Regular Meeting on May 9, 2013

Minutes of Regular Meeting on May 9, 2013

Meeting began at 7:30 pm.  Councilmembers Patrick Wojahn and Fazlul Kabir were present; Mayor Andy Fellows arrived later.  Also present were members of the 21st Legislative Delegation.


Legislative Update – Sen. Jim Rosapepe, Del. Ben Barnes, Del. Joseline Peňa-Melnyk and Del. Barbara Frush gave an overview of accomplishments this past legislative session.  Items of particular interest to the northern College Park area: increase capacity and service on MARC, $8M for engineering work on US 1 south section, and $20M on engineering work on US 1 north section, approve $345M more for Prince George’s County schools, funds for the College Park Academy (to open in the fall), Dimension Healthcare Systems will partner with UM Health to look for a location near the beltway for a new heart and lung facility, extended College Park City Hall bond authorization, exempt hotels from restrictions that had been intended to target nightclubs, and allow beer and wine sales at restaurants near churches.

Formula 2040 – M-NCPPC gave a presentation on an updated plan for parks and recreation named Formula 2040.  This was started in 2010 with a needs assessment.  Its goals are connectivity, health and wellness, and economic development.  Internal focus goals are to locate facilities according to objective criteria, have higher and more realistic cost recovery, do a cost-benefit analysis of each new project, annually invest 2% of new assets for preventive maintenance, and increase fiscal benefits of new facilities.  External focus goals are programs, park land, recreation, aquatics, trails, and health and wellness.  Policies will be developed to cover four major areas: system, program, land, and facilities.  System actions: track performance in achieving the plan, diversify funding sources, improve partnerships, increase use of technology, use marketing and communications tools, objectively prioritize capital projects, and enact a new Adequate Public Facilities (APF) test for new development.  Planners would take a more business-like approach.  Program actions: classify programs as core/essential, important, and value added; assess performance for all programs and facilities; meet cost recovery targets; improve program connectivity, productivity, and health outcomes.  Land actions: update process through which developers provide park land; prioritize acquisition of historic and natural resources; develop 200 more miles of hard surface trails.  Facility actions: evaluate existing facilities for reinvestment or repositioning, use multi-generational centers, prepare feasibility studies and business plans for all projects, use a new model for parks in urban communities, a new design standard for parks, develop signature/high-profile facilities, develop capacity to maintain and protect facilities.

Potential multi-generational center locations: SportsPlex, Fairland Sports/Aquatic Center, Southern Region Technology and Sports Complex, expand Prince George’s Plaza Community Center, a new facility near the intersection of MD 410 and MD 450 near the Purple Line, a new facility on Randall Farm property, transform Marlow Heights Community Center into a multigenerational center, and construct a new center in Brandywine near MD 5 and US 301.  A location analysis would be done: access time must be 15 minutes, level of service metrics for feet of trails per person and sqft. of aquatics per person.  Cost recovery of multigenerational center would be 70%.

For Hollywood Elementary School there is room to expand, they are unsure of funding, and would need School Board approval.  There is a $100,000 feasibility study for a new 12,000sf facility in our area, either at Hollywood if possible or at some other location if not.  There is a question if it can fit.

The new parks plan would become part of the County Master Plan, and thus not be at the whims of particular legislators of the moment.  We will have to have a higher cost recovery as we cannot have government pay for it all: cost recovery is now 6%, 30% is common, and we want to shoot for higher, up to 70%.

Announcements and Reports

Moved by Mark Shroder/Les Booth: Approve the minutes of NCPCA April 11 meeting without change; motion passed.

Treasurer Cheryl Molinatto reported a current balance of $1,356.21; there were $30 in dues received and no expenditures have been paid since the last meeting.  There were no other officer reports.

Jackie Pearce-Garrett, chair of the Nominating Committee, reported the following persons willing to run for office: John Krouse for President, Arthur Eaton and Chris Nagel for Vice President, Larry Bleau for Secretary, and Jackie Pearce-Garrett for Treasurer.  There were no other nominations.

There were no other committee reports.

John Krouse appointed Susan Keller to head the Elections Committee.

New Business

Moved by Les Booth/Cheryl Molinatto: Extend the meeting beyond 9:30.  Motion passed.

Possible items for future meetings: what next with the JPI property, contract officer/community liaison officer report, allow chickens as pets.

Moved by Mark Shroder/Larry Bleau: Adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed.  The meeting adjourned at 9:58 pm.

Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.