Regular Meeting on November 12, 2015

Minutes of Regular Meeting on November 12, 2015

Meeting began at 7:30 pm. Councilmember Fazlul Kabir, Mayor Andrew Fellows, and Councilmembers-elect Mary Cook and Chris Nagle were present. Councilmember and Mayor-elect Patrick Wojhan arrived later.


Moved by Mark Shroder/John Krouse: Adopt the minutes of NCPCA October 8 meeting without change; motion passed.

Treasurer Jackie Pearce-Garrett reported a current balance of $1,182.13, with $35 dues, $0.29 interest, and no expenditures. There were no other officer reports.


Phi Psi Friends

Jim Mulholland of the Phi Psi fraternity gave an overview of their Friends program, a community outreach program where they offer to perform yard and household tasks, such as raking leaves and painting, for elderly, infirm or disabled residents. He can be contacted at 908-839-0580, by email at or on the web at at the Service tab.

Clarice Performing Arts Center

Jane Hirshberg, Communications Manager of the Artist Partner Program, spoke to members about their outreach efforts to the next generation of artists. They have six programs in her building and they work to bring visiting artists to the City. They spoke of and distributed a list of upcoming events at the NextNOW Festival, which includes National Orchestral Institute and Maryland Day. They plan to renovate the old Thirsty Turtle into a restaurant/bar with a cabaret upstairs, to open in August 2016, and are forming a citizen advisory group.

College Park Community Foundation

On behalf of the CPCF Cheryl Molinatto thanked NCPCA members for their support of the Mothers Day 5K. CPCF awarded 60% more grants this year; Cheryl gave a partial list. The CPCF gala will be held on Sat., 12/5, at the Marriott.

New Business

NCPCA ByLaws & Election of President

Mary Cook asked members to read the NCPCA bylaws. She announced she will resign as NCPCA President on 12/7, when she is sworn in as Councilmember. Jackie Pearce-Garrett expressed her interest in the position to be vacated. The bylaws state that members decide on how to fill a vacancy. Mark Shroder moved that we elect a new president by secret ballot at the December meeting, with Jackie’s name on the ballot and space for a write-in. Larry Bleau/John Krouse moved a substitute motion to accept nominations at the next meeting, vote to fill the vacant office of president by secret ballot, and if there is another vacancy to fill it in the same manner. Motion passed.

NCPCA Interest Survey – Public Safety & Crime

Fazlul Kabir distributed a handout with crime statistics and resources, and noted that the report does not include UM data. The source was the crime statistics reported by County COPS officers Logan and Black. We get the beat B7 data (northern CP). There are 61 cameras in southern CP, 7 in the north; some have live fee, some are license plate readers (LPR). In the northern part of the city are 4 LPRs, one at Davis Field, and two in west College Park. UM Police also patrol and have concurrent jurisdiction south of Greenbelt Road. A new position is that of safety ambassador who will patrol on bicycle and foot, but not be an officer. This person will be an extra set of eyes and ears, like a police auxiliary, and can also act as hospitality guide. As an exercise, Jackie Pearce-Garrett asked members to write 2-3 words describing their top public safety concerns. She collected these and will make a word cloud to help discussion at a later meeting.

At this time the meeting took a short recess; snacks and beverages were served.

Pedestrian Bridge/South Core

City planner Miriam Bader briefed members on the detailed site plan for Greenbelt Station phase 3. It will have 161 townhomes for a total of 805 units. The City won’t comment on the plan itself. A location for a pedestrian bridge is shown in the plan. The District Council added some conditions, including that it be located south of the Public Works building. As currently shown in the plan the high point will be 29′ over the CSX tracks and will have to come down to grade level then over to Public Works along the tracks using the Board of Education property, which would make it less safe. Staff wants to relocate all of the bridge and its approaches to a more suitable location. The City has hired an engineering firm to evaluate other potential locations to get a second opinion. The developer is only required to show the location of a proposed bridge, not to build or fund it.

Moved by Marcia Booth/Diane Clayburn: Write letter to City Council and District Council stating that NCPCA wants to remove bridge entirely since it will no longer serve as conduit for retail shopping. If it is to be left in the DSP, it must be relocated, with its east entrance positioned farther to the south, its west entrance on or to the south of Public Works so there is no isolated walkway, which would be unsafe, and be positioned such that it will not have any negative impact on northern College Park residents, their quality of life, their property values, or nearby wildlife. Motion passed.

Moved by Fazlul Kabir/Ann Riley: Extend the meeting. Motion passed.

Moved by Larry Bleau/Jackie Pearce-Garrett: Amend the letter to include that the sound barriers along the CSX tracks be of reflective material. Motion passed.

FBI at Greenbelt Metro Environmental Impact Statement

Miriam Badar gave an overview of the FBI EIS, which is also available online. In it, chapter 5 concerns the Greenbelt alternative. Comments will be accepted until Jan 6. On Dec 1 the City Council will take a position, and on Dec 8 there will be a public hearing at the Greenbelt Library.


On 11/29 there will be a winter coat collection; in Feb there will be a visit to the Blue Plains Waste Treatment facility (contact Ann); there are two weeks left for the Hollywood Farmers Market; 12/7 will be the induction for the new Council; on Sat. there will be a Blues Festival at Ritchie Coliseum.

Expenditures on mayoral debate & philanthropic project

Molly, president of the Calvert Hills civic association, spent $250 of her own funds to help make the mayoral debate take place. Moved by John Krouse/Jamie: Donate $50 to Molly to help defray the costs. Motion passed.

Food Bank Donation

In October, Nora Eidelman suggested a philanthropic project to help families for the holidays. Jackie Pearce-Garrett spoke with Mark Garrett, pastor at the Church of the Nazarene, which houses the College Park Community Food Bank. The Food Bank puts together a holiday package for the families and is seeking either items to supplement as side dishes or cash donations in order to purchase the additional items needed.

Moved by Jackie Pearce-Garrett/Marcia Booth: Donate $100 to the College Park Community Food Bank. Motion passed.

Attick Towers

A member expressed concern about a woman who lies in the bike path at Attick Towers, suggested that something be done.

Moved by Ann Riley/David Turley: Adjourn the meeting. Motion passed, and the meeting adjourned at 9:54 pm.

Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary