Regular Meeting on March 9, 2017

Regular Meeting on March 9, 2017

Meeting began at 7:31 pm.  Councilmembers Fazlul Kabir, Christine Nagle, and Mary Cook were present.

Officer Reports

Moved by Eric Hoffman/Matt Dernoga: Adopt the minutes of NCPCA Feb 9 meeting without change; motion passed.

Treasurer Eric Hoffman reported a current balance of $1,003.80.  There were no other officer reports.

Development Update

FBI at Greenbelt Metro

The Detail Site Plan (DSP) for the FBI at Greenbelt Metro has not yet been accepted, so the 60-day window for public comment has not yet started.  City staff and residents had a good workgroup meeting to discuss comments on the Environmental Impact Statement, and therefore NCPCA has requested to use a similar model for review of the DSP.  If the DSP as written is approved the vernal pond goes away and there is no replacement planned.


Fazlul reported that SHA came to the City Council meeting and briefed them on the three plans in the College Park area: 1) Continuous sidewalks on US 1 from the Beltway to MD 193, these will be wider and ADA compliant, they need to acquire right-of-way, 66 properties have been contacted and 63 ROW have been acquired. 2) The Beltway exit ramp at Edgewood and northbound US 1 will be eliminated and the exit ramp to southbound US 1 will be widened to handle northbound traffic as well; Edgewood will be widened to 5 lanes at that point. 3) The access to Rhode Island Ave. southbound from Greenbelt Road (MD 430) will be closed; there will be an island instead.

US 1 Redevelopment

This will be done in 2 phases.  Construction for the southern phase has been funded.  There will be 2 lanes in each direction with a middle median, wider sidewalks, and bike lanes.  There is as yet no funding for the northern phase.

New Business

Shaban Property

Jackie Pearce-Garrett reported that she sent a letter to City Council stating that NCPCA supported a rezoning of the Shaban property to C-S-C but without further discussion because the minutes were not available at the time the letter was transmitted on March 5.  After the letter was sent Mary Cook pointed out that if the zoning rewrite is approved with its current recommendations, the C-S-C zone would be replaced by one of two zones: General Commercial (allows residential density of 48 units/acre) and Neighborhood Commercial (residential density limited to 12 units/acre).  In light of this, members discussed if they should reconsider their previous position, modify it, clarify it, or take no additional action. Note: The rezoning to C-S-C will take place well before the zoning rewrite goes into effect.)


Each year the City Manager asks Councilmembers for wish list items, which he would then incorporate if possible.  Wish list items are due 3/24, the budget is currently in preparation, there will be a budget worksession on 4/8 and 4/22.  If members have ideas they should give them to Council beforehand. In April or May there will be a town hall style meeting in districts 1 and 4 to review the budget with residents.  General themes for wish list items are lighting, safety, plantings, and street furniture.  Council is receptive to a tree canopy survey.

Name Change

Per motions passed at the previous meeting, two proposed amendments to the By-Laws were mailed to members are now to be considered under New Business.

Moved by Eric Hoffman/Matt Dernoga: Amend Article I of the By-Laws to read: “The name of this organization shall be The North College Park Community Association, Inc., hereinafter referred to as “the NCPCA”.”  Motion passed 10-4.

Moved by Arthur Eaton: Amend Article I of the By-Laws to read: “The name of this organization shall be The North College Park Civic Association, Inc., hereinafter referred to as “the NCPCA”.”  Motion failed 4-10.

Note: Costs for the name change, which have not yet been approved, come to about $360: filing fee $125, replacement banner $35, yard signs $200.

Tax Update

Larry Bleau gave members an update on changes in the tax code and how they might affect members.

