Regular Meeting on September 8, 2016

Minutes of the Regular Meeting on September 8, 2016

Meeting began at 7:30 pm.  Councilmembers Fazlul Kabir, Mary Cook, and Christine Nagle were present.  Mayor Patrick Wojhan was also present.

Officer Reports

Moved by Eric Hoffman/Jamie: Adopt the minutes of NCPCA June 9 meeting without change; motion passed.

President Jackie Pearce-Garrett reported that she has the NCPCA banner but does not yet have the new signs.  She reported there are 8 new members, and she sent notices to the nonrenewals.  The NCPCA flyer will not go out with the City’s material this year.  On Sep 24, College Park Day, several members will take turns staffing the NCPCA table.  Jackie said she met with Christy Dollymore, President of Berwyn District Civic Association. Among the topics discussed were the potential to collaborate on advocacy to improve Rhode Island Ave. at Greenbelt Rd.

Treasurer Eric Hoffman reported a current balance of $987.66; expenditures of $95.38 have been paid since the last meeting.  There were no other officer reports.


Stormwater Management

Clean Water Partnership (Corvias) representatives Pete Littleton and Andy Mueller presented members with five sites for potential retrofit projects to improve water quality: Nantucket Pkwy. and 52nd Ave; University Blvd. and Rhode Island Ave.; Autoville Dr. and Park Rd. (Bible Church); 52nd Ave. and Palco Pl. and Narragansett and Rhode Island Ave. (behind REI). Four of these will be micro-bioretention projects. These have filter media belong ground, mulch above it, and plantings atop that. An underflow pipe will feed the filtered water to an existing County pipe. Corvias will maintain the projects for 30 years. The fifth site will be a stormwater facility, and will contain a cartridge filter upstream of the pipe but below ground, which will tie into an existing storm drain pipe. These will take 2-3 weeks to install. The maintenance plan will show scheduled maintenance activities. More information is available on their web site, which has a gallery of projects. The Narragansett Pkwy. bioretention site will be on Narragansett near Muskogee at the horseshoe. Plans are online with the City.

Hollywood Park Project

Ken Dunne, also with the Clean Water Partnership, described a plan to create a pond in Hollywood Park to treat runoff from a larger area. Currently there is a large untreated area, and the proposed pond can treat 39-40 acres. The pond would be located in the southern part of the pond, but would not disturb the small existing wetlands area. CWP went to M-NCPPC so their improvement of park equipment could be integrated with this effort. There would be a walking trail, a southern entrance, a soccer/cricket field, and a multipurpose area, which could also be used as a dog park. The pond would be about 2’ deep, with a 4’-6’ berm on the south side. Since the water is stagnant, a safety net, rather than a fence, will surround it. Members decided to form a small committee, mainly of those who live nearby, to engage Park and Planning on the design. The members included John Krouse, Mark Schroder, Christine O’Brien, and Dave Pfiefer, and Matt Dernoga. John Krouse agreed to serve as chair of the committee.

New Business

Site Feedback

Moved by John Krouse/Jackie Pearce-Garrett: Request the City get feedback from the community on the proposed sites similar to the way it did with Complete Streets. Motion passed.

Future Business and Announcements

Next month we will discuss REI leaving the Hollywood Commercial Area and will invite Carrollton Enterprises to speak with members about possible replacements. Who else should we invite? A possible discussion of the Shaban property, or whomever owns it.

There will be a neighborhood-wide yard sale, coordinated by Mark Hoffman. On 9/9 the new operations building will open at College Park Airport; 9/16 6:30pm a walk & talk with police will start at Duvall Field; 9/24 is College Park Day; 10/18 at 7pm Park and Planning Commission will have a budget hearing at its Kenilworth Ave. office, which will include a possible trail connection from College Park to Kenilworth Gardens in DC via Bladensburg Waterfront Park; and the Coffee Club will meet on Wednesdays at Jason’s Deli.

The meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm.

Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.