Lakeland moved to support use of herbicide on North College Park streets with property-owner-specific opt-outs; Robertson seconded; unanimously approved.


New Capital Projects + discussion: Mark Shroder distributed a list of new capital projects proposed in the City Manager’s 2008 Budget with impacts in North College Park.  Sheban property – will City acquire?  Danger of Rhode Island – cars should not be able to pass on the right – bollards and curbs should be implemented.  Shroder asked if the monies from item 7 could be moved to item 8 to implement more quickly, but the monies were already under contract.


Time extension: Anne Riley moved to extend past our 9:30 limit; Lakeland seconded; all but one was in favor of the motion.


New business: Malone: can the Association ask for funds from the joint City-University pot to be allotted for mandatory seminars for student renters in the neighborhood (Shroder: possibly refuse the student a parking permit if they fail to attend).  Bob Poor suggested that UMD could provide a dispute mediator in problematic situations.  Suggestion to start an NCPCA website.  Annabel Schaupner raised the issue of hospital availability.  Krouse was disappointed with the City Council; NCPCA needs to look closely at the variances that are being approved by the APC.


At 10:01, Johnson moved to adjourn, Riley seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted by

Kiersten Johnson

NCPCA Secretary

Regular Meeting on March 8, 2007

Meeting called to order at 7:30pm. The Treasurer was out of the state and therefore there is no report on our account balance $1067.49.  Jamie Lark moved to approve the January minutes and Bill Robertson seconded; the vote in favor was unanimous.  City Councilmembers Krouse, Milligan, Cook and Catlin, and Mayor Brayman were in attendance, as was Faith Calhoun representing County Councilman Tom Dernoga.  There were  XX members and XX guests were in attendance.


Presentation: City of College Park Overview of Local Development: Focuses on development around North College Park. In the pipeline: IKEA, Hollywood Station (9909 B’more Ave: C-O zone, 1.9acre, 22sqft office, 58 parking), Townplace Suites by Marriott (across from Hollywood: C-S-C/M-U-I zone, 1.3acre, 75 suite hotel, 75 parking), Mazza Grandmarc (behind Kitt’s: M-U-I zone, 22.5 acre, 231 unit student housing, 622 parking, 2 retail pad sites), Jefferson Square (Cherokee St: M-U-I/RT zone, 4.6acre, 160 apts, 45 towns, 41,540sqft commercial, 544 parking), JPI West (Hillcrest Motel/Lasick’s site: R-55/M-U-I zone, 3.6acre, 220 res units, 25,000sqft retail, 396 parking), College Park/PDC Campfire (Branchville triangle: M-U-I zone, 1.3acre, 180 res units, 15,770sqft retail).  Tentative: Cherry Hill Rd (Ken Michael), Stereo Effects (Star Hotels broker – may be an Aloft Hotel by Hyatt), Duchene Property (brokered by TransWestern), College Perk site, Vacant Property (Polish Club property, Endelman property).


Greenbelt Station (GBS): Krouse moves to send a letter to Dernoga regarding GBS; Peter Lakeland seconded.  Steve Jascourt proposed amendment: like to see the adopted Greenbelt Metro Area sector plan adhered to; Arthur Eaton seconded; all in favor.  Motion to approve the letter was unanimous.  Chris Behnke moved to send a letter to City to add funds to FY08 Budget in the case that it becomes necessary to take legal action to prevent inappropriate development at GBS; Janis Oppelt seconded.  Arthur Eaton moved that text should be added such that the adopted Greenbelt Metro Area sector plan be adhered to, seconded by Lakeland; all were in favor. Johnson moved that the motion should be amended by noting that this should be NCPCA’s fifth budget priority; seconded by Kennis Termini; all but one in favor.  Vote on the main motion was unanimously in favor.


Coalition to Build the Inner Purple Line: Steve Jascourt moved that the NCPCA sign onto this coalition, Kiersten Johnson seconded, and the vote in favor was unanimous.  There was a suggestion to visit the website.


Speed humps on 5000 block of Edgewood: Kennis: Moved that the NCPCA to ask the City to request the implementation of speed humps on Edgewood between Narragansett and 51st Avenue, Lourene Miovsky seconded, and all were in favor.


Lack of adherence to traffic regs within the neighborhood: Bob Ryan is working on a plan for traffic safety within the neighborhood.



