Regular Meeting on March 8, 2007

Meeting called to order at 7:30pm. The Treasurer was out of the state and therefore there is no report on our account balance $1067.49.  Jamie Lark moved to approve the January minutes and Bill Robertson seconded; the vote in favor was unanimous.  City Councilmembers Krouse, Milligan, Cook and Catlin, and Mayor Brayman were in attendance, as was Faith Calhoun representing County Councilman Tom Dernoga.  There were  XX members and XX guests were in attendance.


Presentation: City of College Park Overview of Local Development: Focuses on development around North College Park. In the pipeline: IKEA, Hollywood Station (9909 B’more Ave: C-O zone, 1.9acre, 22sqft office, 58 parking), Townplace Suites by Marriott (across from Hollywood: C-S-C/M-U-I zone, 1.3acre, 75 suite hotel, 75 parking), Mazza Grandmarc (behind Kitt’s: M-U-I zone, 22.5 acre, 231 unit student housing, 622 parking, 2 retail pad sites), Jefferson Square (Cherokee St: M-U-I/RT zone, 4.6acre, 160 apts, 45 towns, 41,540sqft commercial, 544 parking), JPI West (Hillcrest Motel/Lasick’s site: R-55/M-U-I zone, 3.6acre, 220 res units, 25,000sqft retail, 396 parking), College Park/PDC Campfire (Branchville triangle: M-U-I zone, 1.3acre, 180 res units, 15,770sqft retail).  Tentative: Cherry Hill Rd (Ken Michael), Stereo Effects (Star Hotels broker – may be an Aloft Hotel by Hyatt), Duchene Property (brokered by TransWestern), College Perk site, Vacant Property (Polish Club property, Endelman property).


Greenbelt Station (GBS): Krouse moves to send a letter to Dernoga regarding GBS; Peter Lakeland seconded.  Steve Jascourt proposed amendment: like to see the adopted Greenbelt Metro Area sector plan adhered to; Arthur Eaton seconded; all in favor.  Motion to approve the letter was unanimous.  Chris Behnke moved to send a letter to City to add funds to FY08 Budget in the case that it becomes necessary to take legal action to prevent inappropriate development at GBS; Janis Oppelt seconded.  Arthur Eaton moved that text should be added such that the adopted Greenbelt Metro Area sector plan be adhered to, seconded by Lakeland; all were in favor. Johnson moved that the motion should be amended by noting that this should be NCPCA’s fifth budget priority; seconded by Kennis Termini; all but one in favor.  Vote on the main motion was unanimously in favor.


Coalition to Build the Inner Purple Line: Steve Jascourt moved that the NCPCA sign onto this coalition, Kiersten Johnson seconded, and the vote in favor was unanimous.  There was a suggestion to visit the website.


Speed humps on 5000 block of Edgewood: Kennis: Moved that the NCPCA to ask the City to request the implementation of speed humps on Edgewood between Narragansett and 51st Avenue, Lourene Miovsky seconded, and all were in favor.


Lack of adherence to traffic regs within the neighborhood: Bob Ryan is working on a plan for traffic safety within the neighborhood.



At 9:22, Kiersten Johnson moved to adjourn, Jamie Lark seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted by

Kiersten Johnson

NCPCA Secretary