Agenda – February 13, 2020

NCPCA – North College Park Community Association
Agenda of Regular Meeting
Thursday, February 13, 2020 7:30 pm at Davis Hall

Agenda Times & Topics are subject to change.   Draft minutes of the January 9, 2020 NCPCA meeting will be distributed at the meeting and be posted at

7:30   Call to Order and urgent announcements regarding conduct of meeting, followed by motion to approve the agenda with any changes.

7:35   Approval of Minutes & Officers Reports.   Minutes of the January 9 meeting will be approved, and NCPCA Officers will provide reports.

7:40   WSSC will present on the Muskogee Street Water Main Replacement Project.

8:10   Director, Youth, Family & Senior Services, Kiaisha Barber will speak on the agency’s activities, events and plans.

8:30   Break with refreshments.

8:45   The Stone Straw property developers, Finnmarc, will make their initial presentation to the North College Park community.

9:15   Announcements.   Members, elected officials and guests will make announcements of activities and upcoming events of interest.

Please visit our website at for previous agendas, meeting minutes, bylaws and more!

Membership in NCPCA is open to all adult residents of North College Park, and only members may vote in decisions of the Association.   Please complete the membership on the website, and mail it with your dues payment to the address listed, or bring it with your dues payment to a meeting.

FY20 & FY 21 Budget Documents


FY20 & FY21 Budget Documents:

Regular Meeting on January 9, 2020

North College Park Community Association
January 9, 2020 – Regular Meeting at Davis Hall
Meeting Minutes Amended and Approved 2-13-20

Attendance.  Included City Councilmembers Fazlul Kabir, Denise Mitchell, and Maria Mackie and 10 others.  NCPCA President Mary Cook was unable to attend.

Meeting.  Called to order at 7:32 pm by Vice President Carol Macknis; pledge recited.

Agenda.  Approved with amendment to remove the item about U.S. Census, and to move discussion of Beltway Expansion to an earlier time in the agenda.  Motion by John Krouse and Ellen Caswell.

December 12 Minutes. Approved; motion by John Krouse and Ellen Caswell.

Officer Reports. Jordan Schakner reported NCPCA treasury is $1,062; 1 new member joined.

Presentation by Monarch Academy Preschool. Dr. Duane Arbogast of the Children’s Guild presented information about this new school that is currently constructing new space within the College Park Methodist Church on Rhode Island Avenue.  120 students are anticipated with two teachers in each class.  Some construction delays have been experienced.  Opening will be some time after April, 2020.  More info at

Beltway Expansion / Toll Lanes. Planning progress was discussed.  Currently, the beltway from the American Legion Bridge to I-270 in Montgomery County is the only segment moving forward.  There is a lot of discussion underway in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties related to the need for transparency, and about ideas for Counties to capture up to 10% of toll revenue.

City Budget.  Councilmember Kabir discussed progress on the 2019 NCPCA City Budget Wishlist for the FY2020 City budget.  Dr. Kabir prepared a written summary which will be shared with NCPCA members.  There was discussion of progress of the NCPCA Budget Wishlist during 2019, as well as discussion of ideas for the FY 2021 budget.

Adjourn.  Motion approved by members at 9:34 pm.

Amendments.  The draft minutes were amended by vote of NCPCA members on Feb. 13, 2020.  The minutes presented above were prepared by NCPCA Secretary John Krouse.

Budget Documents: