Regular Meeting on May 13, 2010

Meeting began at 7:37pm. Council member Christine Nagle was present, Council member Jack Perry and Bob Catlin joined later.

Prince Georges Co. Police COPS officer Sarita could not come due to a prior engagement; however, she sent a crime report for the members. The crime trends in the area have been breaking and enterings. There were 3 on Hollywood Rd, one on 52nd, and 48th Pl. All but one have been during the day and the one on 52nd occurred around 1 am. There was a stolen auto off of Cherry Hill Rd. and one on Edgewood; in the latter case the victim left the vehicle running while he went inside the store.

City Public Services Director Bob Ryan and Parking Enforcement Field Supervisor Scott Osborn made a presentation on the City’s Parking Permit program. The city currently has 16 parking zones – all were set up at the request of city residents. The restrictions in each zone are unique, and can be changed by residents of that zone to meet changing needs. The department has 5 F/T and 1 P/T parking enforcement officers (PEO), 1 field supervisor, 1 manager, 1 F/T and 1 P/T clerk. One PEO retired in early May; the position will not be replaced in FY2011. The total budget for the department is $800,541, which includes $590,630 on payroll and benefits. A total of 1008 tickets have been issued in north College Park in FY2010.

Moved by Bill Robertson and seconded by David Turley, the April 2010 minutes was approved.

President Larry Bleau reported that he appointed Fazlul Kabir to By-Laws Committee at the request of the committee members and he accepted resignation of Bill Robertson as Chair; no replacement chair has yet been appointed. He appointed M Sarwar to Nominating Committee along with Donna Weene (chair) and Bill Robertson. He decided not to appoint a Vice President but to allow the position to remain vacant until elections in June.

As of May 2010 NCPCA has 164 members in 91 residences.  So far there have been 9 renewals (15 members).

Although no Treasurer report was given, Mohammed Taluckder later provided the following: NCPCA’s April 2010 bank statement ending balance: $1,733.33. Revenues: $10 dues.  Expenses: $44.44 postage; $48.34 for copying; $24.27 other.

Council member Chris Nagle announced a joint forum involving candidates for the offices of County Executive, County Council, and State’s Attorney on May 18, and that PEPCO will be having a public hearing on a proposed rate hikes on Thursday, May 20. Council member Jack Perry stated that the Ledo’s Pizza store will be moving to the downtown in the building where the City’s Garage is located; the Maryland Book Exchange property is up for sale; the budget was introduced recently, but has not yet been approved; the City has a new animal control officer; Mazza GrandMarc will begin leasing this fall (the student housing complex has 630 beds and rent is set at $900 per bed); and the City has lost more than $600,000 on state highway user fees this year.

The 2010 Picnic coordinator, Valerie Bleau, reported that about 30-40 people attended, we all had a nice time, and the weather was beautiful. She spent $333.39 on the picnic, which does not include $10.03 on sodas that can be used as meeting refreshments. NCPCA authorized $300, $106 was already paid for the Halal food. She requests reimbursement of $204.03, and will absorb the remaining cost of the picnic.

The former By-Laws committee chair Bill Robertson reported that the Committee met twice, had real good discussions, and talked about a lot of topics. The committee will continue to meet over the coming year to review all the suggested changes.

Donna Weene, Nominating Committee chair, reported the following nominations: Mark Shorder for President, Arthur Eaton for Vice President, Fazlul Kabir for Secretary, and Joe Smith for Treasurer. Bill Robertson and Mohammed Taluckder nominated themselves for Vice President and Treasurer respectively. Moved by Peter Lakeland /Bill Robertson: Close nominations, motion passed.

Larry Bleau appointed Donna Weene as Elections Committee chair, with Kennis Termini and Mohammad Sarwar to assist.

Members discussed informally if NCPCA should set a policy on audio recordings of NCPCA’s regular monthly meeting proceedings, after which Bill Robertson moved: Authorize the NCPCA Secretary to make an audio recording of the meeting to assist in preparing accurate minutes and for no other purpose. An amendment by Peter Lakeland / Fazlul Kabir to prohibit others from recording the meeting unless they first obtain permission from the President failed.  The original motion then passed.

