Minutes of Board Meeting of July 12, 2013

Minutes of Board Meeting of July 12, 2013

This meeting was intended to provide an opportunity for NCPCA members and officers to discuss topics of interest, and meeting ideas for the next year. The meeting began at 6:30 pm.

Responsibilities of officers, and potential ideas for participation by NCPCA Board of Directors were discussed. Chris Nagle is willing to assist with flyer mailings. Les Booth is willing to serve as a Director.

NCPCA website needs updates, maybe simplification. A NCPCA Director could serve as webmaster. No volunteers yet.

U.M. community service projects. Jackie Pearce-Garrett, Phil Aronsen, Robert Boone, Arthur Eaton interested in working together, maybe get the C.P. Committee for a Better Environment involved. Report of service projects in September?

Formation of a North College Park Livable Community Committee was discussed. Robert Boone and Bob Seward are willing to serve. Ways to make North College Park and NCPCA more welcoming was discussed. Chris Nagle, Jackie Pearce-Garrett, and Donna Weene will serve as committee.

NCPCA should participate at the Hollywood Farmers Market, with a table and flyers. Jackie Pearce Garrett and Chris Nage will coordinate, possibly with other civic associations, etc.

Urban renewal and ‘vibrancy’ in North College Park, possible presentation by City Economic Development Coordinator was requested.

Debate for City Council candidates in October should be on agenda. A committee of NCPCA members could develop a program.

County ‘rain tax’, presentation by Adam Ortiz, other officials, suggested as topic for future agenda. Commercial & residential code enforcement should be added to future agenda, with presentation by City staff. Fire and emergency services status update regarding changes to personnel at Branchville Fire Station. City Budget Wish list as an agenda item with discussion in early 2014. Roberts Rules of Order should be downloaded and made available for use by members.