Regular Meeting on April 14, 2011

Meeting began at 7:30pm. Council members Patrick Wojahn and Christine Nagle were present,  Mayor Andrew Fellows joined later.

City’s Finance Director Steve Groh and Planning Director Terry Schum outlined the key development projects in the proposed FY2012 budget. The projects will be financed by the Capital Improvement Program (CIP), which receives grants from various local and Federal sources. The key development projects in north College Park  include Hollywood Gateway Park development, Duvall Field improvements, Hollywood commercial district / intersection  improvements, Neighborhood access improvement near Rt 1 and Hollywood Rd / Mazza GrandMarc (traffic lights etc), Improvements of Public Works facility at Davis Hall (new HVAC system, improved acoustics etc), Safe to school project around Hollywood Elementary school, Sunnyside skateboard park project and various street improvement projects.

AT&T’s attorney Gregory Rapisarda made a presentation about AT&T’s plan to install a monopole (cell phone tower) at the vacant lot at the end of the Odessa Road in Sunnyside neighborhood. Mr. Rapisarda said the proposed telecommunications facility will consist of a 125′ tall monopole with a 3′ lightning rod, inside of a 50′ x 50′ equipment compound that will be surrounded by an 8′ tall wooden board on board fence, which will be landscaped to the north and west (which are the sides “facing” the residential areas).  The proposed monopole will ultimately provide wireless services to AT&T customers and it will also provide space for two additional wireless service providers as well.  Mr. Rapisarda said AT&T identified and evaluated several potential co-location opportunities, including (1) the US Department of Agriculture building, (2) the 300 State Police tower that is approximately 1/2 mile away, (3) a 155′ Verizon tower approximately 1/2 away, and (4) a rooftop at the Sterling Building.  He said in each case, either the radio frequency engineers concluded that those locations would create significant overlap with existing coverage and would not allow AT&T to meet its coverage objectives or the landowner was unwilling or unable to lease space. Council member Patrick Wojahn said AT&T offered the City $1200/month to use the facility, although that amount is open to negotiation. He also said AT&T will conduct a third balloon test

Moved by Leslie Booth / Peter Lakeland, March 2011 Minutes was approved

President Mark Shroder appointed Donna Weene and Betty Rodenhausen to the 2011-2012 nominating committee.

Council member Patrick Wojahn said, the City council has recently sent a letter to Prince George’s County Planning Board on the concepts and policies for North College Park and the Core Area contained in the 2001 Greenbelt Metro sector plan These policies include the following: retaining the existing low density residential character in North College Park; preserving the environmental envelope including the state-owned property as open space; minimizing stormwater-related problems due to new development; and utilizing a height transition zone to a maximum of 12 stories in the north core of Greenbelt Station.

Moved by Leslie Booth / Peter Lakeland, extend the meeting beyond 9:30pm motion passed.

Treasurer Joe Smith was not present at the meeting, however in his absence, President Mark Shoder said the ending balance of 1192.24 in the bank account. He also said that Mr. Smith sent in NCPCA’s MD tax documents and will be sending the federal tax forms in June (with no penalty for late filing).

Moved by Larry Bleau / Leslie Booth – Remove #1 Liquor item from the Capital Improvement Project (C.I.P.) of the FY2012 budget. Motion passed.

Nine competing Gateway Park designs were on display at the meeting for public comments. Members also gave their feedback on the designs. Moved by Anne Riley / Bob Seward – NCPCA appreciates UMd students’ contribution in the Gateway Park design projects.

President Mark Shroder said he was contacted by a CSX representative to build a  new facility in Beltsville that will allow the transfer of freight trailers and containers between trains and trucks. Maryland Department of Transportation and the CSX Transportation, Inc will hold a public informational workshop on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 Beltsville Academy.

Council member Chris Nagle announced that there will be town hall meeting on the proposed FY2012 budget on May 7, Saturday at 10am at Davis Hall.

Fazlul Kabir said there will be an Earth Day event at Duvall Field on April 23. Volunteers will fix two rain gardens there.

Moved by Donna Weene and seconded by Larry Bleau, Adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed, and the meeting was adjourned at 10:05pm.

Respectfully submitted by Fazlul Kabir, Secretary