Moved by Mark Shroder and seconded by Peter Lakeland, Adjourn the meeting.  Larry Bleau pointed out there were still two more agenda items. Motion passed, and the meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm. 

Respectfully submitted by Fazlul Kabir, Secretary.

Regular Meeting on April 8, 2010

Meeting began at 7:32pm. Council members Patrick Wojahn and Christine Nagle were present, Council members Jack Perry, Denise Mitchell and Bob Catlin joined later.

PG Police Officer Sean Lewis made a presentation on the Basic Observational skills to identify criminal activities. It is important to observe the physical settings of the criminal activity, such as specific location, time of day and the day of the week. If peoples are involved in the activities, it is important to note their look, how they are acting and how many people are involved. Also, any information on the frequency of a recurring event is important. While reporting crime scene, it is important to stay calm and remain alerted. Description should start with basics and then move to more specifics by adding details of the incident. Members can contact Mr. Lewis at

PG COPS Officers Melanie Sarita and Officer Nashawn Taylor reported the recent activities in the area. In the past two week 14 cars were broken into in the northern part of the city. Most of the incidents happened on the Rhode Island Avenue and the Blackfoot Pl. area. In most cases, the windows were smashed; a few cars were found with open doors. There has been one house break-in on 52nd Avenue, near Lackawanna Avenue. As for the theft from the auto, the police don’t have any suspects, however there is a person of interest living on Hollywood. These thefts typically happened during the night after 9pm. The police needs community’s help in getting more information on suspicious activities in the area. Officer Taylor reported 6 auto thefts in the southern part of the city.

Bob Stumpf, head of the City’s Public Works Dept., made a presentation on his department’s effort in the past snow storm, during which the area experienced a record amount of snow fall in recent years. He said during the February snow fall, the snow was extremely wet and the roads were well below freezing which made the snow and road bond together quickly. The department has 6 large snow trucks with snow plower. Four of these trucks have side saddle for dispatching magnesium chloride with salt. He also said the city had enough supply of salts during the storm; however it had troubles in clearing snows on the narrow road, because residents did not follow the city regulations on parking during snow storm – park on the odd and even numbered sides of the street during odd and even number of days. He said he has proposed the city council to make it mandatory to park only on the even side of the streets during future snowfalls. During the question and answer session, members praised the public works for doing an excellent job during the snowstorm period.

Moved by Bill Robertson and seconded by David Turley, March 2010 minutes was approved.

President Larry Bleau reported that he appointed Bill Robertson (Chair), Tanweer Ahmed, Kennis Termini, Donna Weene (Seth Weene as alternate), to By-Laws Committee. He also sent a copy of NCPCA’s letter of support for Compassion Center to Anna for their records.

Treasurer Mohammed Taluckder could not be present due to a conflict with his work schedule. In his absence, President Larry Bleau reported that according to the March 2010 bank statement, the ending balance in Chevy Chase Bank is $1,840.38. Revenues: $40 through dues.  Expenses are $25 change for resident agent registration; $17.65 for copying; $72.09 for postage and copying.

As of April 2010, NCPCA has 172 members in 92 residences.

Valerie Bleau, the Picnic coordinator, reminded members about the May 8 picnic from 11am to 1pm. She asked members to volunteer in the picnic. Moved by Valerie Bleau / Fazlul Kabir, Have NCPCA allow the picnic committee to spend up to $300 towards the picnic expenses. Motion passed.

Members also discussed the formation of the Nominating Committee for the upcoming 2010-2011 session. Moved by Peter Lakeland / Fazlul Kabir, have NCPCA form the Nominating Committee with Mohammed Sarwar and Bill Robertson as members and allow the president to appoint an additional member later. Motion passed.

Members discussed how to fill the VP position. Moved by Fazlul Kabir / Bill Robertson, “Authorize the president to appoint the vice president for the rest of the current term”, motion passed.

Moved by Peter Lakeland / Bill Robertson, extend the meeting beyond 9:30pm motion passed (16 – 3).

