Regular Meeting on April 14, 2016

Minutes of Regular Meeting on April 14, 2016

Meeting began at 7:35 pm.  Councilmembers Mary Cook, Fazlul Kabir, and Christine Nagle were present.

Moved by John Krouse/Dave Turley to approve minutes: Minutes were adopted unanimously with one correction to the opening dates of the Farmers Market.

Officers Reports

Jackie Pearce Garrett donated NCPCA pin-back buttons for volunteers to wear at outreach events. The meeting with The Office of Real Estate will not move forward. State Highway Administration will not begin acquiring property in North College Park for at least ten years, as that is associated with phase 2 of construction. 48th Avenue from Lackawanna Street to Fox Street (9400 to 9600 blocks) is scheduled to have all the curbs replaced and the pavement resurfaced. Door hangers should be going out next week. WMATA is constructing a shallow swale at the entrance to the metro to help remedy issues with water ponding on the pedestrian paths during heavy rains.

Eric Hoffman reported a balance of $958.56. There were $10.00 received in dues, $0.30 in interest, and $11.50 in printing expenditures.


Bike Share Plans for North College Park

Terry Schum, director of planning for the City of College Park, presented locations and schedule for implementation of bike share. The bike share system is scheduled to launch May 4. There will be two locations in North College Park: one close to the bus stop at the intersection of Edgewood Road and Rhode Island Avenue; a second one near the entrance to the Greenbelt metro station at the intersection of 53rd Avenue and Lackawanna Street. In total, the entire system will have 150 bike parking spaces, 125 bikes, 14 stations throughout the city. 5 of the bikes will be handicap accessible (tricycle, side-by-side, hand-cycles). Stations are modular so that it will be relatively easy to downsize or add stations as space and demand calls for. A bike wrangler will be employed to help rebalance bikes throughout the city. Bikes are all equipped with GPS equipment so that the location of the bike is always known. 1 year membership is $65, 1 day is $6, 1 month is $25, 6 months is $40. The bike share costs the city approximately $40,000 out of pocket over three years, as much is paid for by grants.

Nominating Committee

John Krouse and Kate Kennedy have volunteered to serve as the nominating committee. Those wishing to nominate themselves or others should contact John or Kate.

New Business

Subcommittee for Duvall Field Improvements

A subcommittee was established to gather resident input for improvements to Duvall Field. This summer, construction on the updated concession stand will take place. Future improvements are planned, including a walking track around the perimeter of the field. The President will reach out to the community for volunteers, as well directly to the Boys and Girls Club.

Stolen Mail Packages

Member Dave Turley requested action to help resolve issues with mail delivery and police action on stolen mail packages. Councilmembers Nagle and Kabir will follow up with Mr. Turley.

Reports and Announcements

Announcements: The city is holding a competition for a anti-littering logo. Cash prizes available! Budget town hall is Friday, April 29. Moose Lodge is having a yard sale on Saturday April 16.

Unanimously voted to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm.

Regular Meeting on March 10, 2016

Minutes of Regular Meeting on March 10, 2016

Meeting began at 7:30 pm.  Councilmembers Fazlul Kabir and Christine Nagle were present.  Mayor Patrick Wojhan joined the meeting later.

Officer Reports

Vice President Arthur Eaton reported that there is sewer work being done on 51st Ave.

Treasurer Eric Hoffman reported a current balance of $959.76; no expenditures have been paid since the last meeting.  There were no other officer reports.

Moved by Eric Hoffman/Donna Weene: Adopt the minutes of NCPCA February 12 meeting without change; motion passed.


Rain Check Rebate

Debra Weller of the County Dept. of Environment Service’s Office of Community Outreach spoke to members about water pollution, the main source of which she said is stormwater runoff.  The Rain Check Rebate program emphasizes 7 practices: plant native trees, rain barrels, cisterns, rain gardens, urban tree canopies, removing pavement, and green roofs.  The maximum residential rebate is $4,000 per property. Eligible applicants can be owners of single family homes, multifamily homes, cooperatives, nonprofits (for the public good).  Only property owners can apply.  Once the application is submitted there will be a pre- and post-inspection, and the project must be completed within 12 months.  One can also independently apply for a decrease in the County’s Clean Water Fee (a tax).  Since faith-based groups are hit harder, alternative compliance is permitted, which consists of an easement for a decrease in impervious pavement, education, and a stewardship grant.  More information is available at .On May 19 there will be a free Green Summit at the Riggs Alumni Center.

City Stormwater Projects

City planner Steve Beavers reported to members on three stormwater projects currently planned or underway in College Park: a bioswale along Narragansett Pkwy. north of Muskogee; Rhode Island Ave. south of Greenbelt Rd.; and an Old town community garden, which is available citywide.

The meeting recessed at 8:39; snacks and beverages were served.  Meeting resumed at 8:51.

New Meeting Location

Jackie Pearce-Garrett reported that Davis Hall will undergo some repairs renovation soon, so we will not be able to meet there for the April, May, and June meetings.  Members discussed several alternative meeting locations, but seemed to favor the drop-in room of the College Park Youth and Family Services Center.  While the room is smaller than the Davis Hall meeting room it should be large enough to hold our regular attendees, is free, and will be easy to schedule since it is run by the City.  Members discussed a special mailing, membership flyer, greeter or sign to better inform attendees next month.


On 5/7 will be the Mother’s Day 5K Run, which is on a Saturday this year, will start at City Hall at 8am, registration is $25 in advance, $35 on the day; on 4/2 will be Good Neighbor Day; on 3/15 Farmers Market will open, although its official opening date will be on 4/23; Third Thirsty Thursdays; on 3/21 Live Smart Eat Well will feature Fishnet in the Berwyn community.

Future Agenda Items

Jackie Pearce-Garrett will contact the 21st District Delegation about speaking to members about the current legislative session.

Moved by Dave Turley/Eric Hoffman: Adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed, meeting adjourned at 9:12 pm.

Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.