Regular Meeting on April 12, 2007

Meeting called to order at 7:30pm. The Treasurer reports that our account balance is $1012.39.  Peter Lakeland moved to approve the March minutes and Joan Carol Poor seconded; the vote in favor was unanimous.  City Councilmembers Jack Perry and John Krouse were in attendance.  There were XX members and XX guests were in attendance.


Greenbelt Station Pedestrian Bridge (Norman Rivera): The South Core developers came to ask where we wanted an overpass bridge to be located within the specified range.  Many residents were opposed to the overpass.  Some suggestions for improving safety if a bridge were to be built included making the overpass maximally transparent and include call stations along the bridge. Chris Behnke moved to try to locate the bridge on or near the Public Works site; Bill Robertson seconded.  The vote in favor was unanimous.  It should be noted that many residents local to the project were opposed to the bridge, but did not join NCPCA, and therefore had no vote.


Joseph Smith: College Park Observer: He runs a website called the College Park Observer (  He reports on what happens at NCPCA, City, and County meetings, as well as interviews local politicians.  He is also branching out into reporting on other local items of interest, and has kindly agreed to host NCPCA documents on his site.


Inter-County Connector (Suchitra Balachandran): President of West College Park Citizens Association visited us to discuss opposing the ICC.  She highlighted the economic and environmental costs of the ICC.  If opposed to the ICC, citizens should write a letter to Governor O’Malley.  Kiersten Johnson moved to oppose the ICC for the reasons presented by Ms. Balachandran; Lourene Miovski seconded; Maureen Malone moved to table until we can bring both sides in (within the next 3 months); Poor seconded; motion to table passed.


Al Huda Update: Sulayman Majid presented himself as the community liaison from Al Huda.


JPI West: Poor presented a comprehensive update on the progress of the JPI West project.


9909 Baltimore Ave ((Non-) Spooky House): Barbara Aldrich reported on the Planning Board’s approval of this project, as well as additional details that have been worked out.


Mazza Development: On the District Council Agenda on April 23rd.  There was no objection for Mark to go to the District Council meeting on behalf of NCPCA.


Nominating Committee: Bob Seward and Maureen Malone were appointed to the nominating committee.


City Herbicide Program: Lakeland moved to support use of herbicide on North College Park streets with property-owner-specific opt-outs; Robertson seconded; unanimously approved.


New Capital Projects + discussion: Mark Shroder distributed a list of new capital projects proposed in the City Manager’s 2008 Budget with impacts in North College Park.  Sheban property – will City acquire?  Danger of Rhode Island – cars should not be able to pass on the right – bollards and curbs should be implemented.  Shroder asked if the monies from item 7 could be moved to item 8 to implement more quickly, but the monies were already under contract.


Time extension: Anne Riley moved to extend past our 9:30 limit; Lakeland seconded; all but one was in favor of the motion.


New business: Malone: can the Association ask for funds from the joint City-University pot to be allotted for mandatory seminars for student renters in the neighborhood (Shroder: possibly refuse the student a parking permit if they fail to attend).  Bob Poor suggested that UMD could provide a dispute mediator in problematic situations.  Suggestion to start an NCPCA website.  Annabel Schaupner raised the issue of hospital availability.  Krouse was disappointed with the City Council; NCPCA needs to look closely at the variances that are being approved by the APC.


At 10:01, Johnson moved to adjourn, Riley seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted by

Kiersten Johnson

NCPCA Secretary