Email List

NCPCA operates a Googlegroups email list named ncpca (email address to inform its members about upcoming agenda, distribute minutes, and other topics of interest to members. This is a one-way, announcement only list. A list of posts can be found at!forum/ncpca.

There is also a Googlegroups email list named north-college-park (email address whose purpose is to inform members of a range of topics of interest to those who live in northern College Park. Its full name is North College Park, Community Discussion Group. This is a discussion group; members may post and reply to others’ posts. It is also unmoderated; there is no human or mechanism that filters posts made. One must subscribe to it in order to post to it, however, and subscriptions requests must be approved.  A list of posts can be found at!forum/north-college-park .

How To Join the ncpca Email List

If you have a account, go to step 5. If you are not a user or do not have a account, start at step 1.

  1. Go to
  2. Select create new account
  3. Create a account using your non-gmail email address
  4. Confirm creation of the gmail account
  5. Log in to your account
  6. Go to the URL
  7. Select Apply for group membership
  8. Select Email as the way to read the group, a name/nickname for yourself, and enter a reason for joining; if you just joined NCPCA, state so.
  9. Click on Apply to this Group; you will return to the Discussions page. Your status, shown at the far right, will show as “pending”.

When your request is approved by the list manager you will be able to receive emails from the list, and when you sign onto .

How To Unsubscribe from the Email List

Each message sent from the list has instructions at its end on how to unsubscribe; just follow them.

How To View Past Messages

To view past messages sent to the list (known as Discussions), log onto your account, go to the URL, and click on the Discussions link. The previous messages will be shown in reverse time order.

NCPCA Email List Policy

This policy was adopted by the NCPCA membership on February 14, 2008.

Purpose of List

The purpose of NCPCA’s email list (List) is to communicate with NCPCA members in a timely and cost effective manner on matters pertaining to NCPCA or of interest to its members.

Permitted Content

Permitted content for the List explicitly includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • NCPCA minutes
  • NCPCA agenda
  • Communications sent to NCPCA officers on behalf of its members
  • County, State, or Federal issues that have a specific impact in the North College Park area

The permitted content for the List shall also include anything that satisfies NCPCA’s Purpose, as defined in Article II, Section 1 of NCPCA By-Laws:

The NCPCA’s objective shall be to stimulate interest in and devise ways and means for the promotion of civic, community and general welfare, giving special attention to public improvements beneficial to the North College Park area.  The North College Park area shall be defined as the area north of Greenbelt Road and east of Paint Branch Creek, within the boundaries of the City of College Park.

Determining Authority

The NCPCA President shall determine, in consultation with the other officers, if a given topic falls within the above definition.

Excluded Content

The List shall not be used to promote private, individual interests or agendas.  The List may, however, be used to inform members of matters of individual interest to particular members if said interest also satisfies the community or general welfare criteria in NCPCA’s Purpose.