Regular Meeting on October 8, 2015

Minutes of Regular Meeting on October 8, 2015

Meeting began at 7:31 pm.  Councilmembers Patrick Wojahn and Fazlul Kabir were present.

Minutes and Reports

Moved by Mark Shroder/Larry Bleau: Adopt the minutes of NCPCA September 10 meeting without change; motion passed.

Treasurer Jackie Pearce-Garrett reported a current balance of $1,136.84; no expenditures have been paid since the last meeting.  There were no other officer reports.


US 1 / Beltway / Edgewood Road Intersection

Fazlul Kabir gave a presentation on the State Highway Administration’s concept plan to redo the US 1 Beltway interchange, which would include changes to the intersection of Edgewood with US 1.  Edgewood Road would have 3 lanes into the intersection and 2 lanes going away as far as 47th Pl.  SHA will need more right-of-way at the S side of Edgewood.  The inner loop exit to US 1 north will be moved to the SW quadrant and the existing loop on the SE will be eliminated.  All traffic from the inner loop going onto US 1 will be on one exit ramp in the SW quadrant, which will be widened to 5 lanes, with 2 lanes turning N, one going to Edgewood, and 2 turning S.  The light and stop line will be moved, and there will be an extended US 1 S stacking lane.  On the SE quadrant the pavement from the eliminated ramp will be removed, the ramp from US 1 N to the beltway will be moved farther north, and the US 1 N right lane will be extended.  The project started in Sep and design is planned to be completed by 2017, with construction expected to start in spring 2019.

Interest Survey

Jackie Pearce-Garrett presented members with the results of the NCPCA sponsored interest survey.  The top ten issues rated Very Important or Somewhat Important were, in order: Neighborhood Beautification, Zoning and Land Use, Code Enforcement, Community Development, Parks & Recreation, Responsive Government, Public Safety & Crime, Taxes and Legislation, Paving and Snow Removal, and Litter Enforcement.  Each issue got between 32 and 35 votes.  Interestingly, those issues rated Very Important were in a different order, and three new ones made it to the top ten: Traffic, Environmental Issues, and New Ideas for Change.

At this time the meeting took a short recess; snacks and beverages were served.

Candidate Forum

At this time the meeting was turned over to John Krouse and Kate Kennedy to moderate the District 1 and Mayoral Candidate’s Forum.  Each candidate for a District 1 Council seat selected three questions to answer from a list submitted to them in advance by the moderators.  Following this both candidates for Mayor gave statements.


Next month we will have a presentation on Public Safety and Crime.

Norra needs help with Food for the Poor.  Phil Aronson needs volunteers for Meals On Wheels.

Moved to adjourn by Mark Shroder/Dave Turley.  Motion passed, and the meeting adjourned at 9:26 pm.

Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.