Special Meeting on July 9, 2015

Minutes of Special Meeting on July 9, 2015

Kolada Foods Sports Bar and Restaurant

The NCPCA special meeting opened at 7 pm.  Mr. Olawoyin Akintelure, who would be the owner of the Kolada Foods Sports Bar and Restaurant, spoke to the meeting attendees, and was represented by his attorney Ms. Linda Carter, who also spoke on his behalf.  Ms. Carter said that she had advised him of certain things he should agree to in order to fit into the community and he had agreed to all.  She then proceeded explain these things, with commentary by Mr. Akintelure:

(1)        The seating in the bar portion of the establishment will be limited to 25% of the total seating, and the total seating will be between 35 and 60 persons depending on parking spaces and the preference of the City Council.

(2)        Bands will play, but only once a month (“once a month” was Mr. Akintelure’s concession after he had proposed that bands could play on Fridays and Saturdays).  The music will be mostly jazz (Mr. Akintelure’s favorite type of music).

(3)        The establishment would normally be open until 11 pm, but could stay open until 2 am on Friday and Saturday nights.

(4)        College Park’s contract police would be informed of days when the establishment would stay open until 2 am.

(5)        Alcoholic beverages would be beer and wine only; no hard liquor (and no buckets of beer that could be removed from the premises).

(6)        The type of food will be mostly Nigerian (goat, chicken, and beef).

(7)        Overflow parking would be on the service road.

(8)        There will be no dance hall.

(9)        The establishment will have its own dumpster.

The list above is in the order in which the agreements were explained and discussed.

A motion was made that the NCPCA support the Kolada Sports Bar and Restaurant as it had been presented by Mr. Akintelure and Ms. Carter.  Mr. Eaton proposed an amendment that the conditions agreed to (and listed above) be made a part of the UPA by the City Council.  The amendment was seconded, and the amended motion of support was approved.

The meeting then adjourned.

Minutes drafted by Arthur Eaton, Vice President, and submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.