Regular Meeting of March 8, 2012

Minutes of NCPCA Meeting March 8, 2012

The meeting began at 7:30 PM with City Councilmen Patrick Wojahn and Fazlul Kabir present.

The minutes from February 9 were accepted.

Committee reports began with Donna Weene reporting she is looking for additional members for the Safety Committee since three people came to the first meeting on March 1.  The next meeting is June 7.  Various issues were discussed, including crosswalks, the addition of red light cameras, ADA sensors for the traffic light being installed at Rhode Island and Edgewood, Metro safety, playgrounds and dog parks.  Bob Seward gave a brief history of restrictions and stipulations on the Zusin property, stating that Atomic Music is considering various options in relation to these restrictions.  The Detailed Site Plan expires in September and it is uncertain whether the owners will seek to renew it.  When the property was rezoned to MUI the restrictions were carried forward, but covenants with College Park weren’t. John Krouse, reporting on the Greenbelt Metro Sector Plan, stated that if the FBI is being considered for the North Core, it has not been discussed at Sector Plan meetings and that Suntrust is expected to proceed on the South Core as previously discussed, with mostly residential development.

Larry Bleau reported the bank balance is $1326.53.  There were no transactions.

The College Park Veterans’ Memorial was discussed without any motions or resolutions.

County Councilmembers Eric Olson and Mary Lehman presented their hopes for the upcoming budget.  Mr. Olson discussed pedestrian crossings across Rhode Island to Duvall Field, improvements at the Hollywood Commercial District and various bike path and pedestrian improvements.  Ms. Lehman stated that she believes the income from the proposed tax on plastic bags at stores should go to the Storm Water Management Fund.  She handed out reusable cloth bags that she has ordered and stated she would like to see most of them go to those of low income and seniors.  She stated she would like to see increased funding for fire and police and the State’s Attorney’s office.  She stated she also wants a plan for a North College Park Community center as well as starting a Senior’s Club at Hollywood Elementary or at the Youth and Family Services facility.  She advocates funding for the arts and a new High Point High School.

Motion by Fazlul Kabir / David Turley to recommend to the county priority for funding for a Community Center and activities.  Motion by Donna Weene / Ann Riley to recommend funding for pedestrian lights on Rhode Island, starting at Hollywood Commercial District.  Motion by Fazlul Kabir / Bill Robertson to recommend funding for a safer crossing to Duvall Field across Rhode Island at Cherokee with flashing lights.  All passed unanimously.

Motion by Larry Bleau / David Turley to adjourn passed unanimously.