Regular Meeting on December 13, 2007

Meeting began at 7:33 pm.  Mayor Steve Brayman, Councilmembers, Bob Catlin, Patrick Wojahn, and Jonathon Molinatto were present; Mary Cook arrived later.  Arthur Eaton, NCPCA President, was absent with a chest cold; Vice President Peter Lakeland presided in his absence.

Moved by Larry Bleau / Joan Carol Poor: Approve the minutes of NCPCA November 8 meeting with the following change:  in the 5th paragraph, 2nd line, change “the committee” to “he”, to reflect the fact that Bill Robertson was not speaking on behalf of the Variance Committee in his statement.  Motion passed.

Vice President Peter Lakeland reported that Arthur Eaton wrote a letter to the Gazette about a story that mentioned NCPCA; announced the County Police would be holding a Safe Shopper Holiday Awareness seminar; reported on the American Deputy Sheriff Association scam (there is such an organization, but they are not licensed to raise funds in MD, and most of the funds raised pay for the fundraisers); gave members the new date for the MTA Purple Line Open House; and announced that Bill Robertson had a bypass operation.

Treasurer Anna Ubeda reported a current balance of $1,648, not including the recent purchase of stamps.  She said she has not yet written the donation check to Fisher House in memory of Fred Shafer.  Moved by Larry Bleau / Mark Shroder: Approve the Treasurer report; motion passed.

There was no presentation by College Park Auto Service on their improvement plan; their team could not make the meeting.  This was deferred until January 10 meeting.  It was noted, however, that their plan does not account for proposed improvements in the Rhode Island Ave./Edgewood Rd. intersection.  Mayor Brayman suggested there are new retail opportunities and that we should have Tom Dernoga come up with a plan for the four corners.

Peter Lakeland announced the results of the pedestrian bridge survey, as obtained from the Gazette story two weeks prior: 186 are in support, 160 are opposed, 53 somewhat support but had questions or concerns, 62 residents somewhat oppose, and 31 have no opinion.  Mayor Steve Brayman stated that security and visual aspects of the bridge would be adamantly investigated, and that Council would discuss the matter at a January worksession.

There was no update on Greenbelt Metro development.

Joan Carol Poor reported that the JPI West project was approved by the District Council on Monday, Nov. 19, with all NCPCA and City conditions, and with the following additional conditions: the number of units was decreased to 200 (down from 227), with 403 parking spaces; and a wrought iron fence will be installed completely around the project’s perimeter, including along Autoville Drive, to discourage overflow parking on the street.  Joan further reported that Tom indicated that the agreement would allow no trucks on the “dogleg” road, but he wasn’t certain whether the road would be “dedicated” as a City street, or whether there would be an easement for neighborhood use (to access the new Cherokee Street traffic signal on US-1).  A green screen concept has remained in the plan, which JPI says would cover all exposed sides of the parking garage (south, west, & north sides).  There is some concern about financing.  Groundbreaking could be one year from now.  Councilmember Bob Catlin noted that District Council recommendations included the requirement that JPI underground the utilities, but they said they are not willing to do that unless they receive Revitalization Tax Credits.

Larry Bleau gave members an update on the pending transition of NCPCA’s email list from one that is based on a home computer to one that is web based (using googlegroups).  This would avoid accidental disclosure of members’ email addresses and allow easier transition to the next Secretary, who would not have to reenter everyone’s email addresses.  Phil Aronson asked how the list would be used and what is association business.  Larry said the officers would discuss this and bring a proposal for appropriate content to the members.  Peter Lakeland invited Phil to offer his own recommendation; Phil said he would.

In other reports/announcements: Buffalo Wild Wings is no longer a tenant at the retail area north of IKEA; the East Campus Development Transportation Subcommittee meeting scheduled for Dec. 10 was cancelled (the next one will be in January); there will be Neighborhood Watch Training at Davis Hall next Tuesday, 12/18, at 7pm; a member asked the NCPCA officers not to pack as many items into the agenda to allow time to discuss them properly; and Mary Cook announced that she has started a web site,

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m. and was followed by holiday refreshments and socializing among the members.

                                                                                                                                                                               Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.