Regular Meeting on November 8, 2012

Minutes of Regular Meeting on November 8, 2012

Meeting began at 7:30 pm.  Councilmembers Patrick Wojahn and Fazlul Kabir were present.


Joe Smith gave a presentation on the College Park Community Library (web, email, FB College Park Community Library).  The library, which is run by volunteers, is located in the basement of the Church of the Nazarene at 9709 Rhode Island Ave.  It is not part of the Prince Georges Memorial Library System, has no intent to be, and does not compete for the same funding sources.  It offers fiction and nonfiction, children’s and young adult books, 20 subjects, has Story Time Wednesday mornings, Internet access, meeting space, and hosts special events.  It is intended to be for the benefit of north College Park residents, although it is open to all city residents.  People are welcome to come and read or use its wireless access, but must be a member to borrow books.  There is a one-time fee of $5 per family, which is waived for NCPCA members.  Volunteers are needed to cover the front desk, check out books.  They are still accepting donations.

Patrick Wojahn and Cheryl Molinatto gave a presentation on the College Park Community Foundation (web, FB collegeparkcommunityfoundation, Twitter @collegeparkfdn).  The foundation is a new non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting local charitable organizations and efforts.  It is part of Community Foundation of Prince Georges County and the National Capital Area Community Foundation, both regional foundations.  The regional group charges a nominal 1.1% fee and handles all incorporation, administrative, bookkeeping, reporting, etc., functions.  The by-laws are complete, and they are currently developing a grant process, which should be ready in about one year.  Directors are needed for the Board, and each is asked to contribute $100 to the foundation.

Announcements and Reports

Moved by Jackie Pearce-Garrett/David Turley: Adopt the minutes of NCPCA October meeting without change; motion passed.

President John Krouse reported that he distributed NCPCA flyers to local businesses, but none of them accepted his invitation to attend the meeting and speak about their business and their concerns.  He also reported that the next meeting of the Planning Commission on the Greenbelt Metro Sector Plan will be on November 29, but this will be a worksession with no public input.

Treasurer Cheryl Molinatto reported a current balance of $1,439.75.  Since the last meeting, we received $30 in dues and there were no expenditures.  There were no other officer reports.

Committee reports: Safety (Donna Weene) reported there will be no meeting on 11/26, the City is debating painting the curb at the end of Muskogee yellow since it is at a corner, the City has painted the curb at Attick Towers, and Hollywood Dr. needs a stop bar near the post office repainted.  No other committee reports.

Announcements: The first fall leaf collection will be on 11/14-15 for the area west of Rhode Island Ave., and on 11/16 for the area east of Rhode Island Ave.  Trash collection will be delayed next week due to Veteran’s Day.  The Veteran’s Day ceremony will be on Sunday, 11/11, at 11am at the College Park Veterans Memorial, to be followed by a luncheon at the American Legion.  The City is considering moving College Park Day to another location due to heavy traffic in the neighborhood.  There was a suggestion to have a shared civic association table at the next College Park Day.  The new Greenbelt Metro parking permit zone issue will be on worksession soon.

New Business

John Krouse commented on the enormous loss of tree canopy after the storms, the new sidewalks, and the recent PEPCO trimming program.  PEPCO trims trees to a 10′ radius around electric wires (4 years growth), and may trim more, back to the tree collar, to avoid disease in the tree.  PEPCO will also replace trees if requested using a voucher program.  PEPCO has changed how it trims trees: it will do so by feeder line, rather than on a grid system.  Volunteers are needed for the City’s Tree and Landscape Board.

The City has hired a consultant for the Hollywood gateway park, who will form a group to solicit opinions.

Members discussed future agenda items for December.  Ides included a neighborhood watch update, a legislative agenda update (state and county), illegal property rentals, and update on the College Park Farmers Market, a summary of the Greenbelt Metro Planning Board worksession, and a holiday party/pot luck.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm with a motion by Mark Shroder/David Turley.

Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.