The Bylaws amendment, which was introduced in March, was brought to the floor for action. Members Lourene Miovski / Lisa Eally moved a motion: “Approve the proposed ByLaws Amendment (submitted in March 2010 meeting)”. A motion by Marcia Booth / Adil Faisal: “Limit the total time for questions to 5 minutes” failed (6 – 15). During the discussion period, members Lourene Miovski and Tom Bannister spoke in favor of the motion. Members Mark Shroder, Mohammed Hossain, Bill Robertson, Nuyeed Kibria and Adil Faisal spoke against the motion. Motion failed by a vote of 5-20.

Moved by Marcia Booth and seconded by David Turley, Adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed, and the meeting was adjourned at 10:05pm. 

Respectfully submitted by Fazlul Kabir, Secretary

Regular Meeting on March 11, 2010

Meeting began at 7:32pm. Council members Patrick Wojahn and Christine Nagle were present, Council member Jack Perry joined later.

Prince Georges Co. Police COPS officer Sarita could not come due to a prior engagement, however, she sent a crime report for the members. Two houses had been broken into: one on Indian Lane and the other on Rhode Island Ave.

Celeste Bryant of the EnvisionPrinceGeorges came to make a presentation on the program and took question. She spoke about the effort to create a vision for our county’s future. The group had a series of town hall meetings during winter around the county to seek input from the county residents. Nearly 700 residents joined these town hall meetings. There is a town meeting on Saturday, March 20, at the Sports and Learning Complex to discuss and vote on what the PG Co citizens want for their county’s future; more can be found on

Alex E. Compagent, Partnership Specialist, Philadelphia Regional Census Center made a presentation on the upcoming Census 2010, its benefits, and what to expect. Residents will start receiving census forms by mail from March 15 and will have 3 weeks to respond. If they fail to do so, census volunteers will come and visit to residents’ houses to collect census data. There are only 10 questions in the short form (25 in the long form). Participation is important, because it determines funding levels for schools, public safety, and state and county services, as well as how to apportion representation. In the past, Prince George’s County has been undercounted, which has decreased the amount of funds we receive. Answers are held in strict confidence; they will NOT be shared with the City. Jobs are available with the Census Bureau as Census Takers; you can get more information at (phone 1-866-861-2010).

President Larry Bleau reported that he appointed Judy Blumenthal to Variance Committee. He improved the membership roster, asked City Manager about acoustic improvements to Davis Hall (they will be made in spring), and asked Public Works Director Bob Stumpff about retrofitting podium to accept a wireless microphone (Bob will look into it).

Treasurer Mohammed Taluckder reported the ending balances of $1,915.12 in Chevy Chase Bank. The expenses include mailing $17.65, Change of Resident Agent $25, domain name renewal $9.17, domain mapping fee $9.97. The PNC Bank account is now closed; funds are transferred to Chevy Chase account.

Moved by Bill Robertson and seconded by Peter Lakeland, the February 2010 minutes was approved with one correction: In paragraph seven, lines two and three, replace from ”the City” through the end with, “that he will not be submitting a ‘Wish list’ himself”.

Members discussed ideas they would like to have incorporated in the FY2011 City budget. The list includes (1) Have additional recreational events for families with teens or with no children, (2) Increase parking enforcement efforts to ticket cars on City streets that are parked illegally or in the wrong permit zone, (3) Increase fees charged to landlords for the annual inspections to better cover the cost of those inspections, (4) Work with the proper authorities to have the State enact legislation that would allow municipalities to obtain revenue from certain establishments within their boundaries; e.g., bars; (5) Add a few more street lights to areas where that are currently too dark (no light on pole as opposed to light not working), (6) Provide wireless Internet access at the Youth and Family Services building for parents who wait at the drop-in facility while their children are there.

Lourene Miovski introduced a By-Laws amendment, “NCPCA Bill of Rights”, to modify Article II, Section 2, to add Anti-discrimination, Free Speech, and Violations clauses; and modify Article V, to add a Controversial Votes section. Moved by Mark Shroder/Margaret Wood, “Have NCPCA By-Laws committee consider the proposed amendments.” Moved by Marcia Booth/Mary Cook to amend the motion: “Due to conflict of interest, another member other than Mark Shroder be selected to chair the By-Laws committee.” Lourene raised a point of order, citing Article VIII, section 2 in the By-Laws regarding the process for By-Laws amendments. Larry Bleau ruled the motion to send the amendment to committee to be out of order. Mark Shroder appealed that decision. Members supported the ruling by two-thirds voice vote.

