Regular Meeting on April 8, 2010

Meeting began at 7:32pm. Council members Patrick Wojahn and Christine Nagle were present, Council members Jack Perry, Denise Mitchell and Bob Catlin joined later.

PG Police Officer Sean Lewis made a presentation on the Basic Observational skills to identify criminal activities. It is important to observe the physical settings of the criminal activity, such as specific location, time of day and the day of the week. If peoples are involved in the activities, it is important to note their look, how they are acting and how many people are involved. Also, any information on the frequency of a recurring event is important. While reporting crime scene, it is important to stay calm and remain alerted. Description should start with basics and then move to more specifics by adding details of the incident. Members can contact Mr. Lewis at

PG COPS Officers Melanie Sarita and Officer Nashawn Taylor reported the recent activities in the area. In the past two week 14 cars were broken into in the northern part of the city. Most of the incidents happened on the Rhode Island Avenue and the Blackfoot Pl. area. In most cases, the windows were smashed; a few cars were found with open doors. There has been one house break-in on 52nd Avenue, near Lackawanna Avenue. As for the theft from the auto, the police don’t have any suspects, however there is a person of interest living on Hollywood. These thefts typically happened during the night after 9pm. The police needs community’s help in getting more information on suspicious activities in the area. Officer Taylor reported 6 auto thefts in the southern part of the city.

Bob Stumpf, head of the City’s Public Works Dept., made a presentation on his department’s effort in the past snow storm, during which the area experienced a record amount of snow fall in recent years. He said during the February snow fall, the snow was extremely wet and the roads were well below freezing which made the snow and road bond together quickly. The department has 6 large snow trucks with snow plower. Four of these trucks have side saddle for dispatching magnesium chloride with salt. He also said the city had enough supply of salts during the storm; however it had troubles in clearing snows on the narrow road, because residents did not follow the city regulations on parking during snow storm – park on the odd and even numbered sides of the street during odd and even number of days. He said he has proposed the city council to make it mandatory to park only on the even side of the streets during future snowfalls. During the question and answer session, members praised the public works for doing an excellent job during the snowstorm period.

Moved by Bill Robertson and seconded by David Turley, March 2010 minutes was approved.

President Larry Bleau reported that he appointed Bill Robertson (Chair), Tanweer Ahmed, Kennis Termini, Donna Weene (Seth Weene as alternate), to By-Laws Committee. He also sent a copy of NCPCA’s letter of support for Compassion Center to Anna for their records.

Treasurer Mohammed Taluckder could not be present due to a conflict with his work schedule. In his absence, President Larry Bleau reported that according to the March 2010 bank statement, the ending balance in Chevy Chase Bank is $1,840.38. Revenues: $40 through dues.  Expenses are $25 change for resident agent registration; $17.65 for copying; $72.09 for postage and copying.

As of April 2010, NCPCA has 172 members in 92 residences.

Valerie Bleau, the Picnic coordinator, reminded members about the May 8 picnic from 11am to 1pm. She asked members to volunteer in the picnic. Moved by Valerie Bleau / Fazlul Kabir, Have NCPCA allow the picnic committee to spend up to $300 towards the picnic expenses. Motion passed.

Members also discussed the formation of the Nominating Committee for the upcoming 2010-2011 session. Moved by Peter Lakeland / Fazlul Kabir, have NCPCA form the Nominating Committee with Mohammed Sarwar and Bill Robertson as members and allow the president to appoint an additional member later. Motion passed.

Members discussed how to fill the VP position. Moved by Fazlul Kabir / Bill Robertson, “Authorize the president to appoint the vice president for the rest of the current term”, motion passed.

Moved by Peter Lakeland / Bill Robertson, extend the meeting beyond 9:30pm motion passed (16 – 3).

The Bylaws amendment, which was introduced in March, was brought to the floor for action. Members Lourene Miovski / Lisa Eally moved a motion: “Approve the proposed ByLaws Amendment (submitted in March 2010 meeting)”. A motion by Marcia Booth / Adil Faisal: “Limit the total time for questions to 5 minutes” failed (6 – 15). During the discussion period, members Lourene Miovski and Tom Bannister spoke in favor of the motion. Members Mark Shroder, Mohammed Hossain, Bill Robertson, Nuyeed Kibria and Adil Faisal spoke against the motion. Motion failed by a vote of 5-20.

Moved by Marcia Booth and seconded by David Turley, Adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed, and the meeting was adjourned at 10:05pm. 

Respectfully submitted by Fazlul Kabir, Secretary