Regular Meeting on September 9, 2010

Meeting called to order at 7:33 pm. College Park City Council Members Patrick Wojahn (District 1), Marcus Afzali (District 4), and Bob Catlin (District 2) were in attendance.

Maureen Wilson and Arman Abrahamian of the Prince George’s Country Department of Public Works were present to discuss road improvements at intersection of Rhode Island Avenue and Edgewood Road. Ms. Wilson noted that the agency had made efforts to improve the signage along Rhode Island Avenue that tells motorists not to drive in the bike lanes or on the shoulder. Association members offered suggestions for increasing pedestrian safety along the road, such the installation of a partially obstructing shoulder. Ms. Wilson also provided a general timeline for the intersection’s coming reconstruction. According to Ms. Wilson, work is slated to begin in the spring of 2011, extend through the summer, and into the fall. Signalization was slated to occur at the end of 2011. In response to a question from Councilmember Wojahn about speed cameras, she said she did not know when the cameras would be installed, but that she would look into it.

State Highway Administration (SHA) employees Felicia Murphy (Dist 3 traffic), Peter Campanides (Dist 3 traffic), and Roy Gothie (Regional Intermodal Planning) were on hand to discuss improvements to the pedestrian infrastructure at several intersections along Rt. 1. Ms. Murphy noted that improvements for the intersections of Rt. 1 and Greenbelt Rd. and Rt. 1 and Hollywood, including new crossing signals featuring audio and countdown features, have been scheduled to occur within the next few months. Ms. Murphy also mentioned two pedestrian infrastructure projects slated for the intersections of Rt. 1 and Cherry Hill Rd. and Rt. 1 and Edgewood Rd; however both are unfunded and unscheduled. In addition, the project for the Rt 1 and Cherry Hill intersection will require SHA purchasing a small piece of right-of-way from the city to complete. Mr. Gothie reminded that, on the county’s list of road improvement priorities (as outlined in a 2007 letter), Rt. 1 is currently fourth.

Mr. Bob Ryan and Ms. Jeannie Ripley of the City’s Code Enforcement Staff provided an overview of the services that the department provides to city residents, a brief history of the department, and a demonstration of how to use the “Code Violation Search” available on the city’s website, which allows users to search problem properties (be they rental or single-family) by street address to follow up on a complaint and find out what actions the city has taken to rectify the situation.

June 10, 2010 Minutes—Past-president Larry Bleau suggested a change to the last sentence of paragraph 4 of the association’s June 10, 2010 minutes to read the following: “When asked about a MD state law banning display of drug paraphernalia item such as glass pipes in their store, they said that they checked with County officials, who verified their business was safe and products sold are legal for that zone.” Moved by Mr. Bleau / Leslie Booth seconded. Motion passed.

As of July 30, the association had $1,611.65 in its coffers. After an August 20 deposit ($40) and expenses associated with the July 15 Candidate’s Forum ($225.00), new membership form ($80), and postage associated with the mailing for the Sept. 9 meeting ($44.00), the association ended up with an account balance of $1302.65.

President Mark Shroder provided a brief recap of the association’s recent activities since the NCPCA’s last meeting on June 10, a list that included the “successful” NCPCA-sponsored candidate forum that took place at Davis Hall on July 15 and the inclusion of NCPCA materials in the information packet that the city delivers to all College Park residents each year. He also mentioned the forthcoming County Event for Homeowner Associations.

Variance Committee Chair Mr. Jascourt reported on a request made by the Chinese Bible Church to have a few less than the required number of parking spaces. Based on the church’s good relationship with Autoville residents, the committee registered NCPCA as “not opposed”.

Board Member Donna Weene mentioned a School Supply Drive to benefit Hollywood, Spring Hill Lake, and Paint Branch Schools. NCPCA members as asked to bring supplies, hand sanitizer and copy paper to the next meeting.

Secretary Fazlul Kabir mentioned the forthcoming city event—College Park Day and asked for volunteers to staff the NCPCA table the association will have. College Park Day will take place on Oct. 9 from 1 – 5 pm at the College Park Community Ctr.

Councilmember Patrick Wojahn mentioned that there is one vacancy on the City’s Noise Control Board, one vacancy on the City’s Rent Stabilization Board. Those interested should contact him or District 1 Councilmember Christine Nagle. Wojahn also mentioned the ongoing effort to revitalize the city’s Neighborhood Watch program and asked interested parties to get involved.

On a motion made by member Anne Riley, seconded by Larry Bleu, the meeting adjourned at 9:34 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Joseph M. Smith, Treasurer (on behalf of Fazlul Kabir).