Regular Meeting on September 10, 2015

Minutes of Regular Meeting on September 10, 2015

Meeting began at 7:30 pm.  Councilmember Fazlul Kabir was present.


Moved by Chris Nagle/Dave Turley: Adopt the July minutes as presented. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Jackie Pearce-Garret reported the current balance is $1,116.57.


Trash and Recycling

Public Works Director Robert Stumpf gave a presentation. The previous route changes reversed due to capacity. Due to changes at the recycling facility in Capital Heights we use that is owned by Prince George’s county, they no longer accept plastic bags. Due to fire at the Capital Heights facility, College Park waste has been going to a facility in Howard County, which is further away and takes longer to unload. Waste Management (WM) and Prince Georges County are negotiating whether the Capital Heights facility will continue. WM might pull out at the end of the contract, which ends Oct 31. Currently the city being charged for processing recycling (as opposed to being paid as it used to be). We are on track to charge $100 per ton (currently is $25 per ton), and will be more expensive than landfilling trash.

Question: How is the bag ban enforced? Waste Management will spot check trucks and issue fines. The City has been fined up to $1,000 for having plastic bags. City staff can (according to code) assess that the cart is contaminated, leave it at the curb, and leave a door hanger. Plastic bags can be recycled at the grocery stores, and then most of them go to a place like Trex, which uses them to make plastic/composite wood.

Yard waste is grass, leaves, and weeds only. No sticks allowed in the brown bags: sticks are a contaminant on the compost. Yard waste is picked up same day as refuse/recycling. Brush (sticks, branches, tree limbs, etc.) is picked up Thu, Fri and you need to make an appointment to have it picked up.

NCPCA Interest Survey

NCPCA officers presented the results of the NCPCA interest survey and discussed the results. We will address the top concerns at future meetings. In the next meeting, we will address ideas for neighborhood beautification. Other future topics might include zoning and land use, responsive government.

Branchville Crossing Update

Cruz Development, owners of the property they wish to develop as Branchville Crossing, and which is across the street from the Branchville Fire Department (BFD), has requested a variance to construct a fence to prevent trespassing and littering. BFD says they will not be able to make its turning radius with the fence in place. City staff has been to the property and assessed that the turning radius can be accommodated within the existing right of way. City staff has also asked that the fence be a 4-foot fence and more like a wrought-iron style. There is ongoing litigation between BFD and Cruz Development.

New Business

Cruz Fence

Moved by Constantia/Dave Turley: NCPCA oppose the fence 4800 block of Branchville Road because it does not meet the criteria for variance. Motion approved with one opposition.  Arthur Eaton is to write the letter.

9909 Baltimore Ave Fence

Moved by John Krouse/Jackie Pearce-Garrett: NCPCA requests APC review the fence at 9909 Baltimore Ave to see if it needs a variance. Motion passed unanimously.  Arthur Eaton is to write the letter.

Reports and Announcements

Shuttle buses in College Park

After request by College Park Woods for a shuttle bus showed some additional desires for shuttles in other neighborhoods, the city will further study the issue with a needs a assessment.

Monument Development

The building will be completed this spring. Pre-leasing starts this January.

Moved by Arthur Eaton/Dave Turley to extend meeting past 9:30. Motion passed.


The next Live Smart Eat Local event will be on 9/21; there will be a monthly series with speakers at local restaurants (speakers this month will be Danielle Glarros and Mary Lehman, Azteca, 7pm); 9/26 is College Park Day; on Monday 9/28 College Park Lions Club will have a blood drive at the Methodist Church; College Park Academy bought land for the Academy at the old swim club on Metzerott Rd; on Sun, 9/13, College Park Chorale (community chorus) will have its first rehearsal.

Moved to adjourn: Dave Turley/Chris Nagle. Motion passed and the meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.