Regular Meeting on February 11, 2016

Minutes of Regular Meeting on February 11, 2016

Meeting began at 7:30 pm. Councilmembers Fazlul Kabir and Christine Nagle were present. Mayor Patrick Wojahn was also present.

Moved by Arthur/Jamie: Adopt the minutes of NCPCA January 14 meeting without change; motion passed.

Officer Reports

Jackie Pearce Garrett reported that county councilmember Mary Lehman is scheduling a town hall for North College Park, hopefully to be sometime in March. In addition, the Rotary Club reached out to seek nominations for an award to a member of the community who exemplifies the Rotary motto of “service above self.”

Eric Hoffman reported a balance of $881.93 (savings, including 30 cents interest) and $141.49 (checking) for a total of $1,023.42, with no transactions in the previous month.


University of Maryland Office fo Community Engagement

Gloria Aparacio-Blackwell of the UM Office of Community Engagement, spoke to members about the university’s annual community service event.

Beltway Interchange

Sean Johnson and John Webster of MD’s State Highway Administration spoke to members about the plans and process to upgrade the Greenbelt Metro interchange to a full interchange. The study area is from US 1 to the BW Parkway. The purpose of the project is to study the needs, support and activities projected at the Greenbelt Metro. Of the three alternatives studied, Alternative 3 has been chosen. This alternative provides a full interchange at the Metro, with a new exit ramp from the outer loop to the station where it would join with the existing the inner loop exit ramp in its current position; moves the start of the inner loop entrance ramp farther to the west to accommodate the proposed FBI site; and moves the access to the outer loop entrance ramp (currently located at the east end of the property) to the west, where a new bridge will be built. There is a need to widen the beltway between the Metro site and US 1, which will require the bridge over Rhode Island Ave. to be reconstructed; this can be done without closing Rhode Island Ave. except for a very brief period. In addition, the sound walls next to the beltway will be moved approximately 10 feet closer to the adjacent homes. There are 3 phases to the project. Phase 1, between the Metro and Kenilworth Ave, will create a full interchange with noise barriers and will cost $90-$95M. Phase 2, between the Metro and US 1, will widen the R. I. Ave. bridge, widen auxiliary lanes, improve the noise barriers, and cost $50-$55M. If additional right-of-way is required – and it may be to allow access to the barrier walls to inspect and maintain them – an appraiser would evaluate the property and met with the affected homeowner to discuss the offer, which could be appealed. Phase 3, between MD 201 and the BW Pkwy., will reconstruct the bridge over MD 193 and widen it, will slightly impact the Park Service and right-of-way, and will cost $55-$60M. The project is funded for design, which is projected to complete in Oct 2016, with construction to begin May 2017.

Mr. Webster and Mr. Johnson will provide a contact at the State Highway Administration’s Office of Real Estate to meet with residents to understand the process for compensating residents for property that needs to be taken for the relocation of the sound wall. NCPCA officers will work with District 1 councilmembers to arrange this follow up meeting.

At 8:28 the meeting took a 10 minute recess; snacks and beverages were served.

Tax Update

Larry Bleau gave members an update on changes in the tax law, new and expiring tax provisions, new forms to expect, and new programs at IRS.

Reports and Announcements

Announcements: On Wed the District One coffee club will meet at Jason’s Deli; there will be possible outreach to Spanish speaking residents; College Park Aviation Museum; Third Thirsty Thursdays at Ledo’s 5-7.

New Business – none

Moved by Eric/Dave to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 8:58 pm.

Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.