Regular Meeting on March 10, 2011

Meeting began at 7:30 pm.  Council members Patrick Wojahn and Marcus Afzali were present. Mayor Andrew Fellows joined the meeting later.

Peggy Higgins, the Prince George’s County’s school board representative (District 2) spoke about the proposed school budget. She said the county’s school system is facing a $85 million gap in its $155 million proposed budget. The cuts may result in the increase in class sizes. Groups such as RTOC, librarians will take a hit. The central office will take 31% of the cut. There will be  a reduction in number of custodians (from 1 in 1500 sq ft to 1 in 1700 sq ft of school space). Reading recovery and media specialist teacher will also be reduced. 12 schools councilor will be reduced from a total of 350 councilors.  Program Camp Schmidt will also face the cut. She said the school board has passed the budget and it will now go to the County Executive who will submit it to the county council for its review and final approval in May.

Chad Williams-NCPPC’s community planning department spoke about the new Greenbelt sector plan covering Greenbelt Metro station and MD 193 corridor. Part of this area was studied before in 2001; State mandate also says such sector plans must be reviewed every six years. The 2001 plan included a large portion of north College Park, BARC property and the train yard, which may not be included in the new plan. The major focus of the plan will be on a corridor on either side of MD.193, ranging from CSX track on the west to Hannover parkway on the east. This plan’s boundary will include Beltway Plaza, Greenway Center, Capital office Park, Golden Triangle, Greenbelt Station, Springhill Lake and University Sq. Apartment. It will also focus on Grenbelt Metroland issues, including Indian Creek and Narragansett Run. He said the Park and Planning will keep everyone in north College Park informed; the City will also be notified as the plan develops. He said the first community meeting on the new sector plan was attended by some 52 people at Greenbelt community center. The attendees discussed a guiding document focusing on potential impact of environment, noise, shadow etc. He said residents can find more about the plan by visiting and The formal planning process will begin in late May and the planned conclusion would be in October 2012. Members can contact him at or 301-952-3171

The new District 1 police chief Major Hector Velez introduced himself to the members. He served as the assistance District 1 commander from 2007-2010 under major Davis and will replace Major Liberati. He served 16 years in the PGPD. He said District 1 has top notch officers and introduced Assistant District Commander Capt Marc S. Alexander and Investigative Commander Lt. Charles “Bud” Duelley. Mr. Duelley said the Police recently caught someone who was suspected of committing a number of break-ins around the area.

Treasurer Joe Smith reported that he has not made any transaction with the bank account, thus the information remains the same since last minutes. However, he said there was an error in February report; the total balance should read $1,348.65, instead of $1,448.65. He also said he will be filing the annual tax document soon.

Residents discussed the impact of the proposed relocation of the Greenbelt stream on the Narragansett Run water upstream in north College Park. Moved by Peter Lakeland / Fazlul Kabir, members adopted a motion: Have NCPCA write a follow-up letter to MDE expressing environmental concern, motion passed.

Hollywood Gateway Park Design committee Chair Larry Bleau said three competing designs will be on display at April’s NCPCA meeting for public comment. The City has also sponsored a design competition among UMd landscape architecture students. There will also be presentations on the designs on Wednesday, April 13th at 7:00 PM at Davis Hall. Moved by John Krouse / Marcia Booth – Have President to appoint a Jury to the Park design presentation panel.

Moved by Larry Bleau, seconded Joe,  Members adopted “Have NCPCA approve the draft language of the proposed Bylaws amendment to Article X: Dissolution of NCPCA’s By-laws”. Motion passed unanimously.

Moved by Larry Bleau and seconded by Bill Robertson, members adopted February, 2011 minutes with the following correction: the 3rd paragraph from bottom should read 11:30am instead of 11:30pm.

Moved by John Krouse, extend the meeting beyond 9:30pm. Motion passed. Mr. Krouse also announced a town hall meeting on March 31, 2011 at Davis Hall on Greenbelt sector plan.  Moved by John Krouse / Stephen Jascourt, have NCPCA support and publicize the March 31st the meeting. Marcia Booth announced a community dinner to raise funds for Meals and Wheels on March 12 from 4-7pm, at the United Methodist Church..

Council member Patrick Wojahn announced a town Hall meeting on City’s action plan on  March 19, 1 pm and another public hearing on City’s proposed zoning ordinances on March 24 at 7pm, both at Davis Hall. He also said the City will hire a contractor to replace the HVAC system at Davis Hall; a new drop ceilings will also be installed to improve acoustics.

Mark Shroder said that he has invited City manager Joe Nagro to come to NCPCA’s April meeting to present City manager’s version of Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Mr. Nagro has accepted the invitation.

Moved by Leslie Booth / Valerie Bleau: Adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed, and the meeting adjourned at 9:45pm.

Respectfully submitted by Fazlul Kabir, Secretary.