Regular Meeting on October 13, 2011

Meeting began at 7:30pm. City Council members Patrick Wojahn, Chris Nagle and Marcus Afzali were present. Mayor Andrew Fellows and council member Bob Catlin joined later.

The meeting started with Candidate Forum, which was moderated by NCPCA President Mark Shroder. The candidates present in the forum were: Fazlul Kabir, Christine Nagle and Patrick Wojahn from District 1; Bob Catlin from District 2 and Marcus Afzali from District 4. The uncontested Mayoral candidate Andy Fellows was also present. Each candidate was first asked three questions. This was followed by additional questions from members present at the meeting. The forum took approximately 55 minutes.

President Mark Shroder asked members if they would like to volunteer to place NCPCA meeting signs prior to NCPCA’s monthly meetings.

Moved by Bill Robertson and Joe Smith, members adopted September 2011 minutes, with the following corrections – add “Mayor joined later” to the end of paragraph 1 and add “(4) retain eastern alignment for access road” to the end of paragraph 8.

Treasurer’s Larry Bleau reported an ending balance of $1475.24. $70 has been deposited towards renewal, $35.20 was spent on stamps and $58.06 was spent for copy.

Larry Bleau presented the amendment to the “Article IV : Membership” of NCPCA Bylaws. The proposed amendment defines a member as a person who is 18+ years old and is a resident of North College Park and has paid the NCPCA annual dues. Moved by Larry Bleau / John Krouse, the motion passed by 12-2 votes. A follow –up motion by Larry Bleau / John Krouse to make the basic membership fees to $5 and an additional $5 for printing per member was amended by Marcia Booth / Fazlul Kabir “Waive the printing fee for members without any internet access”. The original motion with the amendment passed.

Member Joe Smith announced a food collection drive and asked members to donate books for a community library.

Patrick Wojahn announced the upcoming College Park Day (Oct 22) and encouraged members to join.

Member John Krouse said that another public forum on Greenbelt sector plan is expected to happen in a month time.

Moved by Larry Bleau and seconded by David Turley, Adjourn the meeting. Motion passed, and the meeting adjourned at 9:35pm.

Respectfully submitted by Fazlul Kabir, Secretary