Regular Meeting of April 12, 2012

Minutes of NCPCA Meeting of April 12, 2012

The meeting began at 7:30 with city councilmembers Patrick Wojahn and Fazlul Kabir present.  John Krouse reported on the history and developments of the Greenbelt Metro property.  Metro wants parking on the property, the county wants a mall, housing, parking, etc.  The FBI is a possible tenant, which would entail limited mixed use with 24 hr access, a single employer with peripheral use and tall buildings next to the tracks with ensuing traffic visibility and noise concerns.  The federal government is not pushing for the FBI to relocate here; the owners are pushing for a 20 year lease with a buyout option at the end.  Patrick Wojahn stated the property is 75 acres, of which the FBI would use 55.  The remaining 20 acres would not be enough for other uses.  A comment was made that mixed use would be better for the community, bringing in business, jobs and wealth.  John Krouse stated that if the FBI doesn’t come in, most likely the owners will not get someone else, which would mean they would have to change the site vision again.  There was a comment that when Walter Reed moved to Bethesda Naval without an adequate increase in infrastructure, it created many problems for the surrounding community.  John Krouse went on to say that the plan included an 8 story, 7,000 car parking garage, part of which would be shared with Metro.  Patrick Wojahn commented that the FBI would be bringing 11,000 employees with very few new jobs created, if any.  Comments were made that house sales would likely increase with employees moving to the area, but that assessments and taxes would also likely increase.  John Krouse commented that the sector plan is due to expire soon and that all the provisions gained through heavy negotiation previously will expire as well.  He made a motion that the NCPCA should not take a position on the FBI as tenants versus the current sector plan, but rather the NCPCA should push again for eastern orientation of connecting road, not rerouting of Narragansett Run, step down of building heights towards the neighborhoods, and neighborhood oriented retail.  Seconded by Donna Weene, passed unanimously.

Motion by Larry Bleau / Donna Weene passed unanimously to accept the minutes from March with two corrections:  1.  Added to the report on the Zusin property the statement, “When the property was rezoned to MUI, the restrictions were carried forward, but covenants with College Park weren’t;”  2.  Added “Larry Bleau reported the bank balance is $1,326.53; there were no transactions.”

Larry Bleau gave the treasurer’s report with a starting balance of $1,326.53, $15 in dues collected, $10.27 spent on printing, $12.00 on the website, and a closing balance of $1,319.26.

Mark Shroder gave the president’s report.  He stated that he had made the suggestion for  pedestrian lights in the Hollywood Commercial District to the county, which was then passed on to the Department of Public Works and Traffic, which responded that the city should use the revenue from the speed cameras on Rhode Island to install lighting.  Patrick Wojahn reported that the DPWT claims it did not give permission for the speed cameras.  He stated that the city had requested permission, but had gotten no response, positive or negative, and assumed there was no objection.  He stated he has requested a meeting to discuss the issue.  The president’s report concluded with announcements of several activities and events in the city.

Committee reports commenced with the Stephen Jascourt having nothing to report on the variance committee.  Donne Weene reported that one additional person had joined the safety committee; the raised cement strip on the west side of Rhode Island south of the intersection with Edgewood was not intended as a sidewalk and is not one since it does not meet width requirements; and fire hydrants are color coded and cannot be repainted.  Bob Seward had nothing to report on the Route 1 committee.

Under new business, Bob Seward, Larry Bleau and Bill Robertson volunteered for the nomination committee for the new NCPCA board.  Discussions were conducted on various topics, including College Park Day planning and permit parking near the Metro station in Zone 3.

Motion by Chris Behnke / Donna Weene to adjourn passed unanimously.