Regular Meeting on December 14, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:33 pm by President John Krouse.

In attendance were Mayor Patrick Wojahn and Councilmembers Fazlul Kabir (D-1), John Rigg (D-3), Dustyn Kujawa (D-4) and Denise Mitchell (D-4).

New Community Center in North College Park. Councilmember Kabir summarized the recent history of interest in the concept and previous resident support for a new facility in North College Park. Money allocated in the City budget has been removed, and a new feasibility study is needed. Christine Nagle stated that activism by NCPCA would help to establish the purpose and need for a new community center. Brad Herbert noted some support for a location in Hollywood commercial district. Additional discussion about locations, hours of operation, etc. was followed by formation of a NCPCA Community Center Committee with Christine Nagle and Mary Cook as co-chairs to identify committee members and to explore options for a center within the North College Park area.

Resolution of NCPCA – County Zoning Code Rewrite. Lisa Ealley introduced a motion seconded by Les Booth. Discussion followed regarding the latest draft of the Prince George’s County zoning code rewrite; the process and timeframe of approving new code and zoning map; possible impacts of 1,000 foot zoning radius along US 1 and 1,300 foot radius near Greenbelt Metro; and email from M-NCPPC staff indicating no intent to rezone residential properties. Bridget Warren, chief of staff of County Councilmember Mary Lehman participated in the discussion.

Motion passed unanimously:

NCPCA members have worked with College Park staff and elected officials to understand the zoning code rewrite process and potential impacts to our community. We concur with the comments approved by College Park City Council to your office on Dec. 5, 2017. We are very concerned about potential zoning changes and impacts to residential properties near US 1, MD 193, Hollywood Commercial District, and Greenbelt Metro Station. We ask that you preserve and protect the residential character of North College Park in conformance with existing Sector Plans, and that you avoid any zoning changes that may adversely impact our homes, parks, open spaces and quality of life. We ask that you keep us informed of all future meetings and opportunities for comment.

Resident Methods of Communication to Mayor & Council. Lisa Ealley led a discussion about the expression of resident concerns via social media, etc. Comments intended for the public record that are related to City charter amendments, ordinances, resolutions and other official City business should be sent in writing to the City Clerk or by email to to ensure that comments are received by Mayor and Council and entered into the public record.

Recognition & Holiday Party. Outgoing City Councilmembers Christine Nagle (D-1) and Mary Cook (D-4) were presented with flowers, cards and testimonials for their many years of service to the City Council and as former presidents of NCPCA. A holiday party with festive refreshments followed.

Announcements. Councilmember Kabir announced that $70,000 was included in the City budget to plan for a dog park at Duvall Field. City Deputy Director of Public Works Brenda Alexander will present concepts at the Jan. 11 NCPCA meeting. Mayor Wojahn noted the ongoing holiday decorations contest and availability of beige yard waste recycling carts for $25 purchase from Public Works. Mary Cook mentioned ongoing planning discussions for a 5-story storage facility at US-1 and Hollywood Road.

Officers Reports & New Business: NCPCA treasury is $1,251.62. Two new memberships were received. Per motion of Les Booth and Dave Turley the November NCPCA minutes were unanimously approved. There were no motions for new business.

Ideas for January NCPCA Agenda.

1. Brenda Alexander will present info about plans for a dog park at Duvall Field.
2. Councilmember Kabir will provide an update about plans to improve traffic flow on R.I. Ave; possible NCPCA resolution.
3. Member discussion of afternoon traffic gridlock at US 1 & Edgewood Rd.; possible NCPCA resolution.
4. Member discussion of City budget priorities and wish list of NCPCA members for the next year.
5. NCPCA Community Center Committee will update regarding members and discussions.
Adjourn. At 9:30 pm there was no motion to continue, and the meeting was adjourned.