Regular Meeting on September 11, 2008

Meeting began at 7:35 pm with a moment of silence in remembrance of the September 11, 2001 victims.  Councilmembers Mary Cook, Jonathan Molinatto and Patrick Wojahn were present; Mayor Stephen Brayman and Councilmembers Bob Catlin and Jack Perry arrived later.  Prince Georges County Councilmember Tom Dernoga also attended.


In the Vice President’s election, the Elections Chair Mark Shroder explained briefly the two methods to handle a non-majority: Pick2 and a run-off (if necessary). Moved by Bill Robertson / Jonathan Molinatto: Use the Pick2 method of balloting. Motion failed. Moved by John Krouse / Kennis Termini: Use the run-off method to handle a nonmajority.  Motion passed.  Members then voted for Vice President by secret ballot.  The Elections Chair was Mark Shroder, with John Krouse and Barbara Aldrich assisting as tellers.


While the ballots were being counted, Elisa Vitale, planner for the City of College Park, presentated the City’s plan to erect five pedestrian way finding signs in North College Park. The proposed locations are: (1) the intersection of Route 1 and Edgewood Road (2) the intersection of Rhode Island Avenue and Edgewood Road, (3) the intersection of Lackawanna Street and Rhode Island Avenue, (4) the intersection of Narragansett Parkway and Lackawanna Street, and (5) at the entrance of Metro on the Lackawanna Street.


The Elections Committee reported that, for the office of Vice President, there was not a majority.  Of 40 valid ballots cast, the votes were: Peter Lakeland (20), Christine Nagle (16), and Mohammed Tuluckder (4). As 21 votes are required to elect, this led to a run-off election between the two candidates with the highest votes received, as per the earlier motion. Members again voted by secret ballot.


While the run-off ballots were being counted, Eileen Nivera, a planner with M-NCPPC, made a presentation on the city’s proposed plan to construct a skateboarding facility (skate spot) in Sunnyside Park. The only options for the location of the skate spot, which would be about the size of a basketball court, are the current tennis court location and in the woods, which would require removing some trees.  The City would pay for design and construction, and M-NCPPC would pay for operation and maintenance.  Moved by Mark Shroder / John Krouse: Have NCPCA take a position in favor of the plan.  Motion passed. The City and M-NCPPC would like community input during design phase.  Moved by Donna Weene / Kennis Termini: Form a committee to provide design guidance to the City, with Kim Lugo as its chair, and Donna and Kennis to serve as its initial members.  Motion passed.


Moved by Peter Lakeland / Mark Shroder: Approve the minutes of NCPCA June 12 meeting. Motion passed.


President Larry Bleau announced several upcoming events: (1) Central US 1 Corridor Sector Plan; (2) Climate Change video; (3) Smart Growth Listening Sessions; (4) Community Foreclosure Forum (Sat, 10/4, 10am @ Our Savior Lutheran Church, 13611 Laurel Bowie Rd. (Rte 197), Laurel, MD 20707); (5) Purple Line Draft Environmental Impact Statement Hearing (Thu, 11/6, 7pm @ Ritchie Coliseum).


Larry also made the following announcements / actions: (1) UM shuttle bus passes available to residents, apply at City Hall; (2) although we initially thought we had to pay a Davis Hall usage fee, there is no fee unless we damage facilities or it requires cleaning, and Larry signed rules on behalf of NCPCA; (3) City Council approved an extension to parking permit zone 2-B to include the 9600 block of 51st Ave.; (4) to sign up for crime alerts, contact Kim Lugo (, include what area you live in; (5) Larry thanked Syed (Ridwan) Ahmad, Mohammed Sarwar, Mohammed (Mukarram) Hossein and Farid Ahmed for supplying refreshments.


Treasurer Anna Ubeda reported, since last report, $240 were deposited from renewals and new memberships. Expenses were $145.92 for stamps and printing. Currently the bank balance is $1,742.


The Elections Committee reported that, with 44 ballots cast in the run-off election, the votes were: Peter Lakeland (27), Christine Nagel (17).  Larry declared Peter Lakeland as the Vice President for the 2008-09 term. He also commended Chris Nagel for offering to help in any way she could and, using his authority as president under the By-Laws, appointed Christine to the NCPCA Board of Directors.


Kennis Termini, on behalf of the Variance Committee, reported the VC did not receive any variance requests for August or September. The July APC meeting included CPV-2008-02 (5021 Iroquois Street); NCPCA members discussed this in June and voted to not oppose the 2 variances that were required to replace and expand the existing parking pad. Three new variance applications were received for July; they were: (1) CEO-2008-01 (4909 Hollywood Road) replace an existing 5′ fence with a 5′ fence – VC position is “Not oppose” (vote 4-0-1); (2) CPV2008-03 (Narragansett Rd.), applicant seeks a 3′ variance from the required 25′ front yard setback to construct a front porch, VC position is Majority “Oppose”  (vote 2-1-1); (3) CEO-2008-02 (5004 Kenesaw Road), applicant seeks variance from 25′ front yard setback to construct an extension of the fence on an existing 6′ fence, VC position is “Not oppose”  (vote 3-1-1).


Mark Shroder gave the By-Laws Committee report.  The report listed three ways to amend the By-Laws elections procedure to handle the event that no candidate receives a majority of the votes cast in future NCPCA elections: Pick2, runoff, and plurality. Two of the options (Pick2 and runoff) were moved and seconded, and will be debated at the October meeting. Members will receive the texts of the proposed amendments by mail before the meeting.


Eileen Nivera of the M-NCPPC gave a short overview of Central US 1 Corridor Sector Plan revision, whose planning boundaries include some Autoville and Hollywood residential neighborhoods Park and Planning wants to revisit the original plan, which was approved in 2002.  During discussion, County Councilmember Tom Dernoga assured members their feedback will be included in deciding the final plan. The initial public meeting will be on Wed, 9/17, 7-9pm, to describe the plan and solicit initial public comment.


Moved by Mark Shroder / Anna Ubeda: NCPCA favors the extension of the planning study area to include the four corners area of Edgewood and Rhode Island Avenue and the nearby commercial areas as part of the sector plan.  Motion failed (7-9-5). Moved by John Krouse / Patrick Wojahn: Take no position on the sector plan at this time but reserve the right to do so at a future time after members have had more time to discuss it.  Motion passed.


Due to the lateness of the hour the remaining agenda items were skipped.  Moved by John Krouse / Peter Lakeland: Adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed, and the meeting adjourned at about 9:55 pm.


Respectfully submitted by Fazlul Kabir, Secretary.