Regular Meeting on February 13, 2020

North College Park Community Association
February 13, 2020 – Regular Meeting at Davis Hall

Attendance.  Included Mayor Wojahn; City Councilmembers Kabir, Kennedy and Mackie; City Director of Planning Schum; City Engineer Halpern; and 38 others including representatives of WSSC.

Meeting.  Called to order at 7:30 pm by President Mary Cook; pledge recited.

January 9 Minutes were approved unanimously with amendment; motion by Carol Macknis, second by Arelis Péres.

Officer Reports.  Jordan Schakner (absent) reported NCPCA treasury is $1,100.13.

WSSC Muskogee Area Water Main Upgrade.  Ms. Wanpin Lee, (engineer) described an upcoming water main reconstruction project involving ~ 1.3 miles of pipe in the area bounded by 47th Place, Lackawanna Street, Rhode Island Avenue and Mangum Road.  Work will be completed in stages, and will not interrupt gas or electric services.  The project will begin ~ June 2020, and at conclusion all streets will be milled and overlayed with new asphalt pavement.  WSSC will send a copy of the PowerPoint presentation to NCPCA.

Youth & Family Services Director Kiaisha Barber presented information about programs at 4912 and elsewhere in North College Park that provide support to College Park community.  Two brochures were distributed.  Many questions and concerns were related to outreach and programs for seniors.

Finmarc – Lennar – Stone Straw Development.  Larry Taub (attorney) and Marc Solomon (owner) described a proposed townhouse development on property of the former Stone Straw industrial site adjacent to 51st Ave., Davis Hall and College Park Warehouse facility.  The development would include 235 total units of which 117 would be condominium townhomes and 118 would be owner occupied townhomes.  All buildings would be 4 floors tall; 118 units would be back to back; 67 units would be 16 feet wide; and 47 units would be 20 feet wide.  The development would occupy all land areas within the limits of the parcel.  Many questions and discussion were related to traffic and parking impacts on the nearby community.

Adjourn at 9:36 by motion of Arelis Péres and Carol Macknis, with no objection.

Regular Meeting on January 9, 2020

North College Park Community Association
January 9, 2020 – Regular Meeting at Davis Hall
Meeting Minutes Amended and Approved 2-13-20

Attendance.  Included City Councilmembers Fazlul Kabir, Denise Mitchell, and Maria Mackie and 10 others.  NCPCA President Mary Cook was unable to attend.

Meeting.  Called to order at 7:32 pm by Vice President Carol Macknis; pledge recited.

Agenda.  Approved with amendment to remove the item about U.S. Census, and to move discussion of Beltway Expansion to an earlier time in the agenda.  Motion by John Krouse and Ellen Caswell.

December 12 Minutes. Approved; motion by John Krouse and Ellen Caswell.

Officer Reports. Jordan Schakner reported NCPCA treasury is $1,062; 1 new member joined.

Presentation by Monarch Academy Preschool. Dr. Duane Arbogast of the Children’s Guild presented information about this new school that is currently constructing new space within the College Park Methodist Church on Rhode Island Avenue.  120 students are anticipated with two teachers in each class.  Some construction delays have been experienced.  Opening will be some time after April, 2020.  More info at

Beltway Expansion / Toll Lanes. Planning progress was discussed.  Currently, the beltway from the American Legion Bridge to I-270 in Montgomery County is the only segment moving forward.  There is a lot of discussion underway in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties related to the need for transparency, and about ideas for Counties to capture up to 10% of toll revenue.

City Budget.  Councilmember Kabir discussed progress on the 2019 NCPCA City Budget Wishlist for the FY2020 City budget.  Dr. Kabir prepared a written summary which will be shared with NCPCA members.  There was discussion of progress of the NCPCA Budget Wishlist during 2019, as well as discussion of ideas for the FY 2021 budget.

Adjourn.  Motion approved by members at 9:34 pm.

Amendments.  The draft minutes were amended by vote of NCPCA members on Feb. 13, 2020.  The minutes presented above were prepared by NCPCA Secretary John Krouse.

Budget Documents:

Regular Meeting on December 12, 2019

North College Park Community Association
December 12, 2019 – Regular Meeting at Davis Hall

Attendance.  Included Ben Ross, Chairman of Md. Transit Advocacy Org.; Mary Lehman, Delegate, D-21 Maryland General Assembly; City Councilmembers Fazlul Kabir, Kate Kennedy, Maria Mackie; and Mayor Patrick Wojahn.

Meeting.   Called to order at 7:34 pm; pledge recited.

Agenda.   Approved without amendment.

November 14 Minutes.   Motion by Ellen Caswell, second by Carol Macknis, approved without amendment, but it appears per Councilmember Kabir that US 1 Shoppers Food Warehouse may not be closing.

Officer Reports.   Judy Blumenthal reported about NCPCA pro bono attorney.  Jordan Schakner reported NCPCA treasury is $1,069.  Mary Cook sent a letter to Larry Taub, attorney for Wawa Beltsville.


Cm. Kabir announced MLK event in January; 1st Council meeting is Jan. 7; request by city for no new leaves on street (we need clarification on street leaves vs. curb leaves from city works); reported that County is pushing for a new food store at the Shoppers space if they leave.

Cm. Kennedy announced that Council approved $30K for a newspaper in CP; College Park City University Partnership CPCUP is starting planning and listening session for new projects soon.

Cm Mackie stated that she wants to listen to residents; reported on Maryland Art show in Marriott and Mobile MVA @ Goddard Visitors’ Center.

Carol Macknis reported that 1st Thurs of each month is Police / Resident public meetings at Mom’s;  current concerns are petty crime, premises checks, porch pirates.

Presentation by Ben Ross.   Our statewide transit plan with greater MARC service is less costly than toll lanes.  The plan would help Baltimore, providing subway-like service on Penn Line.  Toll lanes encourage congestion, don’t stop it, $30-$50 tolls are needed to produce profit for firms.  Such lanes are bad for the environment.  P3 plan will pass legislature right to Governor and the BPW.  Updates since June: the contractor can choose its own construction firm after the award of contract, and a private negotiation with MDOT.  Franchot is swing vote on BPW; concerned residents are encouraged to email him.  MDOT admits they have P/L projections on different road segments – BUT these must be made public.  Only Phase 1 can be done under current Governor’s term, no guarantees for the completion of the other phases under subsequent governors.  Send email to Comptroller Peter Franchot at

NCPCA Motion.   By Ellen Caswell for NCPCA to write a letter of opposition to Beltway expansion to Franchot; second by Carol Macknis.  Motion approved.

Del. Lehman Update.   Bag fee proposal needs state legislation approval.  Alcohol Awareness Bill: all venues must have someone with Alcohol Awareness training.  She is sponsoring a bill requiring majority consent by the taxpayers in counties with proposed toll lanes.

Cm. Kennedy Update.   Tree / Landscape proposal on tree canopies; speak with Todd Larsen of the Committee for a Better Environment for information.

Adjourn.   Motion to Adjourn by Ellen Caswell, seconded, approved by members at 8:46 pm.

Regular Meeting on November 14, 2019

North College Park Community Association
November 14, 2019 – Regular Meeting at Davis Hall

Attendance.  Included Mayor Wojahn, Councilmembers Kabir and Kennedy.  A total of 22 members and guests attended.
Meeting.  Called to order at 7:32 pm.
Agenda.  Approved without amendment.
Citizens Against Beltway Expansion (CABE). Carol Macknis provided update of recent meeting; M-NCPPC is against the expansion; American Legion Bridge widening should require independent study of costs and impacts.
Hollywood Pharmacy. Mr. Clement the pharmacist and assistant Bisi presented a PowerPoint about services provided by the pharmacy including custom compounding, pet prescriptions, free prescription delivery, notary services, parcel delivery pickup, and more.  Several NCPCA members expressed their satisfaction as customers of the pharmacy.
Wawa Beltsville.  Ralph Bell (Roadside Development) and Larry Taub (attorney) explained the proposed Detailed Site Plan for a new Wawa on Lot 9 on the west side of US 1 near the Ikea flags.  No variances are necessary.  Larry Bleau moved that ‘NCPCA not stand in opposition to the development’ with Kennis Termini second.  Motion passed with no nays and two abstaining.
Councilmember Kabir reported about several new Doggie Depot stations.
Councilmember Kabir reported about a recent meeting of Prince George’s County Zoning Code Rewrite and the new vs. old map viewing tool.
Mary Cook explained the work of Judy Blumenthal with pro bono attorney related to the Zoning Code Rewrite and NCPCA concerns about current and future impacts.
Major Wojahn reported that US 1 Shoppers Food Warehouse might close in early 2020.
City Council Election & Referendum results were presented and discussed.
Hollywood Commercial Streetscape meeting on Nov. 18 was discussed.
October 10 Minutes. Motion by Carol Macknis, second by Arelis Peres.  Approved with amendment to include full text of all NCPCA candidate forum questions.
Holiday Party.  NCPCA will be having a holiday party at the regular December 12 meeting.  Members can bring something to share.
Treasurer’s Report:  None.
Adjourn.  Meeting adjourned by vote of members at 9:11 pm.

Regular Meeting on October 10, 2019

North College Park Community Association
October 10, 2019 – Regular Meeting at Davis Hall

Attendance.  Included elected officials (* noted below in Election Forum).  A total of 23 candidates, members and guests attended.

Meeting.  Called to order at 7:32 pm.  The meeting was live streamed on the City cable channel. [ NOTE: The election forum can be viewed on the City’s website: (Forum is under ‘Archived Videos’). ]

Agenda.  Approved.

September 12 Minutes.  Motion to approve by Arelis Perez, second by Lisa Ealley.  Approved without amendments.

Elaine Ellis Center of Health.  Brandy Littlejohn presented information about programs of this non-profit facility located on Rhode Island Avenue in the northeast quadrant of Hollywood commercial district.  The Center provides health, mental and dental care without regard to patient’s ability to pay.

Election Forum.  Committee members Arelis Perez, Lisa Ealley and Dylan Burns developed questions for candidates.  Arelis presented the questions to the candidates.

The following Council candidates participated:  D-1 Kabir*, Kennedy*; D-4 Mitchell*, Mackie, and Emmanuel.  The following Mayoral candidates participated:  Wojahn*, Pancho, and Malsawma.

Click HERE (PDF File) to view the 2019 Candidate Forum Questions

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Jordan Schakner reported $1,039.46.  New members joined tonight.

Meeting Adjourn:  9:24 pm.


Regular Meeting on September 12, 2019

North College Park Community Association
September 12, 2019 – Regular Meeting at Davis Hall

Attendance included Councilmember Fazlul Kabir; Guests: Terri Schum, Director of College Park Planning and Economic Development; Eugene Jones, Residents for a Better Beltsville; Elya Nassaj, staff liaison of P.G. Councilmember Dernoga. 26 members and guests were in attendance.

Meeting. Called to order at 7:32 pm.

Agenda. Approved.

July 11 Minutes. Approved without amendment.

North College Park Planning Update. Terri Schum provided updates about planning for Hollywood Streetscape project; Hollywood Dog Park; Duvall Field reconstruction; and also provided an update about construction of Hollywood Gateway Park. Ms. Schum noted that the park should be completed in the next couple of months.

NCPCA Candidate Forum. A committee was formed to determine the date and format of a forum for City election candidates. Lisa Ealley, Arelis Perez and Dylan Burns were appointed to the Committee.

Quality of Life. Approximately 15 ideas were discussed to enhance City services and improve the health and welfare of our neighborhoods. No ideas were endorsed or prioritized.

City Bond Bill. President Mary Cook reported that the NCPCA letter was sent, and she provided a recap of the recent City Council meeting in which Mayor and Council voted to proceed with sale of bonds for financing construction of the new City Hall.

Treasurer’s Report. Treasurer Jordan Schakner reported $1,008.79. Two new members and 1 renewal were recorded.

NCPCA Website. Vice President Carol Macknis provided an update about NCPCA archives and efforts to document processes and improve function of the NCPCA website with recent NCPCA correspondence..

Meeting Adjourned: 9:22 pm.

Regular Meeting on July 11, 2019

North College Park Community Association
July 11, 2019 Regular Meeting at Davis Hall

At 7:36 pm there were 6 NCPCA members present, including Councilmember Kabir, as well as 3 guests, including Michelle Garcia, representative of County Councilmember Dernoga. Discussions began without quorum until 8:45 pm, when Mayor Wojahn entered and dues were paid so that NCPCA Bylaws quorum requirement of 7 members was met.

Charter Review Commission. John Krouse provided a summary of the Commission, including its composition, charge, forums and report, and responded to several questions.

College Park Election Candidate Forum. Format of a NCPCA forum in October was discussed. Forum might be scheduled separately from the usual Oct. NCPCA meeting date. All District 1 candidates will be invited, and candidates from District 2 and 4 might be invited. The deadline to file as a candidate is Sept. 20. Forum format may allow ~ 10 min. for each candidate to present and take questions. Details will be developed later. A flyer may be developed for distribution.

EZ Storage Branchville. Michelle Garcia reported that the applicant changed the site plan at some point between Conceptual Site Plan and Detailed Site Plan without support of Councilmember Dernoga. She will transmit new plan materials to NCPCA. New plan shows building footprint reduced from 38,000 square feet to 24,000, and height increased from 3 stories to 5. Plan for 850 to 950 storage units has not changed. It is supposed that need to avoid floodplain was a factor in change. Applicant may be invited to NCPCA in September. Michelle will use Google Groups to engage community in development concerns. She also reported that Bureau of Engraving and Printing may be relocating to Beltsville Ag. Research Center, and that U.S. Representative Hoyer is involved. There is a news release letter. Send email to: for info.

Proposed US 1 Wawa near Ikea. A new Wawa site plan is under development near Buffalo Wild Wings, but it is unclear why a new Wawa would locate so close to an existing Wawa in Beltsville. Members discussed advantages and disadvantages, and thought that the site might be a good location for Chick-Fil-A.

Bond Bill for City Hall. A letter was sent by NCPCA in conformance with NCPCA June resolution to “asking the City Council to put to referendum approval of the $21+ million for a new City Hall on the November 5 ballot in order to give voters an opportunity to decide whether they want to pay for this project.” Discussion followed. There will be a hearing on Aug. 13, and the City resolution for money will be taken up at a later date.

SHA Update. Carol Macknis reported on the recent Citizens Against Beltway Expansion (CABE) meeting and suggested that P.G. and State Delegates be involved. There are flooding concerns that require complete environmental impact assessment before approval. There may be need for public funding after all. M-NCPPC voted 9-0 against widening. Mayor Wojahn reported that P.G. Council has not yet committed support. Sunnyside Park may not be impacted by widening, as previously feared.

Helicopter Flyovers. A NCPCA letter was sent July 9. NCPCA officers will discuss with College Park Airport Authority.

Minutes of June 13 NCPCA Meeting were approved unanimously with amendment to correct New City Hall to read as “Jordan made a motion for NCPCA to support a referendum on spending for the New City Hall, followed by discussion, passed with 2 non-members opposed”.

Announcements. Councilmember Kabir reported that security cameras will be installed on Metro path near 53rd Avenue and Lackawanna Street, as well as near Duvall Field, and at Edgewood Road. Installation will be completed soon. The cameras are not routinely monitored, but footage is used for investigations. Kabir also reported that various drainage projects are now complete, and there were other announcements related to events in July and August.

NCPCA Board Members Lisa Ealley and Judy Blumenthal were approved by vote of 6-0-1 (Wojahn abstain)

Officer Reports. Jordan Schakner reported $993.47 in treasury; 14 members have paid dues. Mary Cook reported that NCPCA officers had met to discuss NCPCA priorities. Carol Macknis will spearhead website updates and develop documentation for management processes. There will not be an August NCPCA meeting.

Adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 pm by vote of members.

Respectfully submitted, John Krouse, Secretary

Regular Meeting on June 13, 2019

North College Park Community Association
June 13, 2019 – Regular Meeting at Davis Hall

Attendance included Mayor Patrick Wojhan; Councilmembers Fazlul Kabir, Kate Kennedy; Guests: Laurie Lemieux (Proteus Bicycles); Ashanti Martinez (Office of Council Member Tom Dernoga); Maryland Department of Transportation, State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA); Citizens Against Beltway Expansion (CABE)

Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm.

Agenda approved. April and May 2019 Minutes Approved.

Proteus Bicycle. Laurie Lemieux, Co-owner and President, presented the history and mission of Proteus Bicycles, located at 9287 Rhode Island Avenue, the former Mom’s location in Hollywood Shopping Center It is a majority women’s owned business and does community outreach such as bike rides. Website:

MDOT SHA. Representatives presented a “Traffic Relief Plan” about the proposed beltway widening; in particular its impact on Hollywood and Sunnyside. Discussion included the serious impact on homes, property, parks and green space in North College Park including Odessa Road, Niagara Road, Ontario Road, and in the wooded area between 52nd Place and Al Huda School along Edgewood Road.  In total, as many as 45 homes in North College Park may be at risk, and many other residents may be subject to increased noise and pollution.

As of this meeting, property value likely to decrease substantially.

MDOT SHA proposal @

NCPCA Officer Elections. Motion to approve new officers passed. 2019-2020 officers are: President, Mary Cook; Vice President, Carol Macknis; Treasurer, Jordan Schakner; Secretary, John Krouse

New City Hall.  Jordan made a motion for NCPCA to support a referendum on spending for the New City Hall, followed by discussion, passed with 2 opposed.

NOTE: It was determined later that the two votes opposing the motion were made by non-members.

Military Helicopters. Stasia Hutchinson brought up issue of military helicopters overhead, noise and illegality. Motion to write a letter to College Park Airport on the matter passed with 1 opposed

NCPCA Meetings. Motion to have NCPCA meetings in July passed, An August meeting will be determined at the July meeting.


  • Mayor Wojahn gave information on City composting and free city parking Saturdays and Sundays, June-Aug.
  • Carol stated that Community-Police Meetings will pause and then re-start in Aug.
  • Proteus Bicycle will have a pot-luck dinner June 20th

Motion by Mary Cook to extend meeting, approved.

Regular Meeting on March 14, 2019

NCPCA – North College Park Community Association

March 14, 2019 – Regular Meeting at Davis Hall

Attendance included Councilmember Fazlul Kabir.

Agenda: Approved      February 2019 Minutes: Approved with changes.

Recognition of Arthur Eaton.  NCPCA mourned the loss of Arthur Eaton, a long-time resident of our community, and who previously served as President and Vice President of NCPCA.  He passed away on February 17. A sympathy card will be sent to his family.

Community Center in North College Park.   Mary Cook prepared a letter from NCPCA to Sen. Rosapepe requesting support for a Community Center in North College.  Motion passed unanimously to send the letter.

Hollywood Streetscape, Exercise Path and Narragansett Run.  Mary Cook prepared a letter from NCPCA to Prince George’s Councilmember Tom Dernoga requesting support for theHollywood Streetscape exercise trail.  Motion passed unanimously to send the letter.

NCPCA Bylaws & Membership Dues.  Voting took place on the four items below that were discussed on Jan. 10, and formal motions were introduced on Feb. 14.  NCPCA Bylaws are at 

  1. Bylaws Change to Article 1 Name. Passed. The following text was proposed for addition to the Bylaws: NCPCA is incorporated in the State of Maryland as North College Park Citizens Association, and uses that name for all tax and legal purposes.
  2. Bylaws Change to Article IV Membership Section 3.  Passed. The following text was proposed for deletion:  The Association may, in addition to dues, assess an annual mailing fee to cover the cost of sending the newsletter and other communications by postal mail.
  3. Bylaws Change to Article V Meeting Section 5 Quorum.  Passed. A quorum at a meeting shall be at least seven NCPCA members.
  4. Dues Increase. Passed. Dues of NCPCA shall be $10 per year, starting on June 1 and ending on May 31, 2020.  Note:  Dues must be paid before the NCPCA officer elections on June 9, 2019.

