Regular Meeting of May 10, 2012

Minutes of Regular Meeting of May 19, 2012 Meeting

Meeting began at 7:35pm.  Councilmember Fazlul Kabir was present; State Sen. Jim Rosapepe arrived shortly after the meeting began.

Moved by Dave Turley/Arthur Eaton: Approve the minutes of NCPCA April meeting with the following corrections: In paragraph 1, replace from “John Krouse commented” through the motion with, “John Krouse commented that the sector plan is due to expire soon and that all the provisions gained through heavy negotiation previously will expire as well.  He made a motion that the NCPCA should not take a position on the FBI as tenants versus the current sector plan, but rather the NCPCA should push again for eastern orientation of connecting road, not rerouting of Narragansett Run, step down of building heights towards the neighborhoods, and neighborhood oriented retail.”

Treasurer Larry Bleau reported an opening balance for April of $1,316.26, received $70 in dues, no expenditures, closing balance $1,389.26.  We need to obtain new checks since the bank just changed.

Sen. Jim Rosapepe spoke to members on various topics related to State legislation and budget.  He expects a balanced budget to be adopted at a Special Session to be held the following week, which will include an income tax increase.  There was a last minute dispute about gambling which prevented the budget from being approved in the regular session.  The budget reduces the projected deficit in future years by about 60%.  There has been a large cut in transportation funding and investment.  Jim said he would propose a State amendment that would allow specific transportation projects to go to the voters for a vote; currently this is not allowed by State law.  Other matters addressed: on the environment, to help the Bay we need cleaner sewage, so there will be a fee increase on your water bill; authorize counties to deal with stormwater runoff for roads; for rural areas, prevent further development unless it is connected to a public water and sewer system; moved up $250 million in capital investment to public universities for new or overhauled facilities; no decision made yet on the CSX transfer station; on education and pension, the State will share pension costs 50/50 with the counties, which will be phased in over 3 years; the property transfer tax will be increased to bring more revenue to the counties, as well as initiating a recordation tax to buy/sell shopping centers; the State will be giving back money to the transportation trust fund; and taxes on cigars will be increased.

Larry Bleau, speaking on behalf of the Nominating Committee, reported Tanweer Ahmed agreed to run for Secretary and Larry Bleau for Treasurer; there were no volunteers for President or Vice President.  Moved by Fazlul Kabir/David Turley: Nominate John Krouse for President, mark Shroder for Vice President, Larry Bleau for Secretary, and Tanweer Ahmed for Treasurer.  Motion passed.

Fazlul Kabir distributed handouts budget on the proposed City budget, along with proposed changes.  There will be no change in property tax rate or fees or fines.  There was no motion to take a position on any of the proposed changes.

Committee reports: Greenbelt Metro: Mark Shroder will send a letter to Mayor and Council expressing NCPCA’s position.  Variance (Stephen Jascourt): There were two variance cases, but since only two members of the Variance committee were able to vote, the rules did not allow them to take a position on behalf of NCPCA.  Safety (Larry Bleau on behalf of Donna Weene): According to State Police, some GPS companies list using the College Park exit from the beltway and making a U-turn to head north on US 1 as the best way to get to Laurel; all new curbs at the fire hydrants have been painted yellow by the City; and new warning signs will be ordered for the children’s playground on Hollywood Rd.

In other matters: Memorial Day ceremony will be held on Monday at 11am, Arthur Eaton volunteered to lay the NCPCA wreath; College Park Day will be held on Oct 27, and volunteers are needed; Dave Turley asked about the stop work sign at the Exxon station on US 1.

Moved by Larry Bleau/Arthur Eaton: Adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed, meeting adjourned at 9:09pm.