Welcome to the North College Park Community Association (NCPCA), your neighborhood forum for citizen involvement and advocacy.

Meeting Location

Meetings will resume in Davis Hall after July 1.  The next meeting will be September 14.

Agenda Items for Next Meeting – September 14

  • 7:30 Call to Order.  Amendments and approval of agenda, time-sensitive announcements.
  • 7:35 Planning Presentation of concepts for aesthetic and community enhancements in the Hollywood Commercial District by Planning Department of City of College Park
  • 7:55 Questions & Concerns regarding revised plans for Hollywood Commercial District.
  • 8:15 Development Presentation of plans to construct a consolidated storage facility at 9604 Baltimore Ave. on the west side of US 1 near Hollywood Road.   It would be a multi-story building that will be “an architecturally appealing building which looks nothing like typical consolidated storage buildings”.
  • 8:40 Break for seasonally appropriate refreshments… and a surprise!
  • 8:50 Police Update by Prince George’s County Community Police Officer Loban regarding crime and safety in North College Park, with questions and answers.
  • 9:10   Officer Reports and approval of minutes of August 3rd NCPCA Special Meeting.
  • 9:15   Announcements of public officials, members and guests.
  • 9:20 New Business and resolutions related to presentations of this meeting and/or other subjects by motion of NCPCA Members.
  • 9:30   Adjourn

Don’t forget to renew your membership! Download the latest membership application and bring it with you or mail to 4912 Nantucket Road, attn: NCPCA.

Summary of Meeting on Aug. 3

  • Non citizens right to vote – Discussion regarding a proposal by the City Council to allow non citizen residents to vote in the City Elections.
  • Misc. city events – Highlights of events happening in the city as well as a recap by Councilmember Kabir regarding National Night Out.

See full minutes for more details.

Summary of Meeting on June 8

  • Legislative UpdateSen. Jim Rosapepe, one of our MD State Senators, will gave us highlights on this past legislative session in Annapolis.
  • Traffic – Members voiced concern over many areas of northern College Park that have traffic and congestion issues. A committee was formed to generate ideas on how to deal with these.
  • Elections – NCPCA members elected new officers: John Krouse (President), Lisa Ealley (Vice President); Judy Blumenthal (Secretary); and Arelis Pérez (Treasurer).

See full minutes for more details.

Summary of Meeting on May 11

  • Hollywood Shopping Center – William Steen from Carrolton Enterprises spoke to members about various changes in the Hollywood Shopping Center.
  • Gardening – Member Kate Kennedy spoke to members about how to start a garden and make use of the new community garden area.
  • Membership Dues – Members discussed changing NCPCA’s dues, but decided to make no changes.
  • Elections Committee – The Nominating Committee gave its retport. Members then formed an Elections Committee to elect officers at the June meeting.

See full minutes for more details.

Summary of Meeting on Apr 13

  • Hollywood Streetscape Improvements – Terry Schum, and consultants presented concepts for the Hollywood StreetScape Improvements. Goals are to make the Hollywood commercial district community friendly, pedestrian and bicycle friendly, and improve landscaping. See proposal on City’s web site.
  • Greenbelt Metro Town Center Parking Garage Detailed Site Plan – The committee for the Detailed Site Plan met with city staff and consultant to review the detailed site plan. NCPCA passed a motion in support of the plan but with conditions.
  • Elections Committee – An elections committee was formed. Elections will be held in June.
  • Budget Items – A motion to support three budget items passed.

See full minutes for more details.

Summary of Meeting on Mar 9

  • Development Update – Councilmembers gave a brief update on proposed nearby projects and road improvements.
  • Shaban Property Rezoning – This was revisited but no changes made.
  • Budget Wish List – Members informed Councilmembers of items they desired to obe included in the next budget.
  • Name Change – Members voted to change the name of the organization to North College Park Community Association.

See full minutes for more details.

Summary of Meeting on Feb 9

  • Shaban Property Rezoning – The 2-parcel property at the northwest corner of Edgewood Rd. and Rhode Island Ave. (site of Blue Tech Cleaners) was rezoned from CSC to OS (Open Space) without the owner’s consent.  The owner’s attorney asked for support to rezone to MUI. About 3 years ago NCPCA supported a rezone back to CSC. Members voted once more to support a rezoning to CSC, but took no position on a rezoning to MUI.
  • Greenbelt Metro Development – Members discussed the issues with the anticipated Detail Site Plan and its impact on northern College Park, especially in terms of stormwater runoff. a committee was formed to work on a response to the DSP.
  • Bylaws Amendment – Members briefly discussed possible changes to NCPCA’s official name. Two name changes were proposed, which will be voted upon at the March meeting.

See full minutes for more details.

Summary of Meeting on Jan 12, 2017

  • Tree Canopy – PEPCO officials explained the tree trimming and removal process. Electric utilities must review their electric lines every 4 years, create a plan to deal with potential problems, finalize the plan, and implement it.
  • Stormwater Management Projects – Members were informed of two areas identified for possible stormwater management projects. Both sites have problems.
  • Hollywood Park Update – The City sent a letter to the Dept. of the Environment, Prince Georges County Parks, opposing the creation of a large storm pond in Hollywood Park, and received a response.
  • Greenbelt Station Detail Site Plan – This is is now available. There is concern of its drainage plan.

See full minutes for more details.

Summary of Meeting on Dec 8, 2016

  • Duvall Field Updates – Recently there were two committee meetings. There was no consensus on a report or recommendations for Duvall Field projects. Additional committee members were appointed.
  • Community Garden Update – The location of the community garden is to be in the open space across from the Youth and Family Services building, behind the drycleaner.
  • Stormwater Project Survey – Updated the motion to ask the city for assistance with a survey to get feedback on the stormwater management projects proposed for North College Park.

See full minutes for more details.

Summary of Meeting on Nov 10, 2016

  • WSSC – WSSC personnel spoke about water main repairs in progress between Hollywood and Huron Sts. and between Rhode Island Ave. and Narragansett Pkwy.  The work will replace the existing pipe and house connections.
  • Mondo Market Beer and Wine License – Owners of Mondo Market and their attorney informed members they are seeking a Class B beer and wine license, which would permit sales only for consumption on the property.
  • Community Bulletin Board – Fazlul Kabir presented members with three different styles for bulletin boards at two potential locations and solicited their feedback.
  • Community Yard Sale – Mark Hoffman, an auctioneer and community member, proposed the idea to have a community yard sale 2-3 times each year.

See full minutes for more details.

Summary of Meeting on Oct 13, 2016

  • Elaine Ellis Health Center – Presentation was given about the new health center. It is a Federally Qualified Health Center and therefore is required to treat all who come regardless of ability to pay.
  • EZ Storage – The owner of the EZ Storage facility proposed for the end of Branchville Road, adjacent to the train tracks.
  • Economic Development – Ryan Chelton, the City’s new Economic Development Coordinator briefly introduced himself and took questions.
  • Hollywood Park Stormwater Management Committee Presentation – General conclusions of the committee were to preserve the general character and uses of the park, including the trees. Members voted to adopt the committee’s report and transmit it to Park and Planning and the City.

See full minutes for more details.

Summary of Meeting on Sep 8, 2016

  • Stormwater Management – Leaders of the Clean Water Partnership presented members with five sites in northern College Park for potential retrofit projects to improve water quality.
  • Hollywood Park Project – A plan was described to create a pond in Hollywood Park to treat runoff from a larger area. Members formed a small committee, mainly of those who live nearby, to engage Park and Planning on the design. A motion was passed to request the City get community feedback on the proposed sites.

See full minutes for more details.

Summary of Meeting on Jun 9, 2016

See full minutes for more details.

Volunteers Needed To Place Meeting Signs

We need volunteers to place and remove meeting notification signs near your home each month. Contact one of the officers to assist.