NCPCA City Budget Priorities.  The list of priorities was developed with input of members on February 14. A motion passed to allow members who were not present on February 14 to add their priorities. NCPCA President will forward the priorities to the City’s Mayor and Council.

Tax Update.  Larry Bleau presented highlights of recent tax changes for 2018.

NCPCA Picnic Update.  Marcia Booth discussed the proposed Hollywood Heritage Picnic that was planned for the spring but due to lack of help the picnic was scratched at this time.  

NCPCA Officer Election Nominating Committee.  Mary Cook volunteered to take the lead on the NCPCA June 13 elections.All offices will be selected by vote on that date. 

Treasury Report. NCPCA Balance is $767.43, $500.00 than this time last year.

New Business 

  • Members requested status of the Hollywood Street sidewalk project.
  • Concern continued to be expressed over the County’s zoning Initiative and its relationship to North College Park; in particular (1) the 1000 ft buffer (2) matching up current zoning with proposed zoning and current development.  


  • NCPCA President is visiting with other Association Presidents, which is enhancing and strengthening working relationships.
  • NCPCA President announced he will not be seeking another term.
  • Councilmember Kabir suggested NCPCA partner with Hollywood Elementary School PTSA, which will strengthen the Community. 
  • Saturday, March 9, 11:30 am, Free Women’s Defense Class.
  • Budget Town Hall Meeting, Friday, April 12, 7 pm, Davis Hall, 9217, 51st Avenue.

Meeting adjourned at 9:33 PM.

Regular Meeting on April 11, 2019

NCPCA – North College Park Community Association

April 11, 2019 – Regular Meeting at Davis Hall

Attendance included State Senator Jim Rosapepe; State Delegate Mary Lehman; Councilmember Fazlul Kabir; Assistant City Manager, Bill Gardiner; Community Liaison, Lindsay Divaly

Agenda: Approved      March 2019 Minutes: Approved

Legislative Update.  Delegate Lehman and Senator Rosapepe reported on the following:

  • HB1413/SB1030: Providing $1 Billion In Increased Funding For Public Schools
  • HB166/SB280: Raising Minimum Hourly Wage To $15
  • HB109/SB285: Banning Use Of Plastic Foam
  • HB1169/SB895: Raising Age For Buying To Tobacco Products To 21
  • HB697/SB868: Prohibiting Denial Of Health Insurance Over Pre-Existing Conditions
  • HB768/SB759: Creating A Prescription Drug Price Monitoring Board
  • HB1428/SB619: Reforming The University Of Maryland Medical System Board Of Directors
  • HB 1783: Inter-agency Commission On School Construction
  • HB 505: SB 763: Proposed Summer Study For Artificial Turf
  • Expand Access To State Pre-K Program To All Low-Income Three- And Four-Year-Olds; Casinos State’s Education Trust Fund: $125M For The Next 30 Years ; Sr. Property Tax Relief; Child Tax Credit; Clean Energy Jobs Bill; Pedestrian Safety Fund; Summer 2019 Study; I-495/I-270 Congestion Relief Improvements

Response To NCPCA Community Center Letter. Senator Rosapepe discussed financing a Community Center using Bond money that requires matching money.

Zoning Update: Judy Blumenthal reported on the April 9th County Council Zoning Update Meeting, emphasizing the maps are scheduled to be released in May.  County Councilmember Dernoga expressed interested in working with his constituents


  • Councilmembers Fazlul and Mitchell will hold a Town Hall meeting on Friday, April 12, 7:00pm, Davis Hall
  • Good Neighbor Day, April 13. Meet at MOM’s Organic Market
  • County Councilmember Dernoga will hold a public meeting Wednesday, May 8, 7:00pm, Davis Hall
  • Mary Cook, Chair, NCPCA Nominating Committee, is seeking nominations for all positions
  • A Prince George’s County Police officer fired her gun after confronting some shoplifters at the Home Depot this morning

Meeting adjourned 9:31 PM.