Next Meeting – October 14, 2021

NCPCA – North College Park Community Association
Draft Agenda of Regular In-person/Virtual Meeting
In-person: VFW, 5051 Branchville Rd, College Park
Thursday, October 14, 20217:00-9:00 pm.


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To access Draft Minutes of the 9/9/2021 NCPCA Meeting click on Link to Draft Minutes


Agenda Times & Topics (subject to change)

7:00  Welcome & Review of procedures.

7:05  NCPCA officers’ reports & approval of September minutes.

Draft Minutes of the September 9 NCPCA Meeting

7:15  Election of Secretary – Dylan Burns is the only candidate but nominations will be taken from the floor

7:25  New Business & Future Agenda Items

7:30  CANDIDATES FORUM – Questions have been prepared by the Candidates Forum Subcommittee. Each question will be asked to each candidate whose response will be limited to 2 minutes. Due to time constraints, questions will not be taken from the audience.


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Membership in NCPCA is open to all adult residents of North College Park, and only members may vote in decisions of the Association. Please complete the Membership Form from the NCPCA website, and mail it with your dues payment to the address listed on the form and listed above on this webpage.