Regular Meeting on October 11, 2012

Minutes of NCPCA Meeting on October 11, 2012

The meeting began at 7:30 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Councilmember Fazlul Kabir was present.


Public Services – City Public Services Department head Bob Ryan spoke to members and outlined the services his department provides.  They include supplemental police services (5 part-time contract officers to supplement County patrol officers, an aviation unit, and some detectives); code enforcement (6 officers plus staff to inspect rental properties, inspect commercial properties, ensure exterior property maintenance for all properties, enforce county zoning ordinances, perform fire and life safety code inspections); noise enforcement (complaint driven, they take readings at the curb, issue citations); the Noise Control Board (hears resident noise complaints); and parking enforcement (6 officers, typical schedule 8am-10pm in permit zone areas, enforces parking violations outside of permit areas on a complaint basis).  Mr. Ryan answered several general questions and accepted complaints about specific properties in private.

City Survey, Complaints – Chantal Cotton, Assistant to the City Manager, spoke to members about the 2012 City Survey, which is available online at as well as in paper form.  The City performs the survey every 2-3 years; the deadline fro the current survey is Nov 9.  She also described an online complaint reporting system (go to City’s web site, click on College Park Central logo on the right side).  This system allows one to submit a complaint or request, anonymously if so desired, and to track the progress of the request.

At 8:30, the meeting took a short recess during which snacks and beverages were served.  The meeting resumed at 8:40.  President John Krouse moved up two agenda items so those who came for them would not have to wait longer than necessary.

New Business

Dog Park – Moved by Joe Smith/Leslie Booth: NCPCA is interested is pursuing the concept of a dog park located at the tot lot at Davis Field (the end of Kenesaw at the CSX tracks).  Points raised during discussion: a dog park tends to keep out vagrants and drug addicts; the dogs would make a mess and create noise; who would pay for maintenance; how would the park be accessed; parking availability nearby; and would there be enough space for the dogs to run around and play.  The motion failed by a vote of 0-18, which included many guests.

New Parking Permit Zone – Moved by Eric Newman/Fazlul Kabir: NCPCA supports the creation of a new parking permit zone from the existing zone 3 that would include 53rd Ave. south of 52nd Pl. and the part of Lackawanna St. east of 52nd Ave., which would be enforced 7 days during the hours 6am-12midnight.  The primary reason is that permit holders in the existing zone 3 who live farther from the Metro station often park their cars in front of homes nearer the station, preventing those homeowners from parking near their own homes.  The motion passed on a vote of 15-0, which included many guests.

Announcements and Reports

Moved by Mark Shroder/Fazlul Kabir: Adopt the minutes of the NCPCA September 13 meeting without change; motion passed.

President John Krouse reported he wrote and transmitted letters to County Council and City Council in which he expressed NCPCA’s opposition to the Preliminary Greenbelt Metro Sector Plan and the reasons for doing so.  He also testified at the public hearing, along with many other residents.  The mayor of Greenbelt also testified against the plan.  John also reported that he copied and distributed flyers to the homes near the proposed dog park and permit parking zone.

Treasurer Cheryl Molinatto reported a balance as of 10/10/12 of $1,409.75; last month there were $40 in dues received, and expenditures included $20.77 copying and $44 postage.

There were no committee reports.

Bill Robertson announced there will be a ceremony at the College Park Veterans Memorial on Nov 11 at 11am.  Fazlul Kabir announced that residents can still submit their opinion on the Greenbelt Metro plan, that the College Park Day celebration would be on Oct 27 11am-2pm at the College Park Community Center (NCPCA will have a table there), and that early voting will take place at the College Park Community Center Oct 27-Nov 1.  Kennis Termini announced the Youth and Family Services Center will have a Halloween party on Oct 31 10am-noon.  Jackie Pearce-Garnett reminded members that the online petition opposing the Greenbelt Metro Sector Plan is still open for more comments; there are 30 signatures so far.

More New Business

Moved by David Turley/Kennis Termini: Ask the City to replace the flag at Duvall Field and properly dispose of it; it is ragged and torn.  Motion passed.

Moved by Jackie Pearce-Garrett: Direct the president to compose a letter expressing opposition to measures that limit public input on development projects, specifically mentioning County bills CB-79 and CB-80, and to send it to those whom he thinks would best be able to help.  Motion passed.

Moved by Mark Shroder/Larry Bleau: Adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed.  The meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.

Regular Meeting on September 13, 2012

Minutes of Regular Meeting on September 13, 2012

Meeting began at 7:31 pm.  Councilmembers Patrick Wojahn and Fazlul Kabir were present; Mayor Andy Fellows arrived later.  Matt Dernoga (on behalf of P.G. County Councilman Mary Lehman) also attended.


