Regular Meeting on January 11, 2007

Meeting called to order at 7:30pm.  The NCPCA account balance is now $1092.89. Vicky Hageman was recognized for having saved the Treasury some money on discounted signs advertising Association meetings. Bill Robertson moved to approve the January minutes and Dolores Pasta seconded; the vote in favor was unanimous.

Mayor Brayman and City Councilmembers Krouse, Milligan, Hampton, Catlin and Perry were in attendance. XX members and XX guests were in attendance. JPI West: JPI gave notice at the meeting that they would also be developing property on the West side of US1, essentially across the street from their historically contested development on Cherokee Street on the east side of US1. The property to be developed consists of the former Lasick’s property and the former adjacent hotel site. It is envisaged as a mixed-use residential development with retail on the first floor. Chris Behnke moved to authorize a JPI West committee; Joan Carol Poor seconded, and all were in favor. 9909 Baltimore Ave (the Non-Spooky House): After opposition by the NCPCA, the developer addressed some of the concerns of the NCPCA Committee. Mark Riley moved, and Barbara Aldrich seconded, to reconsider the previous month’s motion to oppose the project; 17 voted to reconsider, 8 voted against reconsideration. Thibeault Lincicum moved to take no official position on the development; Barbara Aldrich seconded. Kiersten Johnson moved to table Lincicum’s motion, Mark Riley seconded, and all were in favor. Tina Lofaro moved to accept the developer’s plan; Bill Robertson seconded, an amendment was added such that there should be an escrow fund established for permit parking. Albert Lakeland made a substitute motion such that the Association authorizes the Committee to negotiate further with the developer; Johnson seconded the motion, and the majority voted in favor.

Youth and Family Services: The NCPCA heard a presentation about all the great things that the YFS is doing in College Park. Time extension: Lakeland moved to extend the meeting past 9:30pm; Robertson seconded, and the vote was unanimously in favor.

At XX:XX, XX moved to adjourn, XX seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted by Kiersten Johnson NCPCA Secretary