Regular Meeting on September 10, 2011

Meeting began at 7:31pm. MD Senator Jim Rosapepe, Del. Joseline A. Peña-Melnyk, City Council members Patrick Wojahn & Chris Nagle were present. County council member Mary Lehman joined later.

The meeting started with a briefing from Maryland State’s 21st Delegation on the latest legislative session. Senator Rosapepe said a proposed federal cost cutting measures may hurt the area with more job loss. The losses may include those in local federal facilities such as agricultural facility at Beltsville and at NASA operations at Greenbelt. He said he MD Senate has worked with Gov. O’Malley to support President Obama’s efforts to preserve jobs and “put people back to work in Maryland”. Part of that effort includes restoring state funds to keep teachers in local schools and police in the neighborhoods. He said the State has invested state funds to create construction jobs, including building schools, repairing roads and boosting energy conservation and pollution control. To help those who have lost jobs and income, Rosapepe said the MD Senate supported Gov. O’Malley’s policies to cap college tuition hikes for local students at the University of Maryland and the other state Colleges. It also has protected medical insurance for those who have lost their jobs and extended unemployment insurance benefits to those who have exhausted 73 weeks of State and Federal benefits between January 2, 2010 and December 31, 201.

Maureen Cissel and project Manager Dwight Joseph of the Prince George’s county’s Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPWT) presented the traffic signal project at the Rhode Island / Edgewood road intersection. Ms. Cissel said managing utility lines around the project area has been a challenge. Mr. Joseph said the project started in late July this year and is anticipated to be finished by next spring with the street pavement completed in late April. He said in order to prepare for the construction work, traffic barriers have been put up and lanes have been shifted. The pathway to Hollywood school has also been relocated in conjunction with extreme coordination with the school Principal. There will be some green spaces built along sidewalks.

Treasurer Larry Bleau reported that the NCPCA had a total of $310 deposit towards dues and $109.17 expenses towards printing, postage, supplies and website. The ending balance as of August 31 is $1463.30.

President Mark Shroder thanked board member Donna Weene for school supply drive and said officers are planning to organize a candidate forum at the October meeting.

Members discussed proposed neighborhood signs in Hollywood neighborhoods in Daniel Park, Hollywood and Sunnyside area. A motion by Larry Bleau ”Ask the City representative to consider neighborhood signs in north college park” failed due to lack of support.

Larry Bleau / John Krouse introduced an amendment to the “Article IV : Membership” of NCPCA Bylaws. The proposed amendment defines a member as a person who is 18+ years old and is a resident of North College Park and has paid the NCPCA annual dues. An amendment by Donna Weene / John Krouse to the motion: Make proposed dues structure effective since June 1st, was adopted by 8-1 votes . The original amendment motion was then passed unanimously.

President Mark Shroder announced a Greenbelt Sector Plan meeting on Sept 22 at the Greenbelt Middle School. Moved by Arthur Eaton / Larry Bleau, members adopted a motion asking Park and Planning to pursue the followings (1) Building heights and setback in north core must reflect in the sector plan (2) State’s purchase of the park plan should be reflected in the zoning, (3) City’s agreement concerning the drainage in the south core developer is reflected in the sector plan.

Moved by Arthur Eaton / Larry motion Extend the meeting beyond 9:30. Motion approved.

County Council member Mary Lehman said the 2011 Redistricting Commission released a plan that leaves north College Park in District 1. She also announced a redistricting forum on Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Beltsville. Council member Patrick Wojahn announced a meeting of College Park Foundation on September 14. He also said that the PGPD has appointed Ofc. Erol Lobin as the new community liaison officer for District 1.

Moved by Larry Bleau / David Turley – Adjourn the meeting. Motion passed, and the meeting was adjourned at 9:45pm.

Respectfully submitted by Fazlul Kabir, Secretary.