Email List Policy

NCPCA Email List Policy

Purpose of List

The purpose of NCPCA’s email list (List) is to communicate with NCPCA members in a timely and cost effective manner on matters pertaining to NCPCA or of interest to its members.

Permitted Content

Permitted content for the List explicitly includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • NCPCA minutes
  • NCPCA agenda
  • Communications sent to NCPCA officers on behalf of its members
  • County, State, or Federal issues that have a specific impact in the North College Park area

The permitted content for the List shall also include anything that satisfies NCPCA’s Purpose, as defined in Article II, Section 1 of NCPCA By-Laws:

The NCPCA’s objective shall be to stimulate interest in and devise ways and means for the promotion of civic, community and general welfare, giving special attention to public improvements beneficial to the North College Park area.  The North College Park area shall be defined as the area north of Greenbelt Road and east of Paint Branch Creek, within the boundaries of the City of College Park.

Determining Authority

The NCPCA President shall determine, in consultation with the other officers, if a given topic falls within the above definition.

Excluded Content

The List shall not be used to promote private, individual interests or agendas.  The List may, however, be used to inform members of matters of individual interest to particular members if said interest also satisfies the community or general welfare criteria in NCPCA’s Purpose.

Adopted February 14, 2008