Regular Meeting on May 14, 2015

Minutes of Regular Meeting on May 14, 2015

Meeting began at 7:34 pm.  Present were Councilmembers Fazlul Kabir, Denise Mitchell and Patrick Wojahn; State Sen. Jim Rosapepe; State Delegate Joseline Peña-Melnyk; and Bridgett Warren. Mark Shroder thanked NCPCA for its sponsorship of the Mothers Day 5K Run.


21st District Delegation Report

Jim Rosapepe and Joseline Peña-Melnyk spoke to members about significant actions taken by the State Legislature this past session. These included: passed a balanced budget; didn’t raise taxes, although didn’t agree with government on some items; COLA for state employees; released funds for education and hospitals; funds for increased service on MARC; funds to rebuild US 1 south segment; funding for Purple Line (to be decided shortly); compromise reached on chicken manure runoff; 2-year moratorium on fracking; counties can find other ways to pay stormwater management fee other than fee on property owners; MD still has its AAA bond rating; renewed $405,000 bond bill for College Park to build City Hall; $280M for school construction; $470M for higher education construction; charter school must go through local school board; prohibit sale of e-cigarettes to minors; ban sale of powdered alcohol; allow use of body cameras to record video and audio; military pension exclusion raised to $10,000; decrease penalties if delinquent on taxes (HB 1233) if apply between 9/1 and 10/31 if pay by 12/31; allow pharmacist to help apply medications (injections, eyedrops); school guidance counselor must take 1 credit in mental health when renewing license (every 5 years); require multiline telephones to connect to emergency services directly when 9-1-1 is dialed without requiring an initial “9”.

WMATA Test Track

John Thomas, director of major capital projects for Metro, spoke to members about the test track project.  Metro has purchased 748 new rail cars, all of which need to be tested before being placed into service.  Due to limited testing hours, current testing facilities are insufficient for this large influx in cars and would result in a large backlog.  What is needed is a 2 mile straight stretch of track that is not currently in use.  The only location that meets these requirements that is within the existing right-of-way is in College Park south of the Greenbelt Metro station.  There are three components to the test facility: the track itself (10,000 ft), the commissioning facility, and a garage for employees.  The plan was for this to be finished by June.  The test contractor equipment hit and destroyed the pedestrian bridge in Berwyn, so the whole project stood down to reevaluate.  New plans have the test track completed in July, with testing to start in late summer.  The sound barrier will be moved as required by NEPA. The bridge repair is planned for the fall, and will be required to use higher standards for the span.

At 8:31 the meeting took a short recess; snacks and beverages were served. The meeting resumed at 8:42.

Vacant Properties

Bob Ryan, director of Public Services for College Park, gave an overview of services, then spoke about the City’s efforts with respect to vacant properties. He distributed a flowchart of the Clean Lot Process. He commented that a scofflaw could drag out the process for months, however. Citizens can submit complaints online, anonymously if they wish.

Reports and Announcements

Moved by John Krouse/Dave Turley: Adopt the minutes of NCPCA April 9 meeting without change; motion passed.

Treasurer Jackie Pearce-Garrett reported a current balance of $1,030.65; $275 was spent to sponsor the Mother’s Day 5K run, and the account earned $0.22 interest.  There were no other officer reports.

President Chris Nagel reported that a survey has been developed to poll NCPCA members on what topics they want to see addressed at upcoming meetings. Paper copies were distributed

Announcements: 5/16 grand opening of Hollywood farmers Market; please take the City’s Aging In Place survey; 5/16 discussion of proposed County budget; 5/15 Bike To Work Day; 5/26 Special Olympics relay; 5/28 County vote on budget; 5/16 UM Chorale @ 7pm; 5/25 Memorial Day ceremony; 6/22 Live Smart Eat Local with guest Dr. Maxwell; 8/5 grant workshop. In June there will be a City Council vote on a proposal by the University for a day care at Calvert Road school site.

New Business

There were no new business items.  In June there will be NCPCA elections, WSSC water line replacement program, and recycling changes.

The meeting adjourned at 9:32 pm.

Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.