Regular Meeting on January 11, 2018

Minutes of Regular Meeting on January 11, 2018

Attendance: Approximately 50 attendees: including NCPCA Officers; Councilmembers Kennedy, Kujawa, Mitchell; Former Councilmembers Nagle and Cook;  Scott Somers, College Park City Manager, Brenda Alexander, Assistant Director, Administration & City Horticulturist; Brian Curry, Johnson Development and Edward Gibbs, Land-Use Attorney.

Meeting was called to order by President John Krouse at 7:30 pm.

December Minutes were approved with no amendments.

New Dog Park: Scott Somers made a presentation regarding a dog park, followed by a Q&A period. Under New Business, with a vote of 15:1, the following resolution was passed:

“NCPCA appreciates the efforts of the City in planning for a dog park.  NCPCA supports the City moving forward with a dog park in North College Park in 2018.  NCPCA supports exploration of other locations for location of a dog park, including other locations at Duvall Field.”

Storage Facility on US 1 at Hollywood Rd: Brian Curry and Edward Gibbs presented revised plans for construction of a consolidated storage facility at 9604 Baltimore Ave, followed by a Q&A period. (Early concepts for this multi-story building were presented to NCPCA on Sept. 14, 2017.)

Under New Business, with a vote of 11:3, the following resolution was passed:  “NCPCA opposes the construction of a consolidated storage facility at 9604 Baltimore Avenue by the Johnson development team.”

Treasury Report:  As of December 31, 2017, balance = $1156.37.

Announcements:· Councilmember Kennedy announced the City’s budget will be discussed at the next City Council mtg. · Former Councilmember Cook encouraged everyone to consider Saturday’s Yoga classes.  · Former NCPCA President Larry Bleau provided information on the new tax code. · Sara D’Alexander, UMD Office of Community Engagement announced the April 7, 2018 GoodNeighborDay.

Due to time constraints, the following agenda items were tabled until the February meeting: the New Community Center in North College Park; US 1 & Edgewood Road Afternoon Gridlock and Discussion on the City Budget.

Meeting adjourned at 9:29 pm.