At 9:22, Kiersten Johnson moved to adjourn, Jamie Lark seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted by

Kiersten Johnson

NCPCA Secretary

Regular Meeting on February 8, 2007

Meeting called to order at 7:30pm. The NCPCA account balance is now $1054.29.  Peter Lakeland moved to approve the January minutes and Bill Robertson seconded, noting that he had seconded the motion to adjourn the January meeting; the vote in favor was unanimous.  City Councilmembers Krouse, Milligan, Hampton, Catlin and Cook were in attendance throughout, with the Mayor and Councilmember Catlin arriving later.  XX members and XX guests were in attendance.

PDC Campfire: 48th and Branchville – proposal to build an 8-story apartment building on the 1.2 acre property.  Anna Ubeda moved to ask PDC Campfire to return in plenty of time to form a committee to discuss and contribute to the development of the property.  There was no opposition at the time of the meeting.  Larry Bleau seconded the motion, and the motion passed.

Summit/IKEA: Previously, there was going to be a Bugaboo Steakhouse on the property; now there will be a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant there.

Greenbelt Station balloons: There will be photos provided to the City to be posted on their website of how the balloons looked from various vantage points.

9909 Baltimore Ave (the Non-Spooky House): The developer entered into a written agreement with the City with the approval of the NCPCA committee; the detailed site plan will be heard at County on March 1st.  Anne Riley moved to empower the Committee to act on behalf of NCPCA, Robertson seconded, and all voted in favor.

County Transportation priorities: Kiersten Johnson moved to approve the position that safety and improvements on US1 and Rhode Island Avenue are our priorities.  Chris Behnke seconded.  All were in favor save one.  Lourene Miovsky moved to add the Purple Line as one of the priorities in Johnson’s motion (while maintaining US1 and Rhode Island as the main priorities).  Steve Jascourt seconded, and all were in favor save one.

City Budget Priorities: First: Johnson moved to first prioritize Perry item 12 and Krouse/Milligan (K/M) items 2&3.  Behnke seconded and all were in favor. Second: Kennis Termini moved to make the second priority K/M item 11.  Lakeland seconded.  Behnke moved to amend by adding K/M item 12.  Termini seconded, all were in favor.  Bleau moved to add K/M 10 to the package, Ubeda seconded, and all were in favor to make K/M 10-12 the second priority.  Third: Bob Seward moved that K/M 8 and 18 be the third priority; Krouse seconded; all in favor.  Behnke moved to drop 18 from the motion; Lakeland seconded; the vote was in favor.  Fourth: Johnson moved that policing (at the current budget level) be the fourth priority; Termini seconded, and all were in favor.

Time extension: Lakeland moved to extend the meeting past 9:30pm; Riley seconded, and the vote was in favor.

Note: A vote on joining the Purple Line Coalition should be added to the March agenda.

At 9:50, Behnke moved to adjourn, Johnson seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted by

Kiersten Johnson

NCPCA Secretary

Regular Meeting on January 11, 2007

Meeting called to order at 7:30pm.  The NCPCA account balance is now $1092.89. Vicky Hageman was recognized for having saved the Treasury some money on discounted signs advertising Association meetings. Bill Robertson moved to approve the January minutes and Dolores Pasta seconded; the vote in favor was unanimous.

Mayor Brayman and City Councilmembers Krouse, Milligan, Hampton, Catlin and Perry were in attendance. XX members and XX guests were in attendance. JPI West: JPI gave notice at the meeting that they would also be developing property on the West side of US1, essentially across the street from their historically contested development on Cherokee Street on the east side of US1. The property to be developed consists of the former Lasick’s property and the former adjacent hotel site. It is envisaged as a mixed-use residential development with retail on the first floor. Chris Behnke moved to authorize a JPI West committee; Joan Carol Poor seconded, and all were in favor. 9909 Baltimore Ave (the Non-Spooky House): After opposition by the NCPCA, the developer addressed some of the concerns of the NCPCA Committee. Mark Riley moved, and Barbara Aldrich seconded, to reconsider the previous month’s motion to oppose the project; 17 voted to reconsider, 8 voted against reconsideration. Thibeault Lincicum moved to take no official position on the development; Barbara Aldrich seconded. Kiersten Johnson moved to table Lincicum’s motion, Mark Riley seconded, and all were in favor. Tina Lofaro moved to accept the developer’s plan; Bill Robertson seconded, an amendment was added such that there should be an escrow fund established for permit parking. Albert Lakeland made a substitute motion such that the Association authorizes the Committee to negotiate further with the developer; Johnson seconded the motion, and the majority voted in favor.

Youth and Family Services: The NCPCA heard a presentation about all the great things that the YFS is doing in College Park. Time extension: Lakeland moved to extend the meeting past 9:30pm; Robertson seconded, and the vote was unanimously in favor.

At XX:XX, XX moved to adjourn, XX seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted by Kiersten Johnson NCPCA Secretary