Regular Meeting on June 14, 2007

Meeting began at 7:34 pm.  Councilmembers Mary Cook and John Krouse were present; Mayor Brayman, Jack Perry, and Bob Catlin arrived later.  Bob Ryan, City Director of Public Services, Daniel Friedsen, U.M. Student Government President, and Faith Calhoun (on behalf of P.G. County Councilman Tom Dernoga) also attended.

Major Kevin Davis, Capt. Bill Lynn (Violent Crime, Gang Activity), Capt. Daniel Lipsey (Asst. Commander 301-699-2604), Lt. John Hipps (Investigative Commander, 301-699-2601), Sgt. Brian Reilly (Robbery Suppression, 301-699-2642), Sgt. Matthew Stauffer (Investigative Section, 301-699-2601) and Cpl. Andrea Dube (Community Response and new City Contract Officer, 301-699-2601) and other P.G. Police officers were present. 

Major Davis gave a comprehensive report of County crime statistics and recent criminal activity in North College Park (Baker-7 beat).  Major Davis grew up in Hollywood.  There are 30 new officers in Police District 1 and increased efforts to suppress criminal activity through the use of traffic stops.  Many categories of major crime are down (auto theft, burglary, robbery) but gang activity may be increasing.  There is much focus on local gangs, particularly Vatos Locos and MS-13, and points of gang congregation such as neighborhood parks.  Discussion and Q/A regarding neighborhood issues were followed by opportunity for residents to meet with officers to report problems during recess.

John Krouse presented an update of Greenbelt Metro development, followed by Q/A and resident discussion of project and concerns about a proposed new pedestrian bridge.

NCPCA’s JPI-West Committee provided an update of recent discussions and a letter of general approval of the large new multi-family project on the west side of Route 1, north of Cherokee Street; the letter was approved by NCPCA.

John Krouse presented an update of the NCPCA Committee formed to discuss development of Endelman property with developer Nick Francis.  Current proposals feature a co-housing concept that would allow additional density with agreements for woodland preservation.  Other meetings may be scheduled.

Election of Officers:  A letter from Kiersten Johnson (unable to attend) presenting her candidacy for President and withdrawal as Secretary was delivered by Anna Ubeda.  Election was by ballot; Don Byrd, Barbara Aldrich, and Habiba Talibdin served as judges.  Arthur Eaton was elected President of NCPCA with 34 votes vs. Kiersten Johnson with 19 votes.  Peter Lakeland was elected Vice President, Larry Bleau was elected Secretary, and Anna Ubeda was elected Treasurer.  Congratulation to everyone, with special thanks expressed to Mark Shroder for nearly four years of service as President.

Barbara Aldrich and other members of NCPCA’s 9904 Edgewood Road Committee provided an update of recent discussions regarding size of signage, setback to Edgewood Road and street-side plantings.  NCPCA wanted a greater set-back, and County staff wanted new building to be closer to street.  Neither County nor NCPCA favored allowance of larger signs.

Jack Perry initiated discussion of safety of Trolley Trail crossing at Paint Branch Parkway.  Prince Georges County Councilman Eric Olson is spearheading efforts for improvement and is starting a committee.  A discussion is scheduled on July 10 at City Hall.

A discussion of City Police Study was initiated by Mark Riley.  The Study, funded by the City Council in response to the 2005 referendum, will soon be delivered and made public, and then will be discussed by City Council.

Mark Shroder requested volunteer NCPCA members to review notices that are sent to NCPCA regarding variance requests (usually new construction) in NCPCA area, and to recommend positions of NCPCA for the Advisory Planning Commission and City Council.  Maureen Malone and other residents volunteered.  Arthur Eaton will resume this issue at the next NCPCA meeting.

Joyce Kunz and Donna Ween will coordinate ‘Gorgeous Prince Georges’ tree and other plantings in North College Park (a county-wide beautification program).

The minutes of NCPCA meeting on May 10 were moved for approval by Bill Robertson, second by Larry Bleau; approved without change.

Treasurer Anna Ubeda reported a current balance of $1,505 after expenditures of $100.70 for stamps and related supplies, and a $565 deposit of new membership dues.

Meeting was extended by vote of the membership at 9:30 pm and adjourned at 10:12 pm.

Respectfully submitted by John Krouse, acting Secretary