Regular Meeting on May 10, 2007

Meeting called to order at 7:30pm. The Treasurer reports an account balance of $1056.39. Bill Robertson moved to approve the April minutes and Peter Lakeland seconded; the vote in favor was unanimous. County Councilman Tom Dernoga and his assistant Faith Calhoun were present, as were Joseline Peña-Melnyk, Ben Barnes and Barbara Frush (21st District Delegates), State Senator Jim Rosapepe, and Mayor Brayman and City Councilmembers Mary Cook and John Krouse. There were XX members and XX guests were in attendance.


The Rosapepe Report: Successes: County and State are working together much more closely than previous administration; state bond money for CP Boys & Girls Club; $50mill more this year for PG schools; school fee exemption ONLY for student housing on/next to campus; passed bill to stop CP landlords from taking Homestead Tax Credit. Disappointments: McMansion bill; failure to resolve Prince George’s County Hospital situation. Transportation issues to be raised in future.


21st District Delegation:

Ben Barnes. Successes: bad faith bill – recourse if insurance company is acting in bad faith; Jessica’s Law – child predators bill; homeowners exemption for law enforcement officers; children in need of assistance program. Disappointments: Failure to pass the Green Fund Legislation (surcharge on developers who don’t use green materials); failure to pass health access legislation that would have provided health coverage to 200,000.

Joseline Peña-Melnyk. Successes: voted for the budget which included $400mil for school construction; created committee to examine cervical cancer vax, practicality for implementation; co-sponsored Baby Boomer Act – would look at the econ impact of this generation; bill that would allow parents to keep kids dependent on their health insurance until age 25; bond bill for the CP Airport Museum for $75,000 plus that for CP B&G Club. Continuing to push for green transportation alternatives. Disappointments: County hospital; health access bill (see Barnes).

Barbara Frush. Successes: Smoking ban in public places was passed; proud to have worked on the hospital negotiations process; clean cars bill that will put MD on the same emissions control footing as CA; continuing work on gang problem. Disappointments: Hospital; Green Fund; group opposition against ICC, for Purple Line, but didn’t get far.


Dernoga on Transportation: Tom is really pushing for the development of green transportation alternatives – won’t support development projects if projects don’t support US1, Purple Line, buses, etc. Unified bus services. Free student passes on bus lines.


Endelman Property: Green co-housing proposal near Metro; see Steve Jascourt moved to create a Committee to work on this project, Bob Seward seconded, all in favor save one. Committee: Cliff Harkleroad, Maureen Malone, Anna Ubeda, Lakeland, Richard Schafer, Priscilla Offenhauer, John Krouse (interim chair), Steve Jascourt (maybe).


JPI West: Joan Carol Poor described the project and conveyed the NCPCA Committee’s recommendation to approve and so moved; Chris Behnke seconded; all in favor.


Nomination Committee: Seward and Malone reported on the nominations: Arthur Eaton and Kiersten Johnson for President (Mark Shroder declined his nomination), Anna Ubeda for Treasurer, Larry Bleau and Kiersten Johnson for Secretary, Lakeland (vice-president). Robertson moved to approve the list of nominees; Malone seconded; all in favor.


Intercounty Connector: Discussion was tabled last month. Bleau moved to take motion to join local opposition to the ICC from the table, Malone seconded; all in favor. 12 in favor of previous month’s motion, 9 against, 2 abstain – motion carries.


Robberies: Increasing violent crime in North College Park; Ubeda asked for an update on gang activity. Association should do Neighborhood Watch. Lakeland moved to authorize officers to research implementation/funding of an NCPCA website (Seward); Malone seconded; all in favor.


Time extension: Robertson moved to extend past our 9:30 limit; Lakeland seconded. All in favor.


At 10:00, Jamie Lark moved to adjourn, Poor seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted by Kiersten Johnson, NCPCA Secretary