Email Correspondence for 2010

To: Joe Nagro, City Manager
Date: March 12, 2010
Subject: City FY2011 budget wish list items

Mr. Nagro,

The North College Park Citizens Association held its monthly meeting on March 11 and, as we have done for many years, discussed what we would like to see in the upcoming City budget. While there was no resolution passed, a few ideas were suggested that may in keeping with the current economic times:

  • Have additional recreational events for families with teens or with no children. An example was to bring back the summer concerts.
  • Increase parking enforcement efforts to ticket cars on City streets that are parked illegally or in the wrong permit zone.
  • Increase fees charged to landlords for the annual inspections to better cover the cost of those inspections.
  • Work with the proper authorities to have the State enact legislation that would allow municipalities to obtain revenue from certain establishments within their boundaries; e.g., bars.
  • Add a few more street lights to areas where that are currently too dark (no light on pole as opposed to light not working).
  • Provide wireless Internet access at the Youth and Family Services building for children who use the drop-in center.

Thank you for considering these items.

Larry Bleau
NCPCA President