NCPCA Agenda for June 10, 2010 meeting

Below is the agenda of the next NCPCA meeting, to be held on Thursday, June 10, 2010, at Davis Hall (see I am cross posting this to the north-college-park email list since it has items of interest for the general community (marked !).

· Elections of NCPCA officers

· ! Presentation: Community Police Safety Report – Ofc. Sarita

· ! Presentation: The Bamboo Eater (a new business in northern C.P.)

· Housekeeping and Reports (approve minutes, officers reports, committee reports)

· Name tags – discuss a new idea to better identify meeting attendees

· City Councilmember announcements

· ! Legislative Report – members of the 21st District Delegation will attend, speak to residents about what they accomplished in Annapolis this past legislative season

Larry Bleau
NCPCA President