Regular Meeting on February 9, 2017

Minutes of Regular Meeting on February 9, 2017

Meeting began at 7:30 pm.  Councilmembers Fazlul Kabir, Christine Nagle and Mary Cook and Mayor Patrick Wojhan were present.

Officer Reports

Treasurer Eric Hoffman reported a current balance of $998.68.  The SECU debit card is now working.

Moved by John Krouse/Jamie Lark: Adopt the minutes of NCPCA January meeting without change; motion passed.

President Jackie Pearce-Garrett reported that last September Corvias presented about 7 stormwater projects, and now there is only one, at Attic Towers. Regarding the stormwater management pond, the NCPCA committee sent a detailed letter and has been told that it will not happen.  Steve Carter is the new division chief for operations in the northern area.  He has said that M-NCPPC will put two new picnic tables in Hollywood Park, purchase one more grill (to make two), will add a new sign at the southern entrance, and replace the sign at the northern entrance.  Trash receptacles will be replaced later and recycling containers will be added.


Shaban Property Rezoning

The 4-parcel property is located at the northwest corner of Edgewood Rd. and Rhode Island Ave. between Edgewood and Nantucket and currently contains the small shopping center (2 parcels), the Blue Tech Cleaners in what used to be a gas station and a vacant field (one parcel each). In 2010 the latter two parcels were rezoned from CSC to OS (Open Space) without the owner’s consent.  This zoning allows only recreational use; the cleaners may continue but must be continuous.  The owner’s son-in-law came to NCPCA about 3 years ago and requested support to rezone the property back to CSC; NCPCA agreed.  Matthew Tedesco, a zoning attorney representing the owner, spoke to members about the current plans.  The owner filed an application to rezone the property back to CSC using a Zoning Map Amendment, but this never went anywhere.  After conversation with County Planning personnel, the family sensed that rezoning to MUI (Mixed Use Infill) might be more acceptable to County staff.  A new application has been filed to rezone all four parcels to MUI.  This would allow greater density than CSC and a mixture of residential and commercial uses. The goal is to get back to the previous status. On Mar 16 the Planning Board will have a hearing.

Moved by Larry Bleau/John Krouse: Have NCPCA support rezoning the property back to CSC to restore the property owner’s rights to the property as they existed prior to the rezoning.  Motion passed.

Greenbelt Metro Development

The pending DSP (detail site plan) has not yet been accepted; only after its acceptance will the 60-day comment period begin.  The DSP is currently in flux, however, so any response we fashion based on its current formulation may be out of date with what is actually accepted.  GSA is requiring another 2400 parking spaces for each of the finalist sites.  Jackie asks that we work with the City to draft a response.  This DSP, unlike others, is solely for infrastructure, not for buildings are appearance; these will be in a later DSP with another comment period.  The hearing will be on Feb 13, and the GSA will likely decide in mid-March.  John Krouse stated there is a difference between a conceptual site plan (CSP) and a detailed site plan (DSP).  In this DSP the garage will be bigger and the location of the stormwater pond is no longer specified.  There is some question about the stormwater management in the absence of the pond.  The vernal pool is scheduled to be the stormwater channel from the neighborhood to Indian Creek, which would destroy the filtering effect of the vernal pool.  The developer claims they have already mitigated these impacts, but it is unclear where the stormwater management pond would go, since it is not on the plan.

Members authorized John Krouse, Arthur Eaton, Christine Nagle, and Eric Hoffman to work on a response to the DSP.

New Business

Wish List

Jackie asked members to state very briefly ideas they have for the budget wish list.  The responses: parking enforcement funding to support actual permit use; sidewalk and curb consistency and rejuvenation; proper neighborhood lighting; increase street trees; better landscaping in City right-of-way.

Bylaws Amendment

Members briefly discussed possible changes to NCPCA’s official name, which were require a By-Laws amendment and advance notice.  The cost will likely be $100 to $200.  Two possible changes were identified:

Moved by Eric Hoffman/Jackie Pearce-Garrett: Place on the March agenda an amendment to the By-Laws to change the organization’s name to “North College Park Civic Association”.  Motion passed.


On 4/1, 7/15, and 9/23, with rain dates the following week, there will be a community yard sale at peoples’ homes; 4/1 is College Park Good Neighbor Day; 2/10 workshop at City Hall for seniors on care around the house; 2/10 breast cancer benefit; 2/11 Al-Huda lunch 11-1.

Moved by Eric Hoffman/David Milligan to adjourn the meeting; motion passed.

Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.