Articles of Incorporation

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FIRST: The undersigned, Fred Schaffer and Peter J. King, whose post office address is 10102 51st Avenue, College Park, Maryland 20740, each being at least eighteen years of age, do hereby under and by virtue of the general laws of Maryland, associate ourselves as incorporators with the intention and purpose of forming a non-stock, non-profit corporation.

SECOND: The name of the corporation is:


THIRD: The purposes for which the corporation is formed are as follows:

To provide for and promote the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the North College Park area and of the surrounding communities, and to perform such acts as directly or indirectly promote the interests of the corporation or its membership.

The corporation shall be authorized to exercise and enjoy all of the powers, rights and privileges granted to or conferred upon corporations of a similar character by the general laws of the State of Maryland now or hereafter in force, and the enumeration of the foregoing powers shall not be deemed to exclude any powers, rights or privileges so granted or conferred.

FOURTH: The post office address of the principal office of the corporation in this State is 10102 51st Ave., College Park, Maryland 20740.  The name of the resident agent of the corporation is Fred Schaffer, and the post office address of the resident agent is 10102 51st Avenue, College Park, Maryland 20740.

FIFTH: The corporation shall not be authorized to issue capital stock and shall not be operated for profit.

SIXTH: The governing board of this corporation shall be known as directors, and the number of directors may from time to time be increased or decreased in such manner as shall be provided by the By-Laws of this corporation, provided that the number of directors shall not be reduced to less than three (3).

The names of the directors who shall act until the first meeting or until their successors are duly chosen and qualified are: Lita Orefice, Larry Bleau, and Doris Davis.

SEVENTH: The following provisions are hereby adopted for the purpose of defining, limiting and regulating the power off [sic] the corporation and of the directors and members:

The corporation reserves the right from time to time to make any amendment of its Articles of Incorporation as may now or hereafter be authorized by law.

EIGHTH: The duration of the corporation shall be perpetual.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have signed these Articles of Incorporation of the North College Park Citizens Association Inc. and severally acknowledge the same to be our act.

(signed) Fred Schaffer

(signed) Peter J. King

Date: July 22, 1996.