Using the authority granted him by Article IX, Larry Bleau created a committee to review NCPCA’s By-Laws to fix ambiguities, correct inconsistencies and recommend improvements, and asked Bill Robertson to chair the committee; Bill agreed. Larry appointed Mark Shroder to the committee, and said he would appoint additional members to represent all segments of the membership.

Alina Smith of the Youth and Family services gave a presentation on the department. The center is located in the north College Park at 4912 Nantucket Road. The YFS provides services in English and Spanish in the areas of family counseling, parenting classes and support groups, youth life skill groups and referral programs. Their advocacy activities include coordination to ESOL programs, advocacy with schools and social services. They also have a recreation center which is open between 3pm to 7pm. The drop-in center is operated by the M-NCPPC.

Moved by Peter Lakeland and seconded by David Turley, Adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed, and the meeting was adjourned at 9:20pm. 

Respectfully submitted by Fazlul Kabir, Secretary

Regular Meeting on February 25, 2010

Meeting began at 7:35pm.  Mayor Andy Fellows, Council members Patrick Wojahn, Marcus Afzali and Bob Catlin were also present.

Prince Georges Co. Police COPS Ofc. Sarita and Ofc. Taylor briefed the members on the recent crime incidents in the neighborhood.  The number of break-ins has gone down significantly compared to the similar numbers in the previous month.  The Police now have a suspect relating to the incident at St. Andrews Pl.  Last Thursday, there was a burglary around the area of Lackawanna Ave and the Mangum Rd. – the suspect ransacked everything in the house.  The area also had a stolen auto – an warrant has been issued against suspect living in DC. She said the COPS officers would be interested in coming to a future NCPCA meeting to make a presentation on the basic  Observation Skills course.

Gloria Blackwell, Assistant to the VP of Community Relations, Mr. Frank Brewer, Associate VP of Facilities Management, and Carlo Flow, Director of Capital Projects, from the University of Maryland updated members on their purchase and reuse of the Washington Post plant on Greenbelt Road. The new location will support the East Campus development and will thus save 22.4-acre forested area near Comcast Center known as the Wooded Hillock. The University will use the space to relocate facilities currently housed on East Campus to clear space for a 38-acre development that will include shops, a music hall and graduate student housing. The new facility will include the Campus Mail Facility, Shuttle-UM and maintenance shops, greenhouses, warehouses, motor pool and shops.  Around 150 employees will be located in the facility at its peak; however the UMD does not have any plan to transport them through shuttle service. There will be 288 parking spaces. There has not been any traffic study on the impact of the move. It will take around 1 to 3 years to complete the move. Mayor Andy Fellows added that The City has reached a Payment in lieu of Taxes (PILOT) agreement with the University that will make up for lost real estate taxes on the property however it does not include the personal property tax, as it used to get from the Washington Post from its press equipment; the PILOT, however, will be based on the assessed value of the commercial property and can fluctuate. Bob Catlin said the City may lose as much as $175,000 from the loss revenues.

President Larry Bleau reported he appointed Mark Shroder as Vice President and Mohammed Taluckder as Treasurer, wrote a letter to Board of Licensing Commissioners opposing the issuance of a liquor license for Azteca Restaurant/Bar, reviewed and corrected the membership roster, prepared a financial report for 2009, prepared a handout on Roberts Rules, and posted correspondence letters to the web site. VP Mark Shroder reported that NCPCA currently has 100 households with 171 voting members. Treasurer Mohammed Taluckder reported that the ending balances in PNC Bank and Chevy Chase Bank are $667.53 and $1,120.00 respectively.

Moved by Patrick Wojahn and seconded by Larry Marcu, the January 2010 minutes was approved.

Members discussed the use of NCPCA funds. Suggestions included spending on improving acoustics at the Davis Hall, community get together / refreshments / ice-cream socials, picnic and concerts.  Members will consider ideas and vote on a use of funds at a later meeting.