Child Day Care

Christine Nagel distributed an informational handout about a proposal Council is exploring with the University to operate a day care center at the old Calvert Road school site.  There would be a 40-yr lease, we would be locked in for 10 years, the University would renovate the site, the City would do grounds maintenance.  Children could come from families of University employees and College Park residents, with the mixture based on the ratio of funds contributed to the project, with certain minimums and maximums.  Staff does not yet know if this use will pass the public use test for the property, which was a requirement when the property was deeded to the City.  Public Services, which is currently housed there, will have to move twice.  A public forum will be held on 3/13.  Note: The College Park Academy has a new location: Riverdale Park.


The yard sale planned for 4/1 will be moved to 4/8 with a rain date of 4/22 or cancelled, signs need to be up by 3/20; the District One Coffee Club meets every Wednesday at 9am; 4/1 will be College Park Good Neighbor Day, a UM Outreach initiative.  Also in April will be College Park Day.  In conjunction with this the City is doing a history project of northern College Park with a UM intern assisting.

Moved by Larry Bleau/Jamie Lark: Adjourn.  Motion passed, and the meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.

Regular Meeting on April 13, 2017

Minutes of Regular Meeting on April 13, 2017

Meeting began at 7:30 pm.  Councilmembers Fazlul Kabir, Christine Nagle, and Mary Cook were present.  Mayor Patrick Wojahn was also present.

Moved by John Krouse / Jaime Lark to adopt the minutes of NCPCA March meeting without change; motion passed.

Officers Reports

Eric Hoffman reported a balance of $1,003.94.


Hollywood Streetscape Improvements

Terry Schum, Planning Director, and consultants from Flora Teeter presented concepts for the Hollywood StreetScape Improvements. Goals are to make the Hollywood commercial district community friendly, pedestrian and bicycle friendly, and improve landscaping. This is the 30 percent design phase. After getting feedback, the next step is to complete drawings and put the project out to bid. Elements of the design included:

  • Improvements to Rhode Island Avenue (pedestrian and vehicular)
  • Improvements to intersections of Rhode Island Ave and Niagara Rd; Edgewood Rd and Narrangansett Pkwy
  • Create gateways to the commercial district
  • Create a wellness circuit
  • Create parklets along the service road
  • Higher visibility to crosswalks at Edgewood Rd and Rhode Island Ave

Phase 1 would include Rhode Island Ave improvements, wellness circuit, gateways. Phase 2 would include parklets, plantings. Presentation will be given Tues, May 2 at city council work session. Comments may be sent to Terry Schum.

Greenbelt Metro Town Center Parking Garage Detailed Site Plan

The committee for the Detailed Site Plan met with city staff and consultant to review the detailed site plan. Moved by John Krouse and Judy Blumenthal to support the plan with conditions. A friendly amendment was offered by Jackie Pearce Garrett was accepted. The motion passed unanimously. The conditions, in brief, are that floodplain and wetland analysis and mitigation design, and asks that their mitigation be located outside City boundaries; impacts to the vernal pool area of Narragansett Run; all stormwater and wetlands plans and mitigation fully conform with the letter and spirit of relevant laws and regulations; and the Metro garage be designed to reduce and minimize light and noise impacts on residential properties and parks.

New Business

Elections Committee

An elections committee was formed. John Krouse, Arthur Eaton, and Phil Aronson volunteered to serve. Elections will be held in June. The elections committee is responsible for collecting nominations and coordinating the election of officers for the 2017-2018 membership year.


A motion was made by John Krouse / Judy Blumenthal to support three budget items: Youth and Family Services meeting room improvement, a Homeowners Resource fund, and a College Park infrastructure study. The motion passed unanimously.

Reports and Announcements

The Community Garden build took place on Saturday April 15. The Hollywood Farmers is back. Grand opening is Saturday May 2. The budget town hall for North College Park is Monday April 24. Park Run is a free weekly timed 5K that takes place along the trail behind Rita’s. The College Park 5K is Saturday May 6. Third Thirsty Thursday is the third Thursday of every month at Ledo’s.

Moved by Eric Hoffman / Arthur Eaton to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned 9:10 pm.

Submitted by Jackie Pearce Garrett, President