Regular Meeting on July 12, 2014

Minutes of Regular Meeting at Davis Hall on June 12, 2014

Meeting began at 7:31 pm. Councilmember Fazlul Kabir was present.


College Park Community Foundation

Dave Milligan, vice chair of the Foundation, spoke about recent activities there. They had a 3 hour meeting of City nonprofits, at which they discussed needs, marketing, and public relations. This was a clearinghouse of support for fundraising and similar activities. On 7/26 there will be a summer soccer event for kids at Duvall Field; this is a community event. The Foundation also needs new Board members; those interested should contact Dave at .

Development Update

Terry Schum, director of City Planning and Economic Development, reviewed projects currently underway or planned in northern College Park.

City projects: ● Hollywood Gateway Park has received a funding grant of $150,000, will go out to bid this summer. ● Duvall Field improvements will be split into two contracts to allow work to proceed, as there is not enough money to do all at once. To do a phased replacement of the concession stand the City will purchase a modular prefab building. ● Hollywood Community District Streetscape is on hold. ● Low Impact Development Center submitted a grant application for “green street” concept; this was not approved. ● Safe Routes to school sidewalk improvements were just completed on 51st Pl., Narragansett Pkwy., and the stretch of Hollywood Rd. that connects these two streets. Additional sidewalks on Hollywood Rd. are under consideration.  ● Strategic demolition efforts took down the building that housed the former Mandalay Restaurant and the Water Bed store. Another possibility is the abandoned house at the corner of Edgewood and US 1, for which the City and property owner would each pay one-half of the cost to demolish, level, clean, and fence the property. The City’s share would be paid by a grant from the MD Community Legacy Program, so there would be no net cost to the City.

Development projects: ● Greenbelt Station (south part of property), the bank has sold the property, development is occurring, and some units have been sold on the east side of the access road. There are two parcels on the west side. The southern one of these has been acquired by a new company that wants to build a structure with 302 apartments, a garage, and retail on the first level; they are asking for minor changes in the Detail Site Plan (DSP). ● The site for the new FBI building has not yet been selected by GSA; once it is then the DSP would be developed. A beltway access ramp will be required; the design phase for this has already started. ● Monument Realty, on the west side of US 1, now has permits and will start construction this summer. ● The Metropolitan on the east side of US 1 is not yet at the permits phase. ● An 75 room extended stay hotel (did not catch name) is planned for the west side of US 1. ● The Shaban property had been downzoned to OS; the property owned has filed an application to rezone back to CSC. ● The Pregnancy Aid Center at the former Compassion Center site on US 1 wants to expand. They will need a subdivision plan. The project is on hold. ● US 1: SHA did renovations on the southern segment, such as ADA compliant curb cuts, to make the road more pedestrian friendly. They will do the same on the northern segment and build sidewalks on both sides. While a retaining wall at the Compassion Center will be needed due to the steep topography; SHA has said they will not do this. ● Hollywood Road Extension feasibility study will come before Council on 8/6.

NCPCA Officer Elections

Those running for office each spoke briefly, after which ballots were distributed, with outgoing president John Krouse acting as Elections Chair. Members voted, then recessed at 8:42 while ballots were counted. The meeting resumed at 8:57. The election results were: Chris Nagel as President (22 votes), Arthur Eaton as Vice-President (22 votes), Larry Bleau as Secretary (23 votes), and Jackie Pearce-Garrett as Treasurer (23 votes).

New Business

SHA Study on Greenbelt Metro Interchange

Moved by Ann Riley/Bob Seward: send a letter to SHA and ask that the City be added as a party to the discussion of the interchange, since its location and construction will have an impact on the quality of life for residents on the west side of the development. Motion passed, with John Krouse abstaining.

Announcements and Reports

  • Treasurer – Treasurer Jackie Pearce-Garrett reported a current balance of $1,298.47; since the last meeting she has collected $130 in dues, and the only expenditure was a bank service charge of $15. There were no other officer reports.
  • Change bank – Moved by Mark Shroder/Stasia Hutchison: Direct the Officers of the Corporation to take all necessary steps to open an account with the State Employees Credit Union of Maryland, transfer NCPCA funds there, and close the Capital One bank account. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Minutes – Moved by Chris Nagel/Jackie Pearce-Garrett: Adopt the minutes of NCPCA May 8 meeting with corrections; motion passed.
  • Meeting with UM staff – President John Krouse reported that he and Chris, together with other civic association presidents, met with University of Maryland staff members. John described the tone as different from higher level meetings that had been held between City Council/staff and UM staff, in that the language used by residents was more direct and issues that have a negative impact on neighborhoods were presented more forcefully. They discussed three things: the impact of the upcoming Big Ten conference; equal access to resident halls for those running for City Council; and ways to reduce underage drinking. The meeting was positive, and the group wants to meet again.
  • Upcoming events: 6/28 Farmers Market will have special goodies; 8/6 College Park Community Foundation will have a grant workshop at 7pm at Old parish House; Ann Riley handed out flyers; Mark Shroder reported there were 85 runners for the Mothers Day Run.

Moved by Mark Shroder/Jackie Pearce-Garrett: Adjourn. Motion passed, and the meeting adjourned at 9:24 pm.

Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.