There was a discussion on the priorities of the upcoming FY2011 City budget. Council member Patrick Wojahn commented that due to anticipated loss of revenues / budget gap this year, he will not be submitting a ‘Wish list’ himself. He also said to generate more revenues, the City may raise the residential parking permit fees and the user fees (e.g. charges to landlords to inspect each rental unit), which have not been raised for a while. Mayor Andy Fellows said the top priority in the FY2011 budget will be to maintain essential services. Bob Catlin said the City currently has 4 million dollars in reserve. He also said the recent garage that the city built in downtown has 40-50% occupancies for the hourly parking and 50-60% for monthly parking. The budget issues can be revisited again at the March meeting.

Moved by Marcia Booth and seconded by Leslie Booth, the dissolution motion was brought to the floor: ”Dissolve NCPCA and let its members decide the use of its funds, since it does not reflect all citizens of the north College Park”. Moved by Peter Lakeland and seconded by Mark Shroder: “Table NCPCA dissolution motion” – the motion to table passed.

Patrick Wojahn announced the Envision Prince Georges meeting on 20 March 9:30 am – 3:30 pm at the Lanham Sports and Learning complex.  Residents need to pre-register at in order to attend the March 20 M-NCPPC town hall meeting. Marcus Afzali announced a public hearing on the City’s draft strategic plan for the next five years at the City Hall on March 2, at 7:00pm.

Moved by Peter Lakeland and seconded by Leslie Booth, Adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed, and the meeting was adjourned at 9:10pm. 

Respectfully submitted by Fazlul Kabir, Secretary

Regular Meeting on January 14, 2010

Meeting began at 7:30pm. Mayor Andy Fellows, Councilmembers Jack Perry, Patrick Wojahn, Christine Nagle, Marcus Afzali and Denise Mitchell were present.

Prince Georges Co. Police Sergeant Simms reported that there has been a spate of burglaries in the area. 24 police got involved series of incidents on Gerome St. on Jan 7; very active investigations are still continuing, several suspects are being looked at. He said crime alert system Nixle used by the PG police is under development and thus does not report all crimes accurately. He said there have been some 5000-7000 burglaries per year in the county, so the Nixle system only reports critical crimes. The response time to burglaries typically depends on available police vehicle, robbery is a priority call; house break-ins are not – they are treated as routine jobs. If a resident sees something suspicious, he asked to call 911, for the best response. The non-emergency number would take some time for response. Ofc. Taylor of the south College Park the community officer said that most burglaries happen during the day time (9am to 3am). He asked residents to call police supervisors in case of inadequate responses. They recently had a discussion with the Councilmembers on the recent crimes in north College Park. Their patrol included 300 miles per day in the Hollywood area. She asked residents to write down serial numbers of expensive items and join the VIP to protect their vehicle from theft.

James Burick and his business partner Mario Ollerena presented their plan for the Azteca, a new, white tablecloth, sit-down Mexican restaurant proposed for 9505 Baltimore Ave., near the intersection of Indian Road and Route One. Mr. Burick owns the building and intends to turn this into a restaurant, which will be open until 11pm weekdays, and until 2am weekends. There will be light late night entertainment. Type of license it’s applied is BLX (Beer and liquor), and have agreed to a food/liquor ratio of 55/45. The restaurant is expected be open on March 2010. The city is considering the liquor application for Azteca restaurant. Applicant proposes a shared-parking agreement with Duron Paints to meet parking needs. The City intends to send its recommendations on the liquor license to the licensing board for its hearing on January 26. The members later approved a motion (moved by Marcia Booth and seconded by Mary Cook) to oppose the restaurant and ask the City to vote against the liquor license application.

The City of College Park’s Planning Director Terry Schum made a presentation on the status of the planned and approved developments in north College Park. The TD commerce bank has been actively looking to buy the Hollywood Station located at the intersection of the north side of Rt1 and the Edgewood Rd. intersection, no deal has been reached yet. The City is looking to convert the old house located at the South East corner of the Rt 1 and Edgewood Rd. into a park (Hollywood Gateway Park). The Mazza project on Rt 1 will have 630 beds for graduate students and the parcel in front of the project along Route 1 is planned for two commercial retail pads.  The retail portion of the project may be revisited.  Developers are also looking into redevelopment / rebranding of the block where the current Ramada Hotel is located; the plan is in its very early stage. The Chinese Bible Church intends to build a new addition needs to file new site plan. The new contract purchaser and developer of the former JPI east site at Route 1 and Cherokee Street is currently exploring options for the site including utilizing the approved site plan but reducing the amount of retail and filing a new site plan for all townhouses (for purchase). The College Park Knoll project was sold to a developer called Daria land group; the project has 50-80 units for graduate students, there is parking under the building.

