Regular Meeting on May 8, 2008

Meeting began at 7:30 with Pledge of Allegiance.  President Arthur Eaton, Vice President Peter Lakeland present; Secretary Larry Bleau and Treasurer Anna Ubeda excused.  Mayor Brayman, City Councilmembers Catlin, Cook, Molinatto, Wojahn, and Faith Calhoun (County Councilmen Dernoga liaison) present.

President Eaton introduced Maryland State Senator Jim Rosapepe, Del. Joseline Peña-Melnyk, Del. Ben Barnes who gave an update of recent State legislation.  Highlights included funding for Route 1 improvements, reconstitution of P.G. County Board of Education, access to U.M. Shuttlebus for City residents, anti-panhandling legislation, authorization of speed cameras, and much more.

Minutes of April 10 were reviewed; Mark Shroder moved to approve, seconded by Peter Lakeland; motion carried unanimously without correction.  There was no Treasurer’s report.

City Councilmember Patrick Wojahn reported on recent review of Al-Huda School site plan and interior building inspection by P.G. County regarding compliance with zoning code and approvals.  He also introduced the possibility of a new Good Neighbor Council which may be initiated soon and reported that a fire on May 3 in the school kitchen caused much damage.  A discussion of various issues ensued, at the end of which Councilman Wojahn invited residents to contact him directly with their concerns about traffic, litter or other problems in the area near Al-Huda.

Maureen Malone moved and John Krouse seconded a proposal to change the composition of the recently approved North College Park Variance Committee from 3 to 5 members, and allowing majority vote rather than unanimity for the adoption of positions by the Committee.  The changes were proposed as ways to improve the operation and efficiency of the Committee.  Discussion ensued, and the motion was approved with one nay. 

The report of the NCPCA Nominating Committee (Ruth Herbert, Fazlul Kabir, Mark Shroder) was presented by Mr. Shroder: for President, Larry Bleau; for Vice President, Kiersten Johnson, Peter Lakeland, Chris Nagle, Mohammed Talukder; for Secretary, no nomination; for Treasurer, Lisa Ealley, Anna Ubeda.  The nominations were accepted.  Fazlul Kabir was nominated from the floor by Mr. Sarwar for Secretary, and that nomination was accepted.  John Krouse, moved to close the nominations, seconded by Patrick Wojahn; the motion passed.  President Eaton reminded NCPCA members and candidates that dues must be paid to vote or be elected.  NCPCA elections will be held on June 12, 2008 at Davis Hall; an elections committee will be appointed on that day.

Mayor Brayman made comments and introduced Chief Charles Bailey of Branchville Fire Co. who presented news of recent equipment acquisition and other events.  He is interested in residents’ concerns; he can be reached by e-mail at .

Kennis Termini and Bob Seward were nominated by John Krouse, seconded by Mark Shroder, to serve as the 4th and 5th members of the NCPCA Variance Committee; motion passed unanimously.

Councilmember Patrick Wojahn announced that widespread non-delivery of US Mail in North College Park reported at the April 10 NCPCA meeting was traced to a letter carrier, now no longer employed, and that a full investigation report regarding the incident was pending.

The meeting was unanimously adjourned at 9:32 pm.

Respectfully submitted, John Krouse, Acting Secretary