Regular Meeting on November 14, 2013

Minutes of Regular Meeting on November 8, 2013

Meeting began at 7:30 p.m.


Economic Development Update

Michael Stiefvater, Economic Development Coordinator for the City of College Park, discussed economic development projects throughout the city. Projects in North College Park that were discussed include the old JPI East project, a potential new restaurant in the old Bamboo Eater space, the Star Halal Grill (serving west African Senegalese cuisine in the New York Deli space, streetscape development on Rhode Island Avenue in the Hollywood Commercial District, the new Peg Leg vintage store on Route 1, and the conversion of the old Dinette building to a barbershop. There are currently five vacancies in the Hollywood Commercial District, with two new tenants expected.

Monument Realty Update and Jerk Pit

Councilmember-elect Alan Hew shared updates to the Monument Realty project, including revised frontage for Autoville Drive. Mr. Hew also shared that the Jerk Pit has withdrawn its application for an entertainment license.

NCPCA Event in May

Treasurer Jackie Pearce Garrett presented the idea of having an NCPCA event in May as a potential community building event. Further details will presented in 2014.

Other Topics

The College Park Community Foundation will announce its first round of grant winners at a gala event on December 21.

Al Huda School property is on the market. They have resubmitted their rezoning application for their prospective new location in Howard County.

The fire incident on Palco Place was discussed. A member of the volunteer fire department shared fire safety tips.

Move to Adjourn by Mark Schroder/Christine Nagle, motion passed.