President Larry Bleau announced he received the resignations of Anna Ubeda (Treasurer) and John Krouse (Vice President) that morning.  Larry’s actions: delegated to John Krouse the task of applying to the City for a Community Service Grant to help with the cost of the picnic (John did not file the application); contacted Mary Lintner, President of Boys & Girls Club, who said they would be willing to distribute picnic flyers; and posted a new web page on about variances and the Variance Committee.  The officers discussed how to handle applications to join or renew, and clarified that policy to state that we will accept applications up to 10 minutes before a meeting, after the meeting ends, or by mail to the NCPCA address.  Larry reminded members of the NCPCA community picnic on Sat., May 15; volunteers should contact one of the officers. 

The bank balances, according to the Dec 2009 statements, are $667.53 (PNC Bank) and $1,120.00 (Chevy Chase Bank).

Moved by Mark Shroder and seconded by Peter Lakeland, the December 2009 minutes was approved.

The bylaws amendment, which was introduced in December, was brought to the floor for action.  Possible actions are debate, amend, postpone, or end debate and vote.  Moved by Don Byrd and Donna Ween to adjourn the meeting; this motion was later withdrawn.  Moved by Don Byrd and Christine Nagle to form a committee to discuss the subject of voting and report back within 60 days with recommendations; this motion failed on a roll call vote of 24-47-4.  A motion by Marcia Booth and Leslie Booth to dissolve the organization was ruled out of order due to lack of notice to members and because there was another motion under consideration; this will be on the Feb agenda. Parliamentarian Mark Shroder supported this interpretation.  There was no further debate.  The amendment, which requires a 2/3 vote to pass, failed on a vote of 15-47.

Moved by Mark Shroder and seconded by Peter Lakeland, extend the meeting.  Motion approved. Moved by Don Byrd and Valerie Bleau, allow the NCPCA President to fill the two vacant offices by appointment; motion passed.

Fazlul Kabir announced the second Winter Clothing Drive.

Moved by Seth Weene and Diana Claburn, Adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed, and the meeting adjourned at 9:57pm. 

Respectfully submitted by Fazlul Kabir, Secretary

Regular Meeting on December 10, 2009

Meeting began at 7:35pm. Council members Patrick Wojahn, Christine Nagle, Jack Perry, Bob Catlin and Marcus Afzali were present.

PG County’s CRT police ofc. Melanie Sarita reported that there have been two home invasions, one on the 52nd Avenue (November 28) and another on the Iroquois Street (December 5). Details of the incidents and locations are currently withheld due to impending investigations. Suspects are now held without bonds. It appeared that suspects targeted the locations due to easy targets – persons with disability living in those locations. There has been another similar incident happened in a Beltsville location. She also reported car break ins incident near Cherry Hill Rd / College Park Shopping complex and 52nd Avenue.

The State of Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT)’s Assessor Manager (PG County) Daniel R. Puma made a presentation on the Residential Property Tax assessments and appeals process. The SDAT‘s next assessment report will be ready by December 29, 2009. The residents will have 45 days to appeal against the significant assessments. This makes February 12, 2010 as the last day for the appeal. SDAT is estimating a 20%-45% reduction in property values since its last assessment three years ago.  If the residents are not notified about the assessment, they can appeal every year before the January 1 of the following year. The appeal forms can be downloaded from the department’s website  A deferred maintenance or damages may qualify a re-assessment of the property. The SDAT can provide property values of a list of comparable houses in the neighborhood. SDAT only goes back up to a year to assess the property values of the comparable houses.  Rental properties are looked at the same manner as the property resided by the owner. Income stream is not used for the evaluation. Anybody can appeal on behalf of anyone.  Community appeal is also an option, however is typically rare.  SDAT only looks at arms-length sales; i.e., not foreclosures. In case the appeal is accepted, the applicant may request for a hearing at a convenient location.

