Regular Meeting on September 12, 2013

Minutes of Regular Meeting on September 12, 2013

Meeting began at 7:30 pm. Councilmembers Patrick Wojahn, Fazlul Kabir, Bob Catlin, and Mayor Andy Fellows arrived later.


Parking Permit Zone 2B

Anna Bolduc and Ray Bolduc requested a discussion and that NCPCA go on record in favor of relaxing the parking permit requirements for Zone 2B to allow parking without a visitor’s permit between 9:30am and 4:00pm weekdays. Anna wants to have visitors over during the week, she often does not have enough visitor permits, several visitors have been ticketed, and she does not think she should have to go to Code Enforcement every time she has a visitor. There are 18 houses in Zone 2B. Also present were 7 others who live in that zone; they all spoke against the motion. A straw vote was 2-7-0, and a straw vote of the members present was similarly against the motion.

Carrollton Enterprises

William Steen, community liaison person for Carrollton Enterprises, spoke to members about the company’s new outreach program, “Connect With the Community.” He offered to come to NCPCA meetings whenever there is a matter that involved Carrollton’s properties or how it can help the community. They also have a web site:, as well as a Facebook page.

9909 Baltimore Ave.

The property owner has not been able to find tenants interested in this property, located at the NE corner of Edgewood Rd. and Baltimore Ave. There has been some talk about making it into a park (NCPCA has not taken a position on this matter). The owner wants to consider medical office use for the property, but before he approaches a development company and expends money, he wants a sense from the community if such a use would be acceptable, since the original NCPCA committee listed medical office as a use it would oppose (Dec 2006 – Feb 2007). The primary concern expressed by the members present this evening was traffic. No one was strongly in favor of medical, and several were opposed. Members recommended that the City determine the anticipated traffic for a 25,000sqft. medical use and compare it to the office-only use to help the owner decide if he should go forward.

At this time the meeting took a short recess; snacks and beverages were served.

Green Streets

Councilmembers Wojahn and Kabir presented the Green Streets concept to members, in which swales or porous pavement could be used on streets to reduce first flush runoff during heavy rain and filter sediment and phosphorous from rainwater. The goal would be to reduce the flow of these materials into the Chesapeake Bay and thereby improve water quality. The City has done a 30% design, and the Councilmembers displayed concept drawings of where swales or pavers would be located and how they would operate. The two locations considered are along Lackawanna St. east of Narragansett Pkwy. and between the west side of Rhode Island Ave. and the bike trail in Berwyn, just south of Greenbelt Rd., both of which have some drainage problems. The City would maintain the stormwater improvements, while the County would maintain the drains under the surface; funds for further design (to the 60% level) and their construction would come from a State trust fund. The impetus for the project is a new requirement to reduce runoff into the Bay by all property owners in the Bay’s watershed. Water would percolate through the porous pavers or filter through the plantings in the swales and into the storm drain directly beneath them. The average planter size would be 5x25ft. Councilmembers purpose in coming to NCPCA was to gauge members’ interest in proceeding to fund the project to the 60% level. There was general agreement they should do so.

Sidewalks on Hollywood Rd.

Councilmembers Wojahn and Kabir solicited feedback from members about the idea to build sidewalks along Hollywood Rd, either on the east or west sides of Rhode Island Ave. Many ideas and variations were discussed, none of which was completely satisfactory due to the small width of the road, the likely loss of parking along the street, or the need to take right-of-way on the adjoining properties. Councilmembers were urged to flyer the street to solicit opinions of those who live there. There will be more on this topic at the November meeting.

Announcements and Reports

There was some discussion about the connector road proposed by the University that would pass through its golf course; there was no support for such a road amongst members. College Park Day will be on Oct 19 a Wells Ice Rink. On Saturday, Sep 28 there will be a neighborhood cleanup; meet at MOM’s and REI at 9am; the Farmers Market will be extended through Nov 23, and they are taking orders for turkeys. Shortly the University will update its Code of Student Conduct; the major change of interest to NCPCA is that the Code will now extend to neighborhoods, and that City residents can file complaints directly with the University (there may more on this at a future meeting).

Moved by Dave Turley/Mark Shroder to extend the meeting beyond 9:30; motion passed.

Moved by Dave Turley/Jackie Pierce-Garrett: Adopt the minutes of NCPCA June 13 meeting without change; motion passed.

Moved by Jackie Pierce-Garrett/ Dave Turley: Adopt the minutes of NCPCA July 12 meeting without change; motion passed.

Treasurer Jackie Pierce-Garrett reported a current balance of $1,593.35. There were no other officer reports.

Monument Realty Development (old JPI West)

Alan Hew gave a short presentation on the state of negotiations between the Autoville community and the developer on requested changes to the previous detail site plan: the amount of retail will decrease from 25,000sqft to 4,800sqft; the flat roof will not be a pitched roof; the residential part that was proposed for the rear of the garage will be removed; the garage will be reduced from 4 to 3 levels; and there will not be a pedestrian cut-through from the retail area to Autoville Dr.

Moved by Larry Bleau/Mark Shroder: Adjourn the meeting. Motion passed and the meeting adjourned at 9:44 pm.

Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.