Peter Drury presented his plan for a car wash on the property next to the Budget Inn.  The surrounding areas have several small businesses, are zoned I-1, I-2 and CSC, and several have automotive uses by special exception.  Mr. Drury bought the property 6 years ago; since then Washington Gas has built a pressure reduction station on the property, leaving about ½ acre.  This is large enough for a 6 bay car wash.  Mr. Drury envisions this being self-service, no storage, no chemicals, 2 bays would be automatic, 4 bays would be self serve, water to be treated on site; he called it “auto light.”  Access would be through existing roads; there would be two access points.  He is unsure if operation would be 24 hours but is open to suggestions by residents.  There would not be much noise as the vacuums would be quiet models.  He proposes some plantings as screening and decorative fencing, though not chain link.

Kim Schumann presented the idea of a Farmers Market in north College Park.  Two proposed locations would be the Hollywood Shopping Center parking lot, Davis Hall and Duvall Field.  Kim met with the City’s Farmer’s Market Committee to work out ideas.  A survey Kim conducted showed over 60 residents wanted a walkable farmers market in the area.  Peggy Kane, who is a committee member, commented that the person who operates the Farmer’s Market at City Hall buys produce wholesale and resells it; Peggy and Kim would like to see producers only in northern College Park.  She will present the idea to City Council in November and return to NCPCA in December.

A draft preliminary plan for the Greenbelt Sector Plan is available.  John Krouse read from a letter he had written on behalf of himself in which he laid out his concerns about the project; these include density, height, reflected noise, connector road alignment, and drainage.  There are major changes from the 2001 sector plan: less detail or none at all on building design, defers to conceptual site plan (CSP) of details, reflected noise, lighting, road alignment (has been moved to western side), realigned beltway ramps, massing and location of 3700 space parking garage, building height (allows 15-20 stories, would be a wall of buildings along CSX tracks), and previous M-NCPPC approvals would stay in place.  Within ¼ mile there are 100 home in College Park, and 1000 homes within ½ mile; there are no home in Greenbelt in the area.  Patrick Wojahn commented that the document contains contradictions and is confusing; he would like to keep the 12 story limit of the CSP in place for the north core.  There will be a hearing on Oct 2; a shuttle will leave from Davis hall at 4:45.

Announcements and Reports

Patrick Wojahn announced that 9/22 will be car free day; on 9/25 and 9/27 M-NCPPC will hold two forums; there will be a community green team to obtain certification for College Park as a sustainable living city; he is looking for interested residents to take part in the Neighborhood Stabilization and Quality of Life Workgroup that will look at quality of life issues involving rental properties; rent stabilization is on hold while a working group meets to discuss issues; and College Park Day will be on 10/27, 11am-3pm at the College Park Community Center.  Fazlul Kabir announced there will be a kid’s poster contest.  Matt Dernoga announced the County will update its 10-year solid waste plan.

At this time the meeting took a short recess; snacks and beverages were served.

Moved by Larry Bleau/Donna Weene: Approve the minutes of NCPCA July 12 meeting without change; motion passed.

President John Krouse reported the Treasurer position is vacant.  Secretary Larry Bleau reported that he has updated the web site to include the new officers, recent agenda and minutes.  Larry Bleau also reported that, since July, we have spent $28.01 on name tent cards and have $1,434.52 on hand.  There were no other officer reports.

Moved by Mark Shroder/Donna Weene: Authorize the NCPCA president to fill the vacancy by appointment.  Motion passed.  Moved by Mark Shroder/David Turley: Approve John Krouse’s appointment of additional NCPCA directors: Donna Weene, Leslie Booth, and Joe Smith.  Motion passed.

New Business

Moved by Mark Shroder/Leslie Booth: NCPCA does not object in principle to the concept of a car wash.  Motion passed.

Moved by Leslie Booth/Robert Boone: NCPCA send a letter to M-NCPPC highlighting the issues raised earlier about the Preliminary Greenbelt Sector Plan, make NCPCA a party of record, and send a separate letter to City Council, and send a copy of each letter to County Council.  Motion passed.

There are 14 ballot questions – 7 state, 7 county – on the November ballot.  A brief discussion of these was added to the October agenda.

Committee reports: Safety (Donna Weene) reported no meeting in August, the City has taken care of the sidewalks at Attick Towers, the curb has been painted, and the stop bar on Hollywood Dr. near the post office will be repainted.  No other committee reports.

The meeting adjourned at 9:22 pm.

Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.