Regular Meeting on September 10, 2009

Meeting began at 7:30 pm. Councilmember Patrick Wojahn and Mayoral Candidate Andy Fellows were present.

The meeting started with a report from the Police – Community Response Team Officer Melanie Sarita. Ofc. Sarita spoke to members about recent crimes in the area. There has been a spate of thefts from cars. She suggested that to protect belongings, residents should lock car doors, and not to leave GPS devices in plain view.

County transportation planner Maureen P. Wilson briefed members on the current state of plans to install a traffic signal at the intersection of Edgewood Rd. and Rhode Island Ave. They described how the approaches would be widened to three lanes in all four directions, certain accesses would be closed off and others opened up, utility lines relocated, and the anticipated manner in which the signal would operate. The planners took back with them several suggestions made by members. The planners only discussed the adding of a traffic signal, not improvements to other parts of Rhode Island Ave; the design of the latter has not yet been funded.

Developer  Michele LaRocca briefed the members on the development of the Hollywood Station (old house at corner of Edgewood Rd at US 1). So far, no potential tenants have signed leases. The property owner wants to change the land use and build a bank instead of an office building, and Commerce Bank is interested. The developer would like community input to the design process. There was no objection to reforming the advisory committee that worked with Ms. LaRocca. Those who are interested in participating in this design should contact NCPCA President Larry Bleau.

President Larry Bleau announced that CBE is sponsoring a Rain Garden workshop on October 24; announced the public hearing on the Central US 1 Corridor Sector Plan on Tuesday, Sep. 15, in Upper Marlboro; sent a letter to Public Works on NCPCA recommendations on location of trash receptacles; invited Ofc. Senobio and Maureen Wilson to this evening’s meeting; and sent Mr. Dernoga an updated NCPCA flyer by email, which Mr. Dernoga offered to copy and distribute. He also received an email from Eileen Nivera (M-NCPPC) re the Sunnyside Playground, who reported that, as of June 22, construction drawings were about 90% complete, and it will take approximately 10-12 weeks to process the paperwork, order the equipment, have it shipped and start construction once the drawings are finished. The construction should take around 1 month.

Treasurer Anna Ubeda reported the ending balance was $1989.46, $185 has been deposited, $44 was spent on stamps, and $24.96 was spent for copying.  NCPCA official bank, PNC Bank, started charging us high fees, so the officers will look for another bank for NCPCA’s funds. Mark Shroder moved to authorize the officers to search for and change the bank NCPCA uses; motion passed.

The June 2009 minutes was not discussed or adopted.

Larry Bleau reported on behalf of Stephen Jascourt, chair of the Variance Committee, who could not attend. There were two variance cases, neither of which received feedback from the committee.

Arif Kabir, NCPCA’s website committee chair updated the members on the website. The bios of the new officers are now added, the committee is still looking for pictures of the neighborhood or its events.

Several candidates for City Council introduced themselves and declared their candidacy. They were: Andrew Fellows for Mayor; Larry Bleau, Fazlul Kabir, Christine Nagel and Patrick Wojahn for District 1 Councilmember; and Marcus Afzali for District 4 Councilmember.

Samir Kabir announced that he is collecting school supplies for needy children of the local schools in the neighborhood.

Councilmember Patrick Wojahn announced that on Monday, September 28, at 7:30 pm at Davis Hall, the Education Advisory Committee will be meeting to discuss ways to address the overcrowding issue at Hollywood Elementary School.  Hollywood is currently in the top ten most overcrowded elementary schools in Prince George’s County, and is slated to be in the top five most overcrowded schools by 2015, and the school has been forced to use temporary trailers and storage areas as classrooms.  PGCPS currently has no plan to address this overcrowding.  The meeting will be an opportunity to discuss possible solutions to this problem with College Park’s two Board of Education representatives.

Moved by Kennis Termini and seconded by Peter Lakeland, Adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed, and the meeting adjourned at 9:35pm.

Respectfully submitted by Fazlul Kabir, Secretary