In President’s report, Larry Bleau stated that he received forms for Community Services Grant from City and plan to apply; He ordered NCPCA signs, which were delivered on 11/23. He said Safe Routes To School, Phase 2, will involve sidewalk improvements along east side of 47th Pl. from Lackawanna St. to Edgewood Rd., north side of Muskogee St. from 47th Pl. to Mangum Rd. Construction to start spring 2010.

Treasurer Anna Ubeda reported that NCPCA spent $186.59 on signs, $124.62 on Stamps, $63.70 on printing and $39.00 on the copies of the Article of Incorporation. $60 has been collected towards renewals / new memberships. The current balance at the PNC and the Chevy Chase account are $679.55 and $1070.00 respectively.

Moved by Peter Lakeland, seconded by Mary Cook– November 2009 minutes was approved, motion passed, with the following corrections: 4th paragraph, line 10 the word “reimbursed” should read “charged”.

John Krouse, (seconded by Don Byrd), introduced By-Laws changes in Article IV, Section 3, (Memberships / Due), Delete “For the purpose of these By-Laws family shall be construed to include all related persons living at the same address.” and insert: “For the purpose of these By-Laws household shall be one or two adults living at that address.” The amendment will be voted in January meeting.

Stephen Jascourt introduced proposed revisions for the Variance committee procedures. The major proposed changes include (1) Change size of committee from 3 to “3 to 5” to make it consistent with current practice (2) Change threshold for taking a position to require at least three identical votes; previously required unanimous vote (3) Explicitly state that different decisions may be made on different requests within the same case; was previously unclear (4) Urge committee members to state reasons for decision, and urge committee report to APC to include this reasoning (5) Chair to send report to designated NCPCA officer, which may be someone other than President; previously was sent to all officers, and when an officer is an APC member, this would not be permitted under APC rules (5) Report vote of committee to designated officers, but report only position to APC. The revised procedures were approved by the members.

Mark Shroder reported that the Commerce Bank Design Committee has not met; got an email from Michelle LaRocca promising to follow up on conceptual site plan and architecture, but she hasn’t yet.

Mark Spencer introduced himself as a candidate for the Prince George’s Co State Attorney election. Mary Lehman announce her candidacy in the upcoming the PG county (district 1) council election.

Patrick Wojahn announced a neighborhood cleanup on December 13. Marcus Afzali announced the website which features issues surrounding district 4.

Moved by Mark Shroder and seconded by Marcia Bath Adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed, and the meeting adjourned at 9:30pm.

Respectfully submitted by Fazlul Kabir, Secretary

Regular Meeting on November 12, 2009

Meeting began at 7:30pm. Council members could not attend due to conflict of schedule with another meeting at the City Hall.

Officer Melanie Sarita could not be present due to a conflict with another engagement. However, Larry Bleau read a crime report she sent to NCPCA. She stopped by all of the hotels/motels along Baltimore Ave. from Greenbelt Rd. up to Cherry Hill Rd. The NED (Narcotics Enforcement Division) is well aware of some issues that go on at the hotels and currently have cases that they are investigating. NED is the unit within the department that handles prostitution. She also spoke with a few neighbors around Blackfoot Rd. and Cherokee St. and there has been a suspicious white male that has been in the area. According to the citizens they have not seen him conduct any criminal activity but, they were just concerned because he doesn’t live in that area. This was about 2 weeks ago. The male is about 5-10, thin build, and has a tattoo on his neck. In reference to theft from autos, the number has gone down significantly, however she suggested securing valuable items and keeping them from plain view. The cars that have been broken into are parked along Cherokee St, Magnum, and Edgewood on the west side of Rhode Island Ave. There have been a few houses that have been broken into in the College Park Woods area on Davidson St. and Marlborough Way. One of the houses is on Davidson St. where she is working with detectives for a suspect. She also reported a shooting that occurred at the 7-11 on Baltimore Ave. The suspect entered the 7-11 and announced a robbery. Officers arrived on scene and the suspect came out of the 7-11 and lunged at an officer and the suspect was shot – Investigation is pending. Ofc. Sarita also cautioned the members that criminals seek the opportunity to commit crimes during the upcoming holiday’s season. When shopping she suggested to be aware of the surroundings and not to carry large amounts of cash. She also reported that she spoke with Kim Lugo and she is planning a neighborhood watch meeting within the next couple of weeks. She will send that date if anyone is interested in coming.  

Matt Dernoga and Laura Calabrese of the UMD for Clean Energy gave a brief presentation on the organization and what it does. They advocate programs to make the City a sustainable greener place. In the past Council election, they’ve interviewed most candidates on the issues such as transportation and environments and made subsequent endorsements. They are also working with the City Council on a loan fund to make city residences more energy efficient. They stressed on establishing collaborative programs with NCPCA on such programs. 

In President’s report, Larry Bleau announced that NCPCA’s community picnic has been rescheduled for next spring.. If anyone would like to volunteer, he asked to contact John Krouse at 301-345-1242, email . He announced that Safe Routes To School, Phase 2, will involve sidewalk improvements along east side of 47th Pl. from Lackawanna St. to Edgewood Rd., north side of Muskogee St. from 47th Pl. to Mangum Rd. Some bushes, vegetation, or fence in City right-of-way will be removed at four locations. Construction will start spring 2010; a flyer is available. He also announced Preliminary Central US 1 Corridor Sector Plan and Proposed Sectional Amendment is scheduled to be adopted Thursday, December 10; no new public testimony will be permitted.  He reported that a community notification service run by can send local notices and alerts from police by email or text message; he recommends members investigate. 

Treasurer Anna Ubeda reported that NCPCA has opened a new account at the Chevy Chase Bank at the Shoppers branch on Cherry Hill Road. After the initial deposit, the balance at the Chevy Chase account is $1010.00; there are no fees. The current balance at the old PNC account is $1072.90. The PNC has charged $1.50 to NCPCA towards fees. 

Moved by Peter Lakeland, seconded by Bill Robertson – October 2009 Minutes approved, motion passed  

Arif Kabir, NCPCA’s website committee chair reported that he uploaded NCPCA article of incorporation to the website and created a new page on the Neighborhood Watch program. 

On behalf of the Variance Committee, Larry Bleau reported the APC’s decisions on the 4 variances from last month: (1) CPV-2009-09, 9502 50th Pl., carport, lot coverage, shed setbacks: recommended approval of 3% lot coverage and several other setbacks, applicant requested more, applicant agreed to remove one shed to reduce lot coverage. (2) CPV-2009-11, 5027 Muskogee St., new driveway partly in front of house: recommend approval of waiver for 10ft wide driveway (10.5ft requested, 9.5ft recommended by staff). (3) CPV-2009-06, 9030 Rhode Island Ave., new addition on triangular property: recommend approval of both setbacks. (4) CPV-2009-13, Muskogee St., ten foot fence: recommend denial of request. 

On the Commerce Bank project, formerly known as Hollywood Station, Mark Schroder reported that the committee has not met; they’ve however received an email from Michelle LaRocca promising to follow up. 

Larry Bleau reported that he contacted two companies, ArtAtWork (local) and SuperCheapSigns (online), obtained estimates to purchase NCPCA signs, and designed the signs. The officers decided to use SuperCheapSigns. To buy 25 signs, stakes and shipping from the SuperCheapSigns would cost just over $187. Moved by John Krouse and seconded by Don Byrd, authorize the purchase of signs, motion approved. John volunteered to store the signs in between meetings. Volunteers are needed to set up and take down the signs each month. 

Members held an extended discussion of the voting and dues model used by NCPCA, and other possible models: (1) One Vote per Person, Dues Cover All at One Address (2) One Vote per Person, Each Must Pay Dues (3) One Vote per Address, Dues Cover All (4) One Vote per Address, optional Dues. No motions were made, and nothing was decided. 

Brian McDaniel announced his candidacy for MD State 21st Delegate position. 

Fazlul Kabir collected canned and dry food for the needy families in the area as part of his Fall Food Drive. 

Moved by Don Byrd, Adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed, and the meeting adjourned at 9:25pm. 

Respectfully submitted by Fazlul Kabir, Secretary