Regular Meeting on May 12, 2016

Minutes of Regular Meeting on May 12, 2016

Meeting began at 7:33 pm at is new location at the Youth and Family Services Building, which we will use until work on Davis Hall is complete.  Councilmembers Fazlul Kabir and Christine Nagle were present, as was Mayor Patrick Wojhan.

Officer Reports

Treasurer Eric Hoffman reported a current balance of $985.85 with $0.29 interest; there have been no transactions since the last meeting.  Vie President Arthur Eaton reported that he had sent a letter to the City regarding NCPCA’s position on the Cruz fence variance request.  President Jackie Pearce-Garrett reported the Duvall Field committee is to meet in two weeks; there will be a social event the 2nd Thursday of August, about which parents are enthusiastic, to support Hollywood Elementary School (more volunteers are needed); we now have some NCPCA buttons for officers and members to were at other events; on Monday there will be a memorial service at Parkdale High School for teacher Gladys Tordil, and perhaps we should send flowers.  There were no other officer reports.


21st District Legislative Report

MD Senator Jim Rosapepe reported on legislative accomplishments this past season; the other members of the delegation were not able to attend.  In City and campus matters, a bond bill passed for College Park providing matching funds for the revitalization of the commercial area; the outreach by the University of Maryland to the City, County and community, currently a practice, was put into law as part of its mission, which will have the effect of giving the City a slightly greater voice in UM decision; UM system headquarters will be moved to Baltimore, but there is no agreement yet as to what to do with the existing buildings when they are turned over to the CP campus.  In transportation, funding for the Purple Line and to rebuild part of Route 1 is in the budget.  In County matters, the State fully funded county schools; Prince Georges Hospital Center plans to replace Dimensions Healthcare w/UM Medical Systems (UMMS); a new hospital is to be built in Largo and in Laurel; work is being done on the outline of the new laurel Hospital; future State investment will be made only to UMMS; and Doctors Hospital is talking with UMMS about what services it will provide.  With regards to the FBI, GSA has changed the criteria to evaluate proposals, which has the effect of working against transit (note: Sen. Mikulski successfully reprogrammed $1M to the FBI if it moves to the Greenbelt Metro).  Finally, the State increased its goal to reduce greenhouse gases; the new goal is a 40% decrease by 2030.

Park Run Weekly 5k Run

This is an international movement to run weekly in local parks.  A new run has started in College Park each Saturday at 9am, start at Rita’s and run the Paint Branch Trail, and end with a social at Board and Brew.

NCPCA Visioning

Jackie Pearce-Garrett explained a new visioning process to members, which they engaged in during the meeting’s 10-minute recess.

Reports and Announcements

Announcements: 5/14 grand opening for the Farmers Market; 5/14 there will be composting workshop; 5/20 will be the VFW dinner; 5/21 community cleanup event; 5/24 City Council will recognize the police contribution to our community; and 6/4 VFW will have a pig roast.

Nominating Committee

The committee reported that all current officers are willing to run again.

Moved by John Krouse/Jamie Lark: Adopt the minutes of NCPCA April 14 meeting without change; motion passed.

New Business

Yard Signs

Moved by John Krouse/Jamie Lark: Purchase 10 yard signs of the larger size, total cost about $200.  Moved by John/Jamie: Postpone further discussion on the motion until the June meeting.  Motion passed; this will appear as an Old Business item next month.

NCPCA Banner

Moved by John Krouse/Jamie Lark: Purchase a banner for NCPCA to display at community events.  Moved by John/Jamie: Postpone further discussion on the motion until the June meeting.  Motion passed; this will appear as an Old Business item next month.


Moved by John Krouse/Jamie Lark: Authorize printing a full-page flyer for the City information packet.  Moved by John/Jamie: Postpone further discussion on the motion until the June meeting.  Motion passed; this will appear as an Old Business item next month.


Moved by Jackie Pearce-Garrett/Dave Turley: Donate $20 in matching funds toward flowers for the Parkdale memorial service for teacher Gladys Tordil.  Motion passed.

Other Comments

There is $8,000 in the City budget for beautification in northern College Park.  Dave Turley stated that some locks are being cut on sheds and the police are slow to respond

Moved by Larry Bleau/John Krouse: Adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.

Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.