Regular Meeting on October 9, 2008

Meeting began at 7:30 pm. Councilmembers Jonathan Molinatto and Patrick Wojahn were present. Councilmembers Bob Catlin and Jack Perry arrived later.

Mr. Chad Williams of M-NCPPC made a lengthy presentation on the US 1 Central Corridor Sector Plan, which is just in its initiation phase. Mr. Williams is currently serving as the Project Manager of the plan. The plan boundaries are slated to be extended to include the Hollywood Commercial areas, Seven Springs Village, the Autoville area west to Northeast Branch Creek, and some residential homes north of Edgewood Road. In early December (12/5-10) there will be a week-long intensive, interactive planning activity known as a charette. Moved by John Krouse and seconded by Chris Nagel: Exclude Hollywood commercial shopping complex near four corners from the US 1 Sector Plan. Motion failed (vote 12 yes, 33 no, 1 abstained). Moved by Patrick Wojahn and seconded by Anna Ubeda: Exclude the residential area around the Hollywood commercial areas from the US 1 Sector Plan. Motion passed by a majority show of hands.

Members discussed at length the proposed plan to restripe Edgewood Road. The City engineer could not attend the meeting; however, the NCPCA officers presented a summarized version of the plan, which was also mailed to all members beforehand. Moved by Maureen Malone and seconded by Anna Ubeda: Have NCPCA approve city’s proposed restripe plan of the east bound lane of Edgewood lane near Rhode Island Avenue intersection. The motion failed by an overwhelming majority of members (8 yes, 39 no, 1 abstain). Moved by Peter Lakeland and seconded by Fazlul Kabir: Have NCPCA reject the proposed restripe plan. The motion passed with a similar vote count. Members amended the section of our By-Laws that deals with elections to specify that, if no candidate achieves a majority of the ballots cast, that a runoff be held that same night. Moved by Jonathan Molinatto and seconded by Peter Lakeland, the motion passed. Members approved a motion to extend the meeting beyond 9:30 pm (motion by Fazlul Kabir, seconded by Peter Lakeland).

Moved by Jonathan Molinatto and seconded by Peter Lakeland, members approved the September 2008 minutes.

Larry Bleau also reported having taken the following actions: appointed Stephen Jascourt to Variance Committee; worked with city engineer and others to prepare a flyer on Edgewood Rd restriping proposal; sent email to Gilbert Otero, of USPS, asking to reschedule his visit to the November meeting; received notice of planned development of Lucero Restaurant & Grocery at 5001 and 5003 Greenbelt Rd., requested a copy of site plan, and requested that NCPCA be a party of record; and communicated with Trent Smith, of JPI property (Baltimore Ave and Cherokee St), who wanted to meet with interested NCPCA members about changes his investor would like made to the project (meeting not yet held). Larry also thanked Mohammed Sarwar for supplying refreshments and Fazlul Kabir for getting the mailing out this month.

Treasurer Anna Ubeda reported, since last report, $340 were deposited from renewals and new memberships. Expenses were $47.05 for printing and labels in September and $176.54 for printing and stamps in October. Currently the bank balance is $1,859. Secretary reported that 8 members renewed their memberships in the last month. There have also been 12 new members in the same period.
Moved by Peter Lakeland and seconded by Fazlul Kabir, members ratified appointment of Chris Nagle by the President to the NCPCA Board of Directors; Chris was appointed last month.

Vice President, Peter Lakeland presided over the meeting while members considered how to proceed concerning variance CPV-2008-03. The APC had decided to grant a variance for CPV-2008-03. Members voted (6-5-0) to uphold NCPCA’s position to deny the variance. A second vote was taken ( 7-6-0) and members decided to appeal the decision of the APC. NCPCA President Larry Bleau and Councilmembers Jack Perry, Patrick Wojahn and Jonathan Molinatto left the room during the proceeding concerning the variance.

The Skate Spot Design Committee had no report, nor was anything reported about the Neighborhood Watch Signs.

Dr. Farid Ahmed, an NCPCA member and a resident of Edgewood Road gave a slideshow presentation on the traffic and safety Issues on the Edgewood road between 52nd Place and 53rd Avenue in the light of 2006 NCPCA report and the progress that has been made so far. Lourene Miovski disagreed on several aspects of the presentation and requested more time to be allowed. Larry Bleau did not permit this due to time constraint. Luai Alamawi spoke in favor of the presentation. Mark Shroder suggested inviting a representative from Polish Club to a future NCPCA meeting for further discussion on the topic.

Moved by Mark Shroder / Fazlul Kabir: Adjourn the meeting. Motion passed, and the meeting adjourned at about 10:16 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Fazlul Kabir, Secretary