Regular Meeting on November 8, 2007

Meeting began at 7:32 pm.  Councilmembers David Milligan and John Krouse were present.

Moved by Peter Lakeland / Mark Shroder: Approve the minutes of NCPCA October 11 meeting without change; motion passed.  Later in the meeting, the minutes were amended (by John Krouse/?) as follows: in paragraph 7, third sentence (line 4), after “ramps,” insert “and that”; and at the end of the sentence add “are being considered”.  Motion passed.

Treasurer Anna Ubeda was not able to attend the meeting and did not submit a report.  The October 11 balance was $1,752.

President Arthur Eaton made several announcements: on 11/26 is a meeting with the Boys and Girls Club on the plan to improve Duvall Field; on 12/5, 4-8pm, at City Hall, is an Open House sponsored by MTA for the Purple Line; on 11/20 and on 12/18 at 6pm at the Beltsville Library is a Safe Shopper Holiday Awareness talk given by the District 6 police; a UM Urban Planning graduate student, Amy Hofstra, is doing a study on older suburban communities and wants to talk to NCPCA members, contact her at

Bill Robertson, member of the Variance Committee, reported that he attended the APC meeting, at which he, on behalf of NCPCA, did not oppose any of the driveways variances requested.  Bill stated that he the committee would not oppose any driveway modifications as long as they didn’t cover the front yard.

Arthur Eaton reminded members to return their survey cards for the Pedestrian Bridge concept.  He also reminded members of the meeting about potential Rhode Island Ave. improvements, to be held at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, building 003 auditorium, on 11/19 at 7pm.

Joan Carol-Poor reported that the District Council held a hearing on JPI West project on 11/5, and that there were comments about road capacity, parking capacity, and dedication of the service road.  These were taken under advisement; there was no final decision.

Fred Shafer, longtime neighbor, NCPCA member, and former NCPCA President, passed away in October.  Moved by Bill Robertson / Joan-Carol Poor: Donate $50 to Fisher House and $50 to the American Legion in Fred’s memory.  Moved to amend by Phil Aronson / Betty Rodenhausen: Change the recipient to Fisher House only and change the amount to $100; motion passed.  The amended motion passed.

The members expressed thanks to John Krouse and David Milligan, the outgoing District 1 City Council members, as well as congratulations to Patrick Wojahn and Jonathan Molinatto, the newly elected City Council members.  Arthur also expressed his thanks and appreciation, and the members concurred, to Mark Shroder for his efforts during his two terms as NCPCA’s president.

Bill Robertson announced that there would be a wreath laying at the College Park Veterans Memorial on 11/11 at 11am, which would be followed by lunch at the American Legion.

Ruth Herbert reported there a man with his daughter was robbed at gunpoint on the Berwyn pedestrian bridge, and there was no police coverage.  Many other members then reported crime problems: Mrs. Green had her car stolen twice this summer, one time police came to her door at 5am to say they found her car in another part of the neighborhood, which demonstrates the crimes were committed within the community; David Milligan reported there were 14 car thefts over the summer, and reminded drivers to use the club to secure their cars; Joan Carol-Poor reported a break-in on Cherokee St., and a van theft on Autoville Dr.; Peter Lakeland spoke against “pro forma” police patrols at 11am that he believes to be wasteful as there is no crime at that time; John Krouse said the reason there is not much crime at that time is because of the “pro forma” patrols, so one shouldn’t complain; and Marie Marean reported her neighbor’s car was stolen Tuesday evening.  John Krouse suggested that the NCPCA officers get the police to come at a future meeting, and that we should give them two months lead time.

Moved by Mark Shroder / Larry Bleau: Hold a seasonal pot-luck dinner at the December 13 NCPCA meeting, that the organization will supply beverages and cutlery.  Motion passed.  Officers will decide the schedule for the evening if there are any agenda items.

Lisa Ealley raised the question of privacy and possible misuse of NCPCA’s member list by a person who sends out emails about various subjects.  Mark Shroder identified himself as the person sending emails, and stated that he did not use NCPCA’s list, that his messages were his personal opinions only, and he would readily drop anyone from his list who did not want to receive the messages.  Larry Bleau stated that, as a project in his course on IT Ethics, he devised a privacy policy for a civic association.  He suggested that he present this to the officers, and then the members, as an initial version of a NCPCA privacy policy.  Members agreed.

It was announced that Eric Olson will be holding a stakeholders meeting about US 1 on 11/15 at City Hall at 7pm.

The meeting adjourned at about 8:45 pm.                                                                                                   Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.