Regular Meeting on November 12, 2009

Meeting began at 7:30pm. Council members could not attend due to conflict of schedule with another meeting at the City Hall.

Officer Melanie Sarita could not be present due to a conflict with another engagement. However, Larry Bleau read a crime report she sent to NCPCA. She stopped by all of the hotels/motels along Baltimore Ave. from Greenbelt Rd. up to Cherry Hill Rd. The NED (Narcotics Enforcement Division) is well aware of some issues that go on at the hotels and currently have cases that they are investigating. NED is the unit within the department that handles prostitution. She also spoke with a few neighbors around Blackfoot Rd. and Cherokee St. and there has been a suspicious white male that has been in the area. According to the citizens they have not seen him conduct any criminal activity but, they were just concerned because he doesn’t live in that area. This was about 2 weeks ago. The male is about 5-10, thin build, and has a tattoo on his neck. In reference to theft from autos, the number has gone down significantly, however she suggested securing valuable items and keeping them from plain view. The cars that have been broken into are parked along Cherokee St, Magnum, and Edgewood on the west side of Rhode Island Ave. There have been a few houses that have been broken into in the College Park Woods area on Davidson St. and Marlborough Way. One of the houses is on Davidson St. where she is working with detectives for a suspect. She also reported a shooting that occurred at the 7-11 on Baltimore Ave. The suspect entered the 7-11 and announced a robbery. Officers arrived on scene and the suspect came out of the 7-11 and lunged at an officer and the suspect was shot – Investigation is pending. Ofc. Sarita also cautioned the members that criminals seek the opportunity to commit crimes during the upcoming holiday’s season. When shopping she suggested to be aware of the surroundings and not to carry large amounts of cash. She also reported that she spoke with Kim Lugo and she is planning a neighborhood watch meeting within the next couple of weeks. She will send that date if anyone is interested in coming.  

Matt Dernoga and Laura Calabrese of the UMD for Clean Energy gave a brief presentation on the organization and what it does. They advocate programs to make the City a sustainable greener place. In the past Council election, they’ve interviewed most candidates on the issues such as transportation and environments and made subsequent endorsements. They are also working with the City Council on a loan fund to make city residences more energy efficient. They stressed on establishing collaborative programs with NCPCA on such programs. 

In President’s report, Larry Bleau announced that NCPCA’s community picnic has been rescheduled for next spring.. If anyone would like to volunteer, he asked to contact John Krouse at 301-345-1242, email . He announced that Safe Routes To School, Phase 2, will involve sidewalk improvements along east side of 47th Pl. from Lackawanna St. to Edgewood Rd., north side of Muskogee St. from 47th Pl. to Mangum Rd. Some bushes, vegetation, or fence in City right-of-way will be removed at four locations. Construction will start spring 2010; a flyer is available. He also announced Preliminary Central US 1 Corridor Sector Plan and Proposed Sectional Amendment is scheduled to be adopted Thursday, December 10; no new public testimony will be permitted.  He reported that a community notification service run by can send local notices and alerts from police by email or text message; he recommends members investigate. 

Treasurer Anna Ubeda reported that NCPCA has opened a new account at the Chevy Chase Bank at the Shoppers branch on Cherry Hill Road. After the initial deposit, the balance at the Chevy Chase account is $1010.00; there are no fees. The current balance at the old PNC account is $1072.90. The PNC has charged $1.50 to NCPCA towards fees. 

Moved by Peter Lakeland, seconded by Bill Robertson – October 2009 Minutes approved, motion passed  

Arif Kabir, NCPCA’s website committee chair reported that he uploaded NCPCA article of incorporation to the website and created a new page on the Neighborhood Watch program. 

On behalf of the Variance Committee, Larry Bleau reported the APC’s decisions on the 4 variances from last month: (1) CPV-2009-09, 9502 50th Pl., carport, lot coverage, shed setbacks: recommended approval of 3% lot coverage and several other setbacks, applicant requested more, applicant agreed to remove one shed to reduce lot coverage. (2) CPV-2009-11, 5027 Muskogee St., new driveway partly in front of house: recommend approval of waiver for 10ft wide driveway (10.5ft requested, 9.5ft recommended by staff). (3) CPV-2009-06, 9030 Rhode Island Ave., new addition on triangular property: recommend approval of both setbacks. (4) CPV-2009-13, Muskogee St., ten foot fence: recommend denial of request. 

On the Commerce Bank project, formerly known as Hollywood Station, Mark Schroder reported that the committee has not met; they’ve however received an email from Michelle LaRocca promising to follow up. 

Larry Bleau reported that he contacted two companies, ArtAtWork (local) and SuperCheapSigns (online), obtained estimates to purchase NCPCA signs, and designed the signs. The officers decided to use SuperCheapSigns. To buy 25 signs, stakes and shipping from the SuperCheapSigns would cost just over $187. Moved by John Krouse and seconded by Don Byrd, authorize the purchase of signs, motion approved. John volunteered to store the signs in between meetings. Volunteers are needed to set up and take down the signs each month. 

Members held an extended discussion of the voting and dues model used by NCPCA, and other possible models: (1) One Vote per Person, Dues Cover All at One Address (2) One Vote per Person, Each Must Pay Dues (3) One Vote per Address, Dues Cover All (4) One Vote per Address, optional Dues. No motions were made, and nothing was decided. 

Brian McDaniel announced his candidacy for MD State 21st Delegate position. 

Fazlul Kabir collected canned and dry food for the needy families in the area as part of his Fall Food Drive. 

Moved by Don Byrd, Adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed, and the meeting adjourned at 9:25pm. 

Respectfully submitted by Fazlul